Deutsche Telekom To Unveil 2010 Strategy, Rumors Continue


As it stands, I’ll all but worn out from the rumors regarding T-Mobile and any number of arranged marriages parent company Deutsche Telekom might be considering. Whether it’s Sprint, MetroPCS or the guy who lives down the block, rumors regarding a merger/buyout have been steady in recent months. According to an article at xchangemang, Deutsche Telekom is set to announce “Strategie 2.0” in early 2010, which will “hightlight further partnerships for its T-Mobile units and more.” Of course, this could mean European units and the US branch or one without the other. The article does mention the rumors regarding T-Mobile and Sprint as evidence that Deutsche Telekom will “marry off its divisions when necessary.”

Speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel, Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann stated “I still see good growth prospects in the United States, particularly in the area of mobile internet…we want to utilize those.” While what actual utilization he is referring to remains unclear, what is becomingly increasingly clear is that T-Mobile wants to turn around its US branch sooner rather than later.


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  • sorandkairi

    excel TMOBILE excel!!!!

  • Dalton

    Get some good phones first of all…
    Decent 3G coverage (really, have you looked at their map? PATHETIC.)
    Don’t merge with sprint.

    There ya go. I’ve got 3 idea’s right there. :P

    • sorandkairi

      LOL Agreed
      They should not merge with Sprint at all. Gaining more coverage areas in general would be my suggestion but, more phones and more variety does without a shadow of a doubt mean more money! There is no way around it. If they truly want to compete in the US market, than they are going to have to give US subscribers what they have been giving their other networks, superior service and superior phones.

      Dont get me wrong t-mobile usa has excellent customer care but i would clearly welcome getting cursed out on the phone when i call CC if they gave me a better headset. Then i just wouldnt have to call at all. There would be no reason to! With superior phones, coverage, and plans, why would any1 need to call CC!

    • CO_Yeti

      Phones: Bold, 4 Androids, and the TP2…. just as good a line-up as any other carrier
      Coverage: voice coverage is the same between all 4 major carriers, Tmo 3g data is smaller but in most major cities and is much faster and more reliable than the other GSM provider.

      Tmo has the pieces in place, but needs to launch a real wow phone (be the first carrier to support flash) and be more aggressive in there advertising.

  • Jrperiod

    A merger with Sprint in the same sense that Verizon has with Vadofone(sp) isn’t a bad idea. I love Tmo for it’s Customer Service, but lets be honest. Coverage isn’t up to par with even the 3 ranked carrier (Sprint) Us hoping on that Clearwire stream sounds “Pretty Good” – Larry David.

  • T

    I don’t get how T-Mobile could buy Sprint… a CDMA network, but if they do I WANT A GSM PALM PRE!

  • lensovet

    hey here’s an idea.

    t-mobile probably has the largest international span of any carrier. how about free/super-low-cost international roaming charges when you roam on other T-Mobile networks overseas? that would be thinking outside the box and taking advantage of the brand name.

    i still don’t see how a sprint/tmobile merger makes any sense. the networks and handsets are completely incompatible, customer service would be a complete nightmare, doing something like this would just be absolutely insane.

    • Bob

      I think that would be an excellent idea. Free overseas roaming when you are in another T-Mobile area no matter what country.

  • t-beat

    t-mobile usa reported net earnings of 450 million dollars last quarter. just how bad can things be? btw this number can be found in their financial statement, see sym dt,

    • CO_Yeti

      The problem DT has with Tmo USA is that its been stagnant. Nothing they’ve tried so far has brought massive amounts of postpaid customers over from other carriers.

  • niididy

    Mergers scare me…especially when not properly thought out. It still scares me when they think its been well thought out. Sprint merger is a fiasco…unless they plan not to integrate technologies. Also Sprint CS sucks….can’t teach an old horse new tricks….

  • Bigmixxx

    I don’t think Merger…I think it may be a forced merger with Sprint….Think it this way…T mobile will buy metro PCS and possibly cellular south shortly…I firmly believe that….That ups their customer base to 40/41 million…sprint REALLY only OPERATES in their CDMA band about 25 million customers in the CDMA space, another 8 million in the iden space, plus the mergers, etc, etc, etc.
    net net…T mobile will put sprint in a position of merger or be split into landline/Wireless operation….and the wireless division will be eaten up…

  • ron

    For tmobile to turn around sooner, Tmobile must let tmobile usa customers free international roaming on tmobile networks oversea.
    Most people travel oversea they love to take their lovely handset with them so they can use it oversea t-Mobile will bring in more revenue. If tmobile not allowing thei tmobile usa customers to roaming on tmobile networks oversea, people will unlock the phone and buy the sim card oversea for used on tmobile handset. They how t-mobile lost that big revenue. why don’t tmobile taking advantage of the brand name.
    Friends of min travel to oversea with Verizon handset get what they have to pay a lot of money for roaming on other networks. In China and other Asia countries T-Mobile brand name is well known.

  • Shon

    Too little too late? There’s only one thing people care about these days and it’s coverage. I love everything T-Mobile, but we’re obviously seeing the problem with having a European investor. They lack the understanding of American consumerism. It starts with advertising, secondly pricing, and lastly gadgets. Think back when ATT first started to advertise 3g, most companies, except Tmobile already had 3g in place but ATT was really the first to bring the term to mainstream. That plus the Iphone advertisement hype, launched ATT. Pricing, 49.99 unlimited sounds great, but what they don’t say is, hey, we’ll give you 49.99 unlimited but no phone discounts. That’s right you can’t opt to get a 2 yr agreement for a cheaper phone, and get the 49.99 unlimited plan. it’s one or the other. So any money you save over the long run, gets eaten up by the cost of your new phone. Gadgets, get the IPhone already, you have it overseas, stop letting ATT jerk American consumers around. If Tmobile were to merge with any other major company then ATT would be the only remaining GSM company, which would really really really be sad. If T-Mobile wants to really play with the big dogs, they need to expand there coverage ASAP. End of story. How can they expect to improve when they have the same coverage area a Nextel. Great customer service can only do so much, at some point you have to expand your network, you can’t just expect to service the major cities anymore.

  • dufus

    why dont they merge with a real phone company like cricket….

  • dufus

    buy a cricket phone……………………………