How To Restore Your Lost Contacts


With Danger/Microsoft’s recent update promising to restore contacts this week, it looks like they are following through on their word. Sidekick users can go to their My T-Mobile webpage to download their contacts and then restore them either to their Sidekick or whatever device they’ve replaced it with. You can have all your contacts in ten easy steps! It’s easy as cake! Hit the break to see the steps! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts/opinions in the comments!


Exporting Contacts

1. Log in to My T-Mobile

2. Navigate to Restore your contacts

Note: If you have changed devices, you will need to select a Sidekick device for the option to restore your contacts to appear.

3. On the Content Recovery Landing Page select download contacts.

4. Wait for the File Download box to appear.

Note: If there are a large number of contacts, this may take some time. Your username should reflect the name of the file being downloaded

5. Save the file to the desktop

6.Your contacts are now downloaded and ready to be imported to your Sidekick.

7. Navigate back to the Sidekick Desktop Interface and Click Import Contacts

8. An address screen will open

9. Click the Browse button and find the original file that was just downloaded.

10. Click Import

Your contacts should now populate on this screen which means they have been downloaded to your Sidekick. Note: This will only include phone numbers at this time.

If you would like a nice tutorial with pictures, click here

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  • safil

    hah, first!!!

  • safil

    glad to see sidekick users r getting their info back…

  • strayelectron

    It worked as advertised. At least my wife got here phone numbers back…

  • why do i have to do the work to replace the lost contacts?
    i didnt have to log it to lose all the contacts, but i have to do the work to insert them back into my phones contacts? why couldnt they just do the who process of recovery?

  • Jeff M

    Does this mean that I won’t be getting my $100 appreciation card? The only reason why im still with tmo is so I can use that credit towards another phone.

  • TmobileA

    You don’t have to do it kayos. You can just not have your info on there. It looks like the process takes about a solid 10 minutes. And the reason it looks like you can’t be waited on hand and foot and have to do a little work is because they weren’t able to send the information OTA….just like a blackberry s/w update. And it’s not really “work”…its typing in your user name and password, clicking a couple buttons and moving contacts over to your phone. Just be greatful your getting them back. Microsoft screwed the pooch on this one and T-mobile is taking the brunt of it.

  • sidekickuser

    i better get that $100 appreciation card.
    or else ima be livid.

  • Jesse

    Wow Kayos… Why should anyone have to back up ur stuff in the first place? Should of backed ur contacts up in the first place… oh wait that would require you to press a few extra buttons.

  • Michael Houghton

    At least you can get them back at all, ya whiny bastard.

  • moose

    Damn kayos how about u grow some balls and be a man (or lose the balls and be a woman) and do some shit for yourself.
    1. You should have backed up your stuff.
    2. It doesn’t look like a hard process.
    3. If you want your contacts bad enough you will do it if you don’t then you can just continue being lazy, with or without your balls.

  • Grr

    You know, it takes just as much time and effort to type that complaint than it does to restore the contacts.

  • The BOZ

    Still doesnt work for me yet. Ive got a msg stated that I cant retrieve any of my contacts at this time. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joel

    Sheesh, why does it have to be one extreme or the other? One one hand, you’ve got Sidekick customers in a blind “AH NEEDZ MAH HUNDRED DOLLAHS” rage, and then on the other end are T-Mobile defenders calling them idiots for not backing up their info. The bottom line is it was a huge inconvenience to the customers, and one of the selling points of Sidekick was that you’d “never have to worry about losing your most important info.” When a customer is told their information will be safe on our servers as part of their Sidekick package, they figure it’s taken care of. You shouldn’t write off their anger as foolish when a service they have been paying good money for fails them.

    However, T-Mobile has already pledged to credit a full month of Sidekick data service for EVERY Sidekick customer. That’s reasonable compensation for a 10-day outage. The $100 customer appreciation card was meant as compensation for customers that suffered a PERMANENT loss of data. If you can restore your information with a few clicks of your mouse, why do you still feel you deserve a hundred dollars?

    At any rate, I hope all the additional data is able to be recovered as well. Microsoft shouldn’t have purchased Danger if they weren’t going to do what’s right for the millions of Hiptop/Sidekick customers.

  • strayelectron

    For a couple of hundred contacts, the process takes about a minute…

    It’s really too bad that the Sidekick desktop interface never had, and still doesn’t have, an export function. Yes, the interface can import contacts from most anything, but they expect you to pay for Intellisync if you want to go the other way and export. Obviously, an export to .csv is possible because that’s the first step of the recovery process. One would think that after this debacle, giving the users an easier way of backing up their data would benefit everyone and help T-Mobile retain customers.

  • Obviously the people who r telling me I should have backed up don’t have sidekicks. It doesn’t just sync to outlook. I paid 4 intellisync once upon a time but tmobile wasn’t letting me use it with my new sidekick user name I have working backups for my mytouch, blackbery and winmo phones. All of you smack talkers need to fall back. The point is they could have uploaded the contacts themselves. But CHOSE not to.

  • pororo

    I don’t see an option for the following:

    – Restore Sidekick reputation


    – Restore Faith in Sidekick

    Thanks Microsoft!

  • BronxBebe

    Pororo- ” I don’t see an option for the following:

    – Restore Sidekick reputation


    – Restore Faith in Sidekick

    Thanks Microsoft!”

    I did the restore contacts and they should of given this option for us like all other smartphones do. Maybe so many of us wouldn’t be upset if we had this feature on the interface. I spread the word about this and people are thanking me for letting them know plus keeping them updated with all SK issues.

    I still don’t trust it as do others, I’ll be getting the new BB on sale or not with or without the $100.

    Next up is Project Dark in 5 more days.

  • Scott

    Fuck Sidekicks!!

  • cockpitinferno

    @ moose: hells yeah! I’m so sick of all these people whining about losing their stuff. Do SKs not have expandable memory. Back your shit up on a memory card and shut the hell up. That seems to have been lost in this whole server crash episode. People should take some responsibility for themselves.

  • Steve-o

    For some reason, I’m not getting the “restore your contacts” link or anything on mytmobile. I’m not complaining…just means I should be receiving my $100. Lol.

  • Kickstar13


    Still have questions remaining about the Sidekick outage? Click the link and have all your questions answered!

  • whereuatro

    i tried it. many of the number recovered.. werent complete phone numbers.!
    as in.. the last 4 digits…etc

    tmo is very clear on saying IF you cant restore them… u get thE cards.shaDY
    on a positive note, they gave me a great deal on a new phone .

  • BronxBebe

    CockF, If you don’t know how these SK’s work please don’t complain about the people who are upset about losing their info. No it doesn’t go to the memory card, plus most pics and more got lost and no chance of returning. I still don’t have all my contacts back as well as others.

    Like I said if they would of gave us this extra stuff of how to send it to your email to save on the PC or let us have the importing our contacts on our interface, maybe we wouldn’t be where we are now. Maybe TMOBILE will see that by giving us those options instead of charging us especially the way the economy is.

    MS screwed up, the new SKLX09 was suppose to back up everything and it didn’t, deaf community suffers from this outage too cos we rely on the IP Relay.

    Still don’t trust MS/Danger of this not happening again and if happened with any other cell any of you’s would have the same reaction.

  • Dnutz

    I’ve been with t-mobile/sidekick for almost 3 years. If you are living in one city, but from another, you would be extremely upset as well. All those who don’t own sidekicks have no idea how this data lost has affected each individual sidekick owner. I pay t-mobile/Danger each month for a service that has failed me and each time I contact the pricks, there’s some script reading loafer apologizing!…Please Stop!..It’s annoying. I have been on the site several times and I am still not able to retrieve my 200+ contacts.

  • I’ve been a sk customer for 4 yrs now and honestly in reality people shit happens so get over it move on. They busted their asses to get your phones where they are now so give ’em a freaken break. Start fresh and work with what you got. Life is too hard right now to complain about a phone {any phone}. Shouldn’t you be complain with the government more than getting in a phone companys or whatever the source is asses. Im worrying about not getting my home taken away more then some damn contacts. Or not haveing a job to support my children.

  • leana, i will stettle for being about 2 complain about grammar and syntax

  • Sunshine

    This is f’cked… i went to the tmo website, found my contacts… and they dont have any of the phone numbers that i have acquired in the last month. god im in college and for this kind of loss, its very upsetting. im gonna f’ckin call them tomorrow and let them have a piece of my mind. This is effecting my study groups and with my day to day life. god these girls are gonna be freakin pissed.. can someone tell me how to save them into my sim. im getting pissed off as we speak

  • Raichel R

    After having a tmobile phone customer service person tell me over and over that because i was not told i needed to have all of my contacts and notes and things saved to my simcard before putting it into the new cliq, I didnt, which meant they were now gone forever and impossible to retrieve. Well, that’s bull, and I found a way. Once on the tmobile website, you do have to say the sidekick is still your phone. Click on manage, and you should see retrieve contacts or something like that, it brings you to:

    Download the contacts to your computer, but make sure you either cut or copy and paste it somewhere you can find. Your computer may not be able to open the file. Open up excel (in microsoft office), then open the file. BABOOM! How simple is that? I mean come on tmobile, at least have a little intelligence standards for your reps.

    • Bill

      I did as you said and I am missing about 60 contacts from my list which are very important to me and practically not recoverable

  • gwenny

    how do i get my contacts back

    • Patrick Evans

      For Android, I recommend you the FonePaw Android Data Recvery or the Wondershare, they both work well. You can recover many kinds of deleted files from Android using one of them. Of course, it’s not the 100% succeeded, but using them, you get a big chances to recover the deleted files.