Samsung Behold 2 Goodness Continues


The Samsung Behold 2 has gotten plenty of prime time love on the blog lately and deservingly so. Samsung’s first outing on T-Mobile will hopefully be met with lots of fanfare and glowing reviews.  While we still await “official” specs, ninja sources have assured me there is very little lag in the interface and we can expect more hands on time later this week. Either way, there is a large gallery after the jump and expect to see more images added today and tomorrow.

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  • Man that looks sexy, go tmoible…samsung did a very good job on the U.I. take that droid eris, sorry htc i still love you, but buuurrrnnn.

    • Kickstar13

      Looks great!

      • laphoneuser

        Agreed! I hope it performs as good as it looks, and I hope the Video Camera resolution is better than the G1’s!

      • ED

        The camera is awesome as is, i got my hands on it for a bit on friday. with the tweaks on 1.6 it should be good. there are a ton of options for the camera.

  • Will this phone have UMA?WIFI calling?

    • NiiDiddy

      I don’t think there are any Android phone out there that does UMA. There is WIFI, but not for unlimited calling…

      • Bill48105

        It is unfortunate TMobile seems to be dropping UMA. Perhaps they figure people will just put a softphone client on & make their own VOIP calls with a 3rd party then they don’t need to support it.. Goes along with their plan to force everyone to have unlimited calling & data, then it won’t be worth the effort to try & save $ doing it. ;)

  • g_willi

    Blech! That UI looks like it was made by Fisher-Price. I’ll take the default Google UI, thank you.

  • mrjlwilliams

    I think this is gonna be a great phone, but the ‘cube’ thing, does not appeal to me at all. Nice work on the device though…

  • “Samsung’s first outing on T-mobile”

    I’m fairly sure that’s not true. Unless this is coming out ten years ago…

    • David

      Sorry I definitely meant to say first “Android” outing! I’ll get that changed!

  • Kickstar13

    BTW everyone, Reply is now working, no need to say @username anymore :)

    • NiiDiddy

      I love this reply buttom…lol.

      • BronxBebe

        Oooo la la la Reply =)

  • smoker337

    did that say web to go??????? this phone looks like a toy….not to interested in this one…

  • Drizzle

    I want the DROID. Tried it, love it and it kicks my myTouch in the sack.

    • rossi

      It has a sack? haha, just wanted to try the reply button…

      • Bill48105

        Yeah it’s where he carries his nuts. :D

        The reply thing will be confusing because people won’t be scrolling back to see replies if they are inserted back with the old comment.. I mean it makes sense to group the stuff for new people reading the posts from start to finish for the 1st time but not for people following at the time they are 1st added.

      • Drizzle

        I am trying the reply button too…somehow I managed to mess up the first go around. Anyways, yes, my myTouch as a “sack app” and it got kicked hard and it force closed. Then the Droid, looked around and then said….””DDDRRROOIIDDD!”” Want the phone, not the carrier…well maybe the carrier but at Tmobile prices :) Guess I just want too much.

    • rossi

      do you think that if I put my reply next to your’s Bill that Watbetch will think I AM YOU?!!! lol

      Funny guy.

      • Bill48105

        LOL well seems Watbetch already thinks that is the case in which case replying to one’s self would make me/us/you insane. But we better be careful or we’ll get scolded again.

      • NiiDiddy

        LMAO…poor Watbetch…He/she is a trip…

      • Bill48105

        NiiDiddy is yet another one of rossi & my alter ego’s. Soon we will be EVERYONE!

      • NiiDiddy

        Yezzir… ;)

  • Rocko

    @ Will

    I was about to point that out too… I think they meant “Samsung’s first [Android] outing on [U.S.] T-mobile”


  • Aaron

    Having bought the Mytouch a couple weeks and having tried out the Droid…. this looks like a cheap kids toy. Not only is the UI circa-1985 it also pulls a gimmick with the “cube”.

    Quite frankly, the Mytouch still is a better phone than this one given Tmo’s current offerings.

    • folorecords

      Ive been using one of these for about a week. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and destroys that of the my touch. But the menu that they used looks pixelated and cheesy. However, Load a movie, open the browser, or take a photo you will certainly see what i mean and think of it as a far superior phone to the my touch.

  • abi

    wait WTF am I the only one noticing the web2go????? Where did that come from on vids its show the android browser not web2go WTF is going on

    • Bill48105

      ORRR that could be a good sign that maybe TMobile will have lower priced data plans available for that phone! ORRR that they won’t require a data plan at all! ORRR someone is still learning PhotoShop & isn’t pasting the right things.. lol

      • NiiDiddy

        I have to go with PhotoShop usage on this one, Bill. ;). I’d be surprised if they have something else cooking as in what is required or not required for the usual Android data plan.

        • sammydroid

          this is no photoshop this is my device i took the screenshots and that is just a bookmark in the android browser!!!!

          wannna find out more follow me on twitter @sammydroid

    • J-Hop2o6

      there might be two browsers?

    • droiddev

      it has the android browser its just a page in bookmarks chillax

  • timmyjoe42

    Haha, it has a myfaves icon. It’s already outdated.

    • Bill48105

      Yeah no kidding but that is for the people on unlimited plans who ask customer service to enable the myfaves interface for a glorified speed dial. At least until TMobile wakes up & realizes how big of a mistake it was to kill MyFaves then it’ll make it easier for them since it’s already there. :D

  • Me likie!!! I wonder if there is gonna be a Memoir 2? I love the camera on my memoir. I just hope there is gonna be one. I’ll wait and see and if not I’ll settle for the behold2

  • Nick

    I work for T-Mobile and I’ve tried out the Behold 2 and I’m sorry to say that it is a huge piece. It feels cheap and doesn’t respond to touch nearly as well as the g1 or mytouch. I’ve been waiting for this phone for a while now and I’m quite disappointed by it.

    • TmoRepInAL

      I also work for tmobile and I completely agree… garbage

      • laphoneuser

        Ouch! So disappointed to hear that.

      • Drizzle

        I dont work at t-mobile, I havent tried it but I still agree lol. Samsung phones dont mesh well with me for some reason.

    • Cliq

      Well does anyone have any idea about the CLIQ? Is that a piece too? Do I just go with the 9700. but, I want out of the Blackberry. Can’t stand the keyboard anymore.

      • Lev

        I have the Cliq, it is very solid, has a good heft to it, does not feal cheapy by any meansI like it a lot, keyboard is a bit cramped, but is is really responsive, no lag, def better then mt3g. The battery life is good once you do a full discharge, it seems to have gotten better each time, I would say with moderate use I can get about a day and half of use, not bad.

      • Nickmoves84

        The cliq is awesome. I got nes and snes emulators running on our store model and the best thing is that it has the d pad on the left right where any gaming controller would have it. I usually hate Motorolla, but I don't think you'll go wrong with this.

    • mstrongjr

      im just wondering how the behold 2 compaares to the original behold as far as how solid it feels? i had the first behold and it was a solid feeling phone in my wasnt real light and didnt feel cheap at all….i liked the metal back on it too…thanks in advance

  • NiiDiddy

    What I wan- Is not out yet…! And I don’t know if it’ll ever make it to Tmo anyway…! I will settle for the waiting game as I have no choice, yet!

    • sunstain

      yeah… I want the N900 too. damnit Tmo! You put out good phones but always too little too late.

  • NiiDiddy

    What I want – Is not out yet…! And I don’t know if it’ll ever make it to Tmo anyway…! I will settle for the waiting game as I have no choice, yet!

  • rubi76

    I don’t get people who dismiss this phone for the interface… if you don’t like it you could change it like any other android software…… if you are on this forum you are probably capable of rooting. Like any other Android, you should concentrate more on the hardware specs not on the software…..

  • Amir


  • i confirm that the behold screen is LED…..awesome look and feel of the phone….

  • Dustin

    Real ninjas give specs.

    • sammydroid

      528 mhz 220 mb

  • Lev

    I just want to say the Behold 2 does not feel cheap, it is very light yes, but the G1 felt pretty damn cheap compared to the Behold 2, to me, this phone is solid, def better built then the MT3g, but I will agree and say some of the touch responsiveness did not recognize when you touched it, overall a solid entry into the Android lineup

  • I was really hoping that Samsung was going to produce a worthy alternative to other Android handsets, but yet again they fail with the UI. Why don’t the leave it at “good enough” with the stock Android interface? I see that they’re trying to offer something custom and unique, but it’s a half-assed attempt at best. It’s bad enough that the fonts aren’t consistent (the standard Android prompts/dialogs are in Droid Sans, the “custom” Samsung elements are in some other sans-serif abomination). Worse yet, the icons don’t even follow the same style. Looks like Samsung made some super-shiny icons for certain apps, but then went with a completely different outlined style for the file browser. Throw in the proprietary icons for other apps and you’ve got a terrible mess.

    Consistency is what makes a UI easy-to-use, and thus a leader of the market. Android itself is getting close to having all the detail and polish that makes the iPhone UI so great, but this is several steps backward.

    Yeah, the nice part about the openness of Android is that you can install another theme. That’s great, but it’s a step we shouldn’t have to take. The developers and engineers at a multi-billion dollar company like Samsung should have a better eye for aesthetics and design than I.

  • AgentSmith

    Guy at tmobile (over phone) told me that there was only 200mb or RAM. I don’t know if that was post 200mb total or “availble.”

    That’s just shat-tastic for $229.


    Wow. I don’t know what to say. Is this a joke. Is T-Mobile serious about letting this dog out the gate? They must’ve mistaken this pooch for a pitbull. Have they been watching TV lately and seen the Droid or the Eris? Hell, even HTC has commercial out now. Who does T-Mobile and Samsung think they’ll impress with this phone?

    God bless ’em

  • Yaniv

    My friend just got the Sprint Moment and told me he got to see the Behold 2 and said it was total crap. Doesnt have the 800Mhz CPU that we were all hoping for, and limited internal storage. Said it lagged a whole lot and was all in all a huge disappointment.
    Im telling ya… people… I just got the new Droid and its FRIGGIN AMAZING… but if you don’t want to leave T-Mobile (cant blame ya… great prices and service is also top notch) … get a Motorola Cliq.
    I bought my wife the Cliq and I don’t understand how its the same CPU as my old myTouch (but more ram) and yet its SOOOOOOOO much faster.
    The keyboard is awesome (keyboard on the droid sucks–everything else tho is magic) and its so responsive ya gotta believe its got more inside than theyre telling us…its really fast. Transitions are smooth, and quick… even with all her social widgets loaded.
    I LOVE MY NEW DROID… but if I stayed with T-Mobile I would have definitely gotten the Cliq… or maybe the N900 but I kinda hate the Nokia look and feel.

  • Dustin

    The Cliq is becoming a better choice by the looks of things… or whenever HTC releases the Fender Mytouch, wood grain (I hate it) but the features are nice.

    I think Tmo is trying to commit suicide… call the cops.

    • CMK

      Here’s a thought: perhaps T Mobile is waiting for the “official” release of Android 2.0 before releasing the Fender MyTouch in order to ship the phone with the newest Android OS.

  • abe

    Wow this is something else. i mean for real t-mobile is getting odd lately. ya know is it the carriers or the phone makers who allow or not allow UMA in their phones. T mobile knows its service area isn’t so good. So why not invest in that, hello holding more customers maybe!!!. Anyway, ill wait till this comes out in the stores.

    • J-Hop2o6

      i think someone said something about bad battery life with UMA

      • timmyjoe42

        UMA doesn’t seem to drain my battery any faster on my Pearl 8120. My wifes Nokia goes down pretty fast, but she talks on it ALOT.

      • Bill48105

        Yeah on my Shadow battery life is definitely lower with UMA but I wouldn’t go so far as to say bad.. I turn off WiFi when I’m not near a router I want to connect to & it helps a ton. Plus at home I keep the power cord plugged in and linked to my house phone with an XLink Bluetooth gateway box so no worries there. Anyway, if you have a decent wireless router that supports the audio extensions (I have an Asus with DD-WRT which has it) the power management kicks in & battery life really isn’t that bad but then again I used a Touch Diamond for awhile & the battery life on that really stunk. lol But anyway for unlimited calling, ‘free’ extended coverage/range (as in no special equipment to buy like ATT’s $250 femtocell box) and how common wifi routers are (essentially EVERYWHERE unlike femtocell’s) I’d gladly give up a little battery life for coverage when needed especially inside old buildings or such where there is almost no cell coverage from any carrier but there is almost always wifi. Having it on the phone is nice even if rarely needed & with TMobile ::COUGH:: spotty ::COUGH:: coverage ::COUGH:: ::COUGH:: it has been an awesome feature. And the call quality is definitely better than using the cell towers which is a bonus.

      • Bill48105

        I should have added that the battery drains much faster when it is searching for a wifi router than when it is actually connected to one with a good signal so that makes a big difference & is why I turn off wifi when not connected. For someone who leaves wifi on all the time anyway I doubt they’d see much of a difference. But the same battery drain issue is true with cell towers.. If you have no signal or a very weak one it is best to turn off your cell (or turn on airplane mode or whatever) to save your battery until you get to a good signal area again.

  • Protest the Hero

    I just played with this phone for about 20 minutes at my local store, and anyone who thinks the myTouch is remotely close is smoking crack. This phone kills it in every way. The dude at the store said he got the myTouch when it first came out and said after 10 minutes with this phone he knew the myTouch didn’t even compare. The Cube thing actually serves a purpose, its not really that important but it isn’t pointless like it looks, and like I thought it was going to be. I don’t know the specs but the phone didn’t lag and was fast with everything including loading up youtube clips. This is definitely goin to be my next phone.

    The screen is awesome, almost Droid like, not really, but its still very bright and very crisp. You can watch it from like every possible angle as well and it will remain fairly clear. The only thing is that it would get dimmer at more extreme angles but this was also in a brightly lit store so it probably stays relatively bright in darker rooms. The camera is also sick. Its also much quicker than any android phone I’ve seen including the Droid.

    The internal storage will probably be an issue, as will the price. This and the Cliq are both overpriced. The Cliq should probably be $150 and this like $180. I’m sure there will be other issues, 20 minutes isn’t long enough to review a phone. However, it is long enough to get a good feel for it and first impression points to it being the best Android phone on Tmobile.

    • Kickstar13

      Nice to hear that.

  • beastly

    I'm in need of a new phone in the next month or so, and I've been researching new phones obsessively. I got a chance to play with this phone, and it's not a bad phone, as far as it goes. The hardware is decent. The phone runs reasonably well. The cube is stupid. The interface is a little ugly, but not terrible, and there are some good things about it. (Each screen can have a different wallpaper, for instance.)

    Final analysis: not for me. Some people will love it, but it's more toy than tool. A very sophisticated, open-source-app-capable, customizable, AMOLED-screen-and-5MP-camera-loaded, capacitive-touchscreen-filled, well-engineered toy. If I'm going to take my chances on an Android phone, I'm going with the Cliq. which seems to have the best hardware of all the T-Mobile Android phones on the market today. I'm still not sure I trust the Android platform, though. I run my own business, and I need to be able to count on calls and emails on my phone, which is why I'm ultimately leaning towards the 9700 or the Touch Pro 2.

    9700 has UMA capability and the reliable Blackberry platform, but boy does it seem drab after playing with Android phones all day.

    Touch Pro 2 has a heck of a lot of features, and I trust the platform more than Android, but Windows Mobile phones make me a little nervous. Is it going to give me crashing and lagging weirdness the way my PC does?

    What to do?

  • watbetch

    When is T-Mobile planning on getting an Android device with real power?

  • Rsan

    I dont understand the comments left on here saying the G1 is better or the MyTouch. this is far superior then any Android phone out there. Light, user-friendly and the touch-wiz interface is much better looking then the Androids crappy-child-looking menu. Phone is much lighter then the G1 and the overall features blow the HTC’s by far. As far as the Cliq-piece of crap, i have several friends who own one and the phone freezes constantly when trying to make a call. its heavy and reminds me of the G1. We are entitled to our opinion so heres mine…best android phone for TMO. Cmon people!!

  • MANDO0422