Blackberry Goes Down, Again


Update: Crackberry is reporting things are back in working order. Via twitter and comments here we couldn’t find any reports of widespread outage so either this was very limited or a false alarm.

We’re working to confirm this one but the guys over at Crackberry are reporting via T-Mobile and Rogers that RIM is having “an issue at the moment with no current ETA for a fix”. If this pans out to be a widespread outage, it’s a huge black eye for Blackberry coming soon one month after two outages plagued Blackberry. Of course Blackberry is historically reliable and this doesn’t change that fact, but unfortunately outages anger the masses and some tend to defect. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on this and if anyone is experiencing issues, sound off below!



  • Touchpro2Lover

    I have a pearl and I thought it was something I did wrong when my facebook and browser wouldn’t work! I do love T mobile but all these outages are getting on my nerves

    • kershon

      This is NOT a T-Mobile problem. T-Mo has nothing to do with this. It is all RIM.

      • john

        You know as well as I do, people read rim outage, and within that, somewhere the name t-mobile was spelled somewhere.

  • Gabe

    I’ve had no problems with my Blackberry.

  • penpen72

    I have no issues with bold 9700 tmo here in missouri, although I haven’t received any emails. Internet running fine for gprs here.

  • Jonathan

    No issues on my pearl 8100 Missouri here too EDGE working for net, emails, and SMS all morning.

  • patrick

    no wonder my bbm has been missing messages and no email am on tmobile

  • Leah

    have had trouble receiving emails today – since 1:00 pm eastern.

  • Mimi

    Yeah, and no compensation for it either. Who knows hoe many times it goes out and we don’t even know it.

    • john

      Read carefully rim outage.

  • Kickstar13

    NOTE: This is not T-Mobile’s fault. Blame RIM (Research In Motion)

  • Biggie

    boo RIM I’m glad my POS pearl doesn’t work or I’d be pissed

  • kershon

    I haven’t had an email for 3 hours. Everything else is working. Can’t tell if I have a problem or not yet. Central Illinois.

    • Kickstar13

      No problems here (East Coast).

  • jose

    yea its sad how uneducated people are and they blame these outages from danger and rim on tmobile and they loose customers who then cant understand why they have the same problems on another carrier.

  • mmaxsooner

    Ill give everyone a little tidbit. Rim is having serious issues with the 9700 period. I have been dropping calls and having all kinds of issues lately. My bold will bounce from 3g to gprs and drop calls everyday. don’t even get me started on a proper hand off from 3g to uma. Rim, ive been with you for years, this shit needs some attention pronto. If outages weren’t enough I have to drop calls too. Get it fixed or I will dump your asses for the htc hd2 come march.

  • JBLmobileG1

    If it was me and I had all these issues with my Blackberry I would probably give up on RIM. This is just crazy as to why they have had so many issues lately. I won a BB 8120 back when it first came out and while the phone seemed Awesome… if it they have all these outage problems what’s the point of even having it? I am glad I picked up the G1 sooner after… and while its not perfect and had its share of problems it hasn’t been as bad as BB. You can have some of the best phones but without the service its just a nice paper weight. I think RIM needs to really fix their network… that or stop fixing what isn’t broken.

    • john

      Well put

  • jbug

    I’ve been experiencing problems since about 3pm EST, and it’s currently 9:15pm EST in New York. I couldn’t even make phone calls for several hours.

  • mmaxsooner

    And I for one am a little curious if they can upgrade their “rim” service for 3g? Cause we should all know by now that if rim doesn’t upgrade their servers our hardware is worthless. cause everything goes internet then rim then to our handsets. If they don’t upgrade then its like a throttle tmo doesn’t “throttle” their users but if rims not up to speed it doesn’t matter. Wonder if rim is just spending ALL their resources on getting their new asian markets figured out. Put me down as wavering to ebay my 9700 to get that htc hd2. Man I like blackberries but I will not let amy company take me for a ride I don’t like. FIX THESE ISSUES AMD DO IT NOW RIM!

    • kershon

      Mmaxsooner I have noticed the last couple weeks my bb9700 has dropped calls also. Much more than I would expect. I didn’t think much of it until I read your comments. And yes I seem to be having the same problems handing off to uma and back. My signal bounces from 3G to EDGE and back quite often and sometomes gprs. I was thinking I was just in a bad area. But now thinking about it you are right. When I have run speedtests the best I have got is around 350 kbps down even in full bars 3G areas. Hmmmm I think I may see a HD2 in my future too. Glad you brought this to my attention.

      • mmaxsooner

        Kershon, try this little fix that worked for me yesterday and today. The forums on tmob will tell you all kinds of fixes but this seemed to work for me and is much easier than forcing your phone onto 2g. Pull the battery, hard reboot. Then when ur headed out the door of ur uma connection turn off wifi alltogether, leave ur mobile network connections on 3g/2g. Now here is the tricky part if ur like me you don’t get 3g at home and after you come in the door and are on edge if u remain on 3g turn off the mobile network and turn on wifi then after you get a uma connection u can turn on mobile network again. You should maintain a good connection with uma at that point forward, but any time your leaving ur uma turn off wifi. From what I can tell tmobs 3g and uma do not get along. I tried 3g speed test today and got 1800kbps speeds down and I can promise you no wifi involved because I’m not doing wifi anywhere but at home until they get this 3g una issue worked out. Hope this helps good luck.

  • Jess

    I’ve had no problems today either, on T-Mo and my old Curve. I know the Rogers outage was planned though. I saw several stories about that on Friday when seeing if there was another RIM outage, as a lot of the employees at my husband’s company had no email that day, on different carriers.

  • Maurice

    I thought it was just me, Nice to know it wasn’t Magenta’s fault

  • Wally

    I’m in west palm beach florida . I have the bold 9700 for tmobile . And one of my brother have bb 8900 and my other brother have the bb curve 8230 . Everything is working fine .

  • Ann

    The only problem I experienced yesterday was I was trying to use the native browser in the early afternoon, but it wouldn’t connect at all. I switched to Bolt & it worked fine. Other than that, I was getting all other messages just fine yesterday.

    I agree, though, the outages are happening too often. I got a BB after October’s Great Sidekick Outage. It’s a great phone…but really not what I was looking for after all. I’m prolly gonna sell my 9700 soon after the next Android device drops on T-Mo (not counting Nexus One).

  • ~tasha~

    glad to know about this in case my phone quits working…i have a blackberry pearl flip and so far the service has been working great…the phone not so much its pretty much goin crazy not chargin or deleting messages so i will be gettin another phone soon…i really do not recommend blackberries as they suck ass

  • brian

    I am tired of my blackberry Bold 9700. It drops calls like crazy!(AND yes, I’ve call tmo tech support many times). ‘Network failure’ errors constantly while talking on the phone. The tech support told me to switch the BB to 2G mode (from 3G) and guess what! No drop calls for a week on 2g mode…BUT THEN why did I upgrade from my 8900? oh, yeah…3G that I just shut off so I can get phone calls without dropping.

    You rock t-mo!! And your 3G sucks in one of the largest cities in the USA…I’m on edge data speeds until my contract is up and then I’m done with Tmobile!

  • kershon

    @mmaxsooner. Thanks for the tip. I tried it and so far has cured my problem. One other thing. I woke up this morning and I had a sim error message on the homescreen so I called Tech support. Long story short, my sim went haywire. I put in a brand new sim card, the tech activated it and now I have stronger 3G signal than I ever have since I got my bb9700. He told me that yes there are some issues with 3G and uma and the steps you suggested usually work well.