T-Mobile Pricing Guide, No Surprises


The above picture was emailed to me about two days ago and unfortunately, shows no surprises in either price of as-of-yet unannounced handsets. The only real “surprise” is that the rumored $249.99 for the Even More price of the Samsung Behold 2 appears to be $229.99. Based on the price guide, the Behold 2 and Blackberry 9700 both price $449.99 at full retail pricing. Breaking that down leads to a Even More Plus monthly installment of about $22.50 for twenty months. Not very bad in my book. I think I can find enough change under my couch to handle that. We’ll keep trying to get the rest of the pricing info missing at the bottom here and maybe just maybe we’ll be surprised with something for the holiday!

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  • WXman

    I can’t believe that the Behold II comes out next week and there is still nothing on their website and there is still no pre-ordering going on for it. Strange, huh?

    • d

      the behold is not going to be a regular high end android pho0ne like the others
      this phone is going to suck because it has touchwiz ui.

      • Logan

        I don’t see why TouchWiz would make the Behold II any lower-end than the myTouch 3G.

        There’s an event scheduled on Thursday to unveil the Behold II. The silence has been somewhat perplexing, as is the high price point. That’s $70 over the myTouch. Is AMOLED and 5MP camera really worth that much?

    • Viper

      Flashback to August:

      I can’t believe the Touch Pro 2 comes out tomorrow and there is still nothing on their website and there is still no pre-ordering going on for it. Str- o wait.

      No pre-ordering means nothing.

    • shagge68

      It's because the thing is TERRIBLE.

  • Ritchie

    sorry guys…

    Nokia Now Shipping the N900
    Today, 7:27 AM by Eric M. Zeman

    Nokia has announced that the N900, its newest multimedia device that is based on Maemo 5 (rather than Symbian S60) is shipping to Europe, the Middle-East, Russia and North America. It will be sold unlocked, and won’t be sold by carriers

    • d

      is because the behold 2 is going to suck compare to the other android phones. the whole touchwiz ui is killing the phone

  • I WANT THE BLACKBERRY 9700!!! Everytime I type it into Google, it has a link up top saying “Pre-order on T-Mobile today.” And it brings me to the website, but all you can do is get the notification email for when it comes out. Urggg.

  • Vikingsfan45

    samsung behold 2 is gonna be 199.99 just got told by a rep yesterday in the stores…….

  • Koloheboy


  • Bill48105

    Are they giving *any* discount off MSRP for Plus people? I understand why Plus plans are cheaper (without equipment subsidy priced in the monthly charges) but seems they would give Plus customers some kind of discount off the artificially high MSRP of devices unless their hopes of big profits on equipment is part of their overall plan.. In which case they’ll be competing with the likes of WalMart, eBay & newegg on the phones.

    • NiiDiddy

      It would be nice. They did that with the MT3G after the new plans came out. MSRP was discounted to $399.

  • Grr

    The “big profit” on phone sells doesn’t go to the carrier. It goes to the manufacturer. The carrier makes the profits off stuff like accessories and services. It is sort of like the PS3. When the system came out, Sony lost a lot of money on each unit they sold. They make the money back on the games. Cell phones work the same way on a lesser scale.

    • rossi

      While I would generally believe that the profit margins on phones is slim. I am curious why places like Newegg and Amazon can afford to give you the phone at a reduced price? They don’t get subscription fees from you, and they may or may not sell you accessories? Just a thought…

      • Bill48105

        Good point! Yeah, how in the heck can Amazon, Newegg & such sell some of those phones for much less than MSRP if there isn’t room in there? If the cell phone carriers pay MSRP when Amazon/Newegg get them for much less then they are tools. Again I should not have said BIG because that is relative and obviously people have misunderstood my intended meaning. But I stand by what I meant by the original comment in that there should be a large enough profit margin in there for them to be able give a discount to Plus customers vs any Joe that runs into a TMobile store & buys a phone to unlock since TMobile will not get any usage from them. Remember to not confuse the subsidy for signing a 2 year agreement with the discount I am talking about.. There is a reason why TMobile has HTC Shadows for $149 with 2 year contract sometimes and FREE other times. They must have some margin in there to play with especially since the Shadow doesn’t have the stupid unlimited Smartphone data requirement to help them recoup their money.

    • Bill48105

      I hear ya to a certain extent but do you seriously think the cell companies pay MSRP to the cell manufacturer? There is certainly a markup so that they make $ on replacement phones if you don’t have insurance and so when they subsidize the phone it looks like they are giving you a better deal. “Wow a $300 phone for free?”. Can you say Art Van is having a sale & everything is 75% off?? Perhaps saying “big” profits was the wrong choice of words as I’d imagine it’s not like 50% or anything but I guess my point was you’d think they would give Plus CUSTOMERS a discount vs some non-customer who wanted to buy a TMobile exclusive phone to unlock & use on ATT.. Besides, TMobile & Bing give 35% cash back for phones bought on TMobile’s site and I’m pretty sure TMobile pays that so they must be making a decent chunk to afford that AND give the customer a subsidy if buy a phone with a contract. ;)

  • Rochester

    $229 for the Behold II does not make sense. Droid and iPhone is being sold for $200. Samsung Moment is being sold for $180.Someone at T-Mobile is high on something.

    • Protest the Hero

      Yea I don’t understand that. Unless the unknown mysterious specs include Snapdragon or something lol. I was debating on whether to get this phone or not because of the lack of a keyboard, I guess I can add in the price as a downside now as well.

  • Tournstone

    Looks like the Sidekicks are still in there, though a mysterious “*” and purple color on the 2008.

  • Tremor

    Perhaps there will be a rebate.

    • Bill48105

      You know they love mail in rebates that require a data plan so maybe you’re right, these prices could be before any rebates. And the rebate will likely be for Plus people too. As much as I hate MIR’s that’d be cool to get some discount at least.

      • NiiDiddy

        Gosh…I hate MIR’s too big time…

  • If you guys ever read the full retail prices on the old price tags. For example the MyTouch 3G and the 8900 were $500. Now it’s showing them at $399. So they are giving Plus customers discounts on high end phones.

    • NiiDiddy

      Yup. You are right – but I hope it translates to all these new smartphones, and just not the MT3G. Another thing is – would they do an IR or an MIR on the other phones, if any? MT3G just worked out with the launch of the plans…so we live to see…

    • Bill48105

      Hmm if that is true then maybe they are indeed adjusting prices which in essence gives Plus people a discount off the so-called MSRP (Btw, convenient that can change the MSRP on a whim, just shows that it was artificially high before but they’d claim it has been adjusted for the market & other phones available) But like I mentioned before it doesn’t seem very fair (or at least smart on Tmobile’s part) to sell a phone to values Plus customers who they profit from for the same price as any Joe who walks in & buys one to use on another network..

  • PrinceOfLeon

    Hold on now..$22.50 sounds a little too conveinient.
    Are you sure they don’t base it off of credit scoring and just use the “20 months” as a way to draw people in. It seems to me as though 20 months is the standard for those with a near perfect credit score..

    • NiiDiddy

      PrinceOfLeon, $22.50/mo for 20 months is for the EVEN MORE PLUS plan, which is a no-contract plan [hopefully I am not saying anything you already don’t know]. No-contract = no credit check.

      Someone weigh in on this too for further confirmation. Bill, Rossi..anyone?

      • Beastly

        I’m pretty sure there’s a credit check for buying the phone in installments, even on a no-contract rate plan. My understanding is if you sign up for an EM+ plan with an MT3G, there’s no contract, but if you split the price up, your final all-you-can-eat price will be $100 a month ($50 unlimited talk +$10 unlimited messaging +$20 unlimited data +$20 for 20 months for the phone.) If you cancel your contract before you’ve paid off the phone, the remaining price of the phone becomes your ETF.

        Part of why I like the EM+ plans is that there’s no money down for your phone. So figure you’re paying $100 a month for EM+ compared to $100 a month for all-you-can eat on the EM plan, *BUT* you pay nothing down for the phone, compared to $150 down on the MT3G on the EM plan.

        The other win is that, like you guys pointed out, you can buy the phone cheaper on Amazon or Newegg and save yourself money over the long run.

        Oh, and from what I’ve seen online, the TouchWiz interface on the Behold 2 looks a lot more like the standard Android interface than it does like the old TouchWiz. It’s still a skin, which is lame, but at least it’s not as limiting as the old TouchWiz interface.

        Personally, I’m going for the BB 9700 as my next phone, but if I were to go Android, I’d avoid the Behold 2 and go with the Cliq or the MT3G. Those of you with Droid envy should seriously check out the Touch Pro 2. I know, I know, Windows Mobile has traditionally been crap, but the TP2 is a beauty. My buddy has one, and the interface is much more user-friendly than other WinMo devices. Not quite as customizable as an Android phone, but the features it runs are much more stable and reliable, and you’d be surprised how many programs are out there for it. My buddy downloads torrents, watches movies, and plays StarCraft on his.

      • rossi

        I’m pretty sure it still requires a credit check to get the phone financing. If I remember correctly, I heard some people complaining that they weren’t cleared for enough to cover the costs of their phones. Therefore, they had to pay some out of pocket to stay below their credit limit. However, if you already have a phone and just want to get a PLUS plan… I would imagine no credit check would be required.

      • emp

        there is no contract but there is still a credit check so if you have bad credit you can still do the 20 months you would just pay a bigger down payment

      • Broke

        I will have to pay something like $111 for the phone on my first Even More Plus bill. The myTouch will then be $15.78 for the next 19 months.

    • NiiDiddy

      …Oh lest I forget, interest-free too…

  • bob

    wirefly has droid for $130 and droid eris $40 T-Mobile is over priced

    • Protest the Hero

      They also charge way more for monthly service, but I hear where you’re coming from. The Droid is far and away better than any phone Tmobile has, and if the Behold II comes out at a higher price that would be ridiculous. Best Buy does have the Cliq for $100 though. Thats not that bad a price.

  • Prasad

    i wouldn’t trust T-Mobile.com prices, the website is showing 149.99 for Samsung Highlight but i got it for 18.88 at Walmart ?? So i decided beofre i buy a T-Mobile phone I would wait till Walmart loads it in their shelf…

  • Niididdy you are wrong, we still run a credit check on the Plus plans to see if your elegible a line of credit, they have uped the lines of credit even for people with low credit.

    For example: On Even More plans which are very similar to the older plans as far as the 4 installmants goes, someone with perfect credit would get a $500 line of credit, on the Plus plans that $500 becomes $1200. So for some customers if they have a $0 line of credit on a Even More plans, on the Even More Plus they have $300. So if they wanted a MyTouch for $399 they pay the difference up $100 and the other $300 goes on their bill for 20 months.

    As far as the price on the Highlight goes, it’s actually cheaper then the Behold on a Plus plan, because the full retail for the Highlight is lower then the Behold. I beleive the Behold is priced at $349 full retail, the Highlight is at $299 or something like that.

  • Prasad are you a new customer? T-mobile corporate stores do price matching for new customers, I have matched many Wal-mart prices on phones, but it’s only for new customers not existing.

  • matt

    I can’t believe everybody. Why would anybody even look at the subsidized prices? What you need to be looking at are the actual prices, because T-Mobile finances phones now. The actual price of the phone is $450 which would be $22.50/month over 20 months. Plus, if you do that, your plan is SO MUCH cheaper.

    Even More: Unlimited Everything $100/month + $230 on the first day (for the phone)
    Even More Plus: Unlimited Everything $80/month + $22.50/month + $0 on the first day

    So it’s basically your choice between paying $230 for a phone and $100/month, or paying nothing for a phone and $102.50/month (for the first 20 months only, then it drops down to $80/month because the phone is paid off). Hmm…

    • Looks like the difference over 2 years is not that much, it’s just a matter of how much you want to put down when you sign up:

      Phone = $450 ($22.50 * 20 months)
      Plan = $1920 ($80 * 24 months)
      Total = $2370

      Phone = $230 up front
      Plan = $2000 ($100 * 20 months) + $320 ($80 * 4months) = $2320
      Total = $2550

  • PrinceOfLeon

    Realllly random question for someone who works at T-Mobile.

    My contract has been over with Tmobile since October..however I am under FlexPay..
    I want to drop everything I have [and keep my number hopefully] and take up an Even More Plus Unlimited Plan with the new Bold. Could I do this without a hitch?

    • PrinceOfLeon

      Let me be more specific..the purpose of me dropping my current plan [just as an FYI] is to rid myself of the terrible TERRIBLE flexpay.

      • emp

        you can cancel the whole thing you wont be able to keep the number and you better hope your ssn is not attached to your flex pay account otherwise you would have to wait 3 months before running credit again.. if it isnt then you can drop it and pick up an evenmoreplus plan right away as long as your credit has improved you shouldnt have any problems

    • matt

      I did the same exact thing. Flexpay is brutal, I know. You can do it easily, but they have to change your number. So basically, you’re ending your account with tmobile and starting a new one. Kinda sucks, but anything to get out of flexpay.

      • Bill48105

        Wow no way really? Can’t just create a new account & migrate the #? If not (which would be stupid he can’t keep # for billing change) then port it to another carrier (without contract obviously) then port it back on a new plan rather than lose it.

      • Viper

        I agree. port to some prepaid plan somewhere and port it right back where you want it.

  • Matt

    I was about to sign up for T-Mo’s 79.99 plan, then I found out you needed to pay an extra charge for smart phone data at ~25.00. Sprint is cheaper.

    • matt

      That’s not true at all. $79.99 includes smartphone data. I have a myTouch right now with that same plan. The employee you spoke to should definitely be fired.

  • Blaine

    I don’t know if this is exactly true, but gsmarena.com has always been pretty reliable for me in the past. I’d like to draw your attention to the last portion of the article.


    • kershon

      After all the gloom and doom we have seen in the blogs about T-Mobile, this is really a breath of fresh air. If what gsmarena has to say all holds to be true, things will certainly be looking up for us. 2010 is will quite possibly be the year that T-Mo does a turnaround. Imho T-Mo can gain the #3 spot among the big 4 yet. And if Sprint keeps on bleeding subs and posting losses, it may be sooner rather than later.

      • Blaine

        Hopefully T-Mobile will pick this phone up for the holiday season if they are indeed getting it.

  • shall be nameless

    thats actually incorrect. the behold 2 on a 2 year is gonna be 199.99 same as the bold 9700. i work for tmo corporate and we've had pricing on it since nov 6th.

  • Kershon

    I don’t think the prices are too bad. I am on em+ and ima get the bold 9700. At least compared to the tp2. And it runs wm 6.1. Boo.

  • koloheboy

    I ordered my Blackberry 9700

  • Nick

    very cool, I guess the middle column is one year pricing?

  • questionetf

    Just want to double check with your guys, is the following two scenario true?

    Scenario 1: Buy BB9700 at full price $450
    Scenario 2: Buy it with EM for $249, and later pay ETF of $200, end up $450

    So it is the same price anyway, right??

    • questionetf

      Just check crackberry. the 2-years contract price is indeed $199, so $199+$200ETF, you can get the phone for 399 instead of $450, did I miss something?


  • shagge68

    TMo is INSANE if they think the Behold II will sell for over $100!!! I have played with it and it is a BEAST! Samsung took everything amazing about Android stomped on it and threw it out the window!

  • shagge68

    TMo is INSANE if they think the Behold II will sell for over $100!!! I have played with it and it is a BEAST! Samsung took everything amazing about Android stomped on it and threw it out the window!