MyTouch 3G 1.2 Images Hit Our Inbox, Looks Exactly Like Version 1


Update: As it turns out, these are from a live eBay auction so if you really want to own this device 3 weeks early, hit the link!

Well perhaps its just 5:30 in the morning and I’m not quite sure what’s going on but the overnight was good enough to grace me with purported images of the MyTouch V1.2. Looking almost exactly like the old one (as expected) the only noticeable addition here is the placement of the 3.5 mm headset jack on the top just like the Fender LE edition. That’s really about it as the second image of just the back shows no distinguishable markings that separate it from the looks of original MyTouch3G. Actually we take that back, like the Fender LE, it’s possible this MyTouch also has the reported additional on board ram for some extra juice and multitasking horsepower. So if you’ve been holding off for this long on buying the MyTouch3G because of a lack of a 3.5 mm handset, your prayers have been answered.

Really, while the addition of a 3.5 mm headset jack is nice, it’s what should have been from the onset of the device itself so let’s talk when you add a Qwerty keyboard to the device, mmmkay?

The shot of the back of the phone follows the jump!


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  • justme


  • Ben

    Cool, but still a little too little too late. I am impressed you’re up and working at 5:30am, though. That’s my cue to go to bed! 3:30 am here on the West Coast!

    • sorandkairi

      i agree, its a little too late!

  • serg

    will only buy if it is outrageously discounted

  • iFloss

    Well the extra onboard ram will be a welcome addition. Something else that would’ve been loved would’ve been a cortex a8 600mhz processor or am I asking for too much.
    I understand why they didn’t drop it in there though, they would’ve had to make a new phone model, programming, developing, etc etc etc.

    I wonder when sense ui is coming to t-mo

  • deeone

    they shouda added 3.5 inch screen to it at least, damn.

    • Kickstar13

      The myTouch 3G 1.2 does have a 3.5mm jack.

      • darrm

        He said screen

  • NiiDiddy

    3.5mm jack…Who cares?? Not me! Personally, a 3.5mm jack doesn’t fall anywhere close to my list of priorities in a smartphone. I have the MT3G Original and the least of my worries then is whether if has an audio jack attached to it or not. When I wanted to listen to music, I have other options of doing it. Granted I am waiting for the ‘perfect’ [in my opinion] Smartphone from TMobile but this is far from it.

    C’mon guys, let’s use our smartphones for their purpose why they were created and quit worry about the extra “ad libs” that are throw in it or not thrown in it. Sure if it comes with it then fine…but if it doesn’t who cares…

    The Snapdragons, and the AMOLED 3.7+ inch screens, ROM/RAM…etc. is what matters the most to me in a smartphone, and the kind of innovation put in them…

    I may be from Mars…lol

  • Rob

    I completely agree with the fact that this is WAY too little WAY too late. Instead of revamping the “franchise phone” let them look at getting a BETTER franchise phone!

  • SteveH

    Any chance they would put Sense UI on it? I’m guessing no, because this is supposed to be one of those “pure Google” phones?

  • 30014

    Anyone that wanted a mytouch already has it by now. A 3.5 mm headphone jack isn’t going to increase sales. Its a nice option but still a fail in my opinion.

  • Pororo

    The great thing about the MT3G is that it is so easy to root the phone. Putting a ROM from Cyanogen is the absolute best thing I have done on this phone. Highly recommend it.

  • Jonstonson

    Good fix. Bigger deal to people than you’d actually think.

  • Eric

    See I don’t understand why tmobile is always late to the party with there things. Obviously they knew all other feature smartphones had the jacks at the time. Y sell it now this late in the game when the majority of people yhat would grab on to the mytouch already have one or passed on it because of things like this already. This should have been released last summer IMO.

    • Pavan

      Yes, especially when the EXACT SAME PHONE was available even before the MyTouch was released! The #1 complaint my non-tech savvy friends have had is that there is way to much lag. The fact that the Cliq, which has more RAM, has no lag, shows that their decision to cheap out on that aspect was a massive fail.

      I’ve been with T.Mo for 5+ years, and their decision to go with a gutted version of a great phone to save ~$15 wholesale made them lose quite a bit of goodwill in my eyes.

  • Tim

    Nice! I was one of the first in line for the MT3G, and was very disappointed in the performance and lack of RAM. Hopefully, this is the same as the Fender, just without the faux wood case. If my MT3G had come with 288M of RAM, I probably never would have gotten rid of it for a N1.

    • David

      Will, I don’t see this as a live auction anymore, is it somewhere else? I most certainly was not told it was from an ebay auction?!

      • Does the link I posted in my comment not work for you, David? If not, just use the product search with the words “fender mytouch.” That was how I found the auction yesterday. The link I posted works for me and shows 2 days left in the auction.

        The auction in question lists it as a white prototype of the Fender MyTouch, with only 20 in existence. Not sure how accurate that is, either, though.

        • David

          No it didn’t, but I added in something that did into the main post. Oh well, the link is up now.

        • Oh, sorry about that! It looked fine to me, but maybe only because I’m using my own computer or something? It’s in my cache?

          Regardless, I hadn’t thought whoever had sent it had told you. I was only posting for information, and I hope it didn’t appear otherwise. Nice link addition in the OP.

  • hec

    if its the same phone then it seems to look like a recall for the 2009 mytouch 3g to replcae it with the new one then being that its unfar to make us buy a phone then modifi it then try to sale it like a new release,

  • Thanks but no thanks, ill stick with my cliqe for now.

  • Thanks but no thanks, ill stick with my cliq for now.

  • Defiantbeast

    Hey tmobile thanks for spitting in the eyes of all the people that ran out and bought the mytouch 3g!!!!

  • TomCruise

    how many of these will they sell now that this phone is 6 months old?

    i’ll buy one if they sell it to me for $100 without any contract.

  • StevenG

    I’d say I’m unimpressed, but it’s Version 1.2, not 2.0. If it were 2.0, I’d expect a lot more.

  • Greg

    Yep, those pics are from an ebay auction. It says it was a vendor test phoned

  • JBLmobileG1

    What a joke. Tmobile releases the same phone with a 3.5mm jack and calls it MyTouch 3G 1.2? I don’t understand why the jack wasn’t standard on the first phone to begin with. But maybe it was because of what I talked about on a different post. Added something extra to make that extra money. In this case however I doubt they will get much extra except for some currently pissed of MyTouch customers. I can see how anyone who wanted to MyTouch but wasn’t able to pick one up at the time may want this… but even so with this being 6 months old there is already talk of much better phones coming our way… and one already being out (the Nexus One). Unless Tmobile rids all of the older models of the MyTouch ( I am talking between $75 to $100 with a contract) then release the new version at $100-$150 I don’t see this thing taking off. It will need to be less than the Fender version because with that one you are paying for the 16GB card and its “colectors item” status. All they had to do was put in a better processor with more ram and then it would have been worth a look. I like the idea of the 3.5mm jack (should be standard on all phones) but that doesn’t make it a phone worth re-releasing after 6 months. BTW what ever happened to the slider that was shown way back with a keyboard that they called the G1v2? That phone… if it had the right specs… would be worth looking into and possibly upgrading to in the near future.

  • andrew

    whtat the hell tmobile i just got mytouch a few weeks ago now the new mytouch

  • ultravision

    This device is a PVT32A device and has 288mb of ram. this is a big step up from the 192mb

  • hec

    just wanted to recap on this, seems buy the info that tmonews has on the specs on the finder compair to the my touch 3g is way better then the info thats on the tmobile site, just want to add and say always thank you tmonews for the great info you guys always provide even if its some times bad news lol,

    • David

      You are welcome!! Thanks for reading!!

  • I’m not sure why maybe it’s a test model but the top of the phone looks warped like a bad KIRF, it’s just off. Maybe, I am being to retentive but, whatever,I already have the old MT3 I use for tweaking I am not gonna get this anyways, just let me know if my perception is off or if I am right?