HTC HD2 Rhapsody Email Just A Bad Photoshop Job?


I’m not really sure what to make of this other than to say it’s probably just a really bad Photoshop job. What we’re seeing though, is the bottom footer from an email sent out to individuals who were “selected” for beta testing the Rhapsody Android app. We know the Droid is front and center with the MyTouch3G hanging out to the right. However, thanks to the eagle-eyed individual who sent this in, looks pretty much like an HTC HD2 on the left with Android gracing its cover. Now we know clear as day this could just be a bad Photoshop job, someone’s idea of a joke or just really really bad eyesight on both myself and the tipsters part.  Whatever it is, for some it might be a dream come true to have Android grace the 4.3 inches of HTC HD2 goodness. Windows Mobile on that device sure looks beautiful but Android is the belle of the ball right now and that makes it all the more intriguing.

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  • Yeah, I’m gonna call bad Photoshop. I see product images with incorrect screens all the time. Just this week I saw a box for one of those assemble-yourself desks with a Mac sitting on the desk. But the screen was clearly showing Windows. Sure anything is possible, but I’m guessing that the design department just got it wrong.

    …that being said, yes, I would love an Android HD2. :-)

  • Galen20K

    As much as I would LOVE Android on the HD2, its just not happening… *sigh***

    I call Shananagans unfortunately…


  • JBLmobileG1

    Well as everyone wishes that Android would grace the HTC we know its probably not happening… and I am sure like always Microsoft would be willing to pay the big bucks to make sure it doesn’t. However I remember reading some where that you can have a dual boot on the HD2 so you can have Windows Mobile and Android. Anyone know if this is true? If so how hard would it be to do? Also if this does work maybe Google should sell its Android O/s for people who would like to do this. Maybe with the price they would give free updates for your phone as they come down. Who knows… we can just wish and hope.

    • Barry

      I’m sure you would be able to. I put a dual boot setup on my girlfriends T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 with WinMo and Android. Android is really glitchy on it tho.

  • pecoy

    I wish the hd2 would have android but I’m almost sure we won’t get it.
    At least we know for sure tmo is getting it but with windows..I’m hoping they release it soon

  • just some dude

    sticking it to WM, LOL. i love it.

    • Conrad

      Here’s my thoughts: You don’t have a lot of friends, if any at all. Probably a byproduct of too many hours playing WOW and or having your nose stuck in your phone convincing yourself you’re cool because you have it.

      So you desperately try to find acceptance from any group you perceive yourself as having something in common with. So you troll boards like this and spew forth retarded comments about how WM sucks just hoping and praying for an “amen” from the android community. Here is your mistake though: You’re over the top in everything you do. So the android community keeps you at arms length because no one wants to be associated with a social retard. If you toned it down like 100 notches; added ANYTHING of ANY value; and stopped trying so hard to be accepted, you actually might make a friend or two.

      • just some dude

        Im not hear to make friends or to be associated with any one, i like my solitary life just fine. Conrad I dont want to be your friend.

        My mission is to spread the word of Android hear and every other forums i can find. And im not alone. And i have to say Android over WM crap is not a hard sell.

        I hope you find a friend or two.

      • John

        @ Just Some Tool

        I have to say, you are very good at spread the lie everywhere as you confirmed. And for you information I have to tell people like Conrad have more friends than you. Thats why you are so desperate to go to every forum and spread lie and advertise your Craproid.

        Oh, Also I have a good news for you. Just two of my friends last week bought Windows Mobile phones (Touch Pro2) and sent their Android phones back to HTC to get some cash for it.

        And in next few month at least five more of family members and friends will get Windows Mobile phones. They are just waiting for HTC HD2 and finishing their contract with Sprint and AT&T. But I can tell you for sure they are all getting windows Mobile.

        Enjoy your spreading the lie (The only thing you are good at it).

      • John

        @ Conrad

        The best we can do about trolls (Just Some Tool) is to ignore his non sense posts and not even answer him anymore. Let them live in their holes.

        Instead of spread the lie like what he does, better to inform and give usefull information to people about phones and T-Mobile.

        Seems like Admins in this website don’t really care about trolls like “Just Some Tool” post in this weblog.

        So us as T-Mobile customers and fans who cares about T-Mobile and good phones have to ignore people like him to keep this blog clean and more professional.

        • David

          Its not a matter of not caring John, I’ve deleted the ones where he personally attacks others. His posts are moderated and they won’t get through with approval anymore.

  • FILA

    Yea I dont see Android coming to the HD2 anytime soon, it would be nice but I doubt it. Watch we all be wrong and come tomorrow there will be a leak of it, lol

  • How awsome would it be if they ended up offering customers a choice between an Android HD2 and a WinMo HD2.

    But of course this is just wishful thinking on my part.

    It’s more than likely to be just your everyday Photoshop shannanigans.

    • pecoy

      that could be possible i guess..and i would actually like that idea. and many more people would agree too.

      didnt palm do this before? i think i remember they offered their palm treo with either your choice of palm os or windows mobile. didnt they? i think it was on sprint.

      but yeah..the choice of android or windows on the hd2 would be awesome!

  • Oce

    Guys over at xda have android running natively on Touch HD. I think it is just as possible to get it running natively on HD2. Flexability is one of WinMO’s greatest features.

    • J-Hop2o6

      yea i have Android 2.0.1 on my TP2 via sdcard.. alot of things work like 3G, Market, kb and hard keys, etc.. those ppl over at xda work wonders

  • Todd

    At this point, Winmo or Android….I’m getting the HTC HD2 either way. I’d prefer Android, but I don’t loathe Winmo like most people do so it isn’t a big deal either way.

  • Tom Jefferson
    This is a blown-up version of the pic. Look at the top of the screen, just above the standard Android screen, you can see the ‘Start’, signal, sound profile, and battery indicator on a black background from Windows Mobile. Sorry folks, but someone just slapped a screenshot of Android over WinMo… and poorly at that.

    • citizeninsane


  • Great site, exactly what I was looking for, I can’t get your RSS feed to work right in google chrome though, is it on my end?