Handy Comparison Shot For T-Mobile Android


One of our super ninjas just dropped this little goody in my inbox. I don’t know if its coincidental or absolutely planned that it drops on the day of the Cliq pre-order but I’m going to say it’s likely the former. Not much explaining needed other than to say we’re sorry the Samsung Behold II isn’t included in this list because we would love to know what’s under the hood on that device. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to discover that answer. Either way, if you were having some decision problems regarding your T-Mobile Android purchase, perhaps this chart can help sway you in one direction or another. Go Android, Go Android go.

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  • Would be nice if the Droid was on there…

  • the MT3G and the G1 dont have the same amount of ram do they?

  • Tim

    Well crap, there’s the MyTouch with 288M of RAM on the Woody (like it should have been with all of ’em, all along).

    It’s hideous, but I sure would like that extra RAM (and I just blew my upgrade on the black MT3G during the pre-sale). This is how it seems to go for me….

  • The Observer

    wait, mytouch 3g has more ram than the g1. the mt3g has 290 mb

  • cyberchuck9000

    That can’t be right, nothing I’ve ever read has suggested the Fender MyTouch has more RAM than the normal MyTouch.

  • TmoRepInAL

    The LE MT3G must have the 32A board… the original has the 32B, which has 192 mb RAM… the 32A is a must have for people wanting to root their phone and flash a Hero rom to it. The 32B version of the Magic is way to slow to run the hero rom effectively… I’ve tried every one of them and they BLOW… extra RAM is sorely needed

  • Achilles

    Amazing! All the devices lack a camera flash! Unless you’re a teenager, a phone without a camera flash is useless!

  • Brent

    Kind of makes me want to go LE MT3G with a cover.

  • Quasar

    @The Observer and kayos,

    The G1 and the MT3G do have the same amount of RAM if you have the US version of the MT3G. T-Mobile US and Vodafone were the only companies that got that phone with only 192MB of RAM. All the other companies that sold it in other parts of the world got it with 288MB of RAM.

    The 290MB is not RAM. That is the remaining amount of the 512MB of ROM that you have free to use for apps. The rest of the ROM is being used by Android and the built in Google apps that come with the phone.

    It’s nice to see the MTLE is getting the RAM the MT3G should have had in the first place. It’s the main reason I never got the MT3G. If T-Mo comes out with a $60 unlimited everything plan, and if they don’t announce a phone with more than a 528MHz processor, I’ll probably stay with T-Mo anyway and get the MTLE. If the Samsung Behold II has an 800MHz processor like the Samsung Moment, which is going to Sprint, that will be the phone I get… I think lol. Each leak of new information makes me want to wait for that next deal hehe.

  • artiepants

    @Achilles: most flashes on cell phones are actually worse than just not having them, quality wise.

    We really need a Android phone here with the faster processor and a freakin’ on board harddrive…

  • johnkzin

    You left two important rows out of your comparison:

    The G1 has a real keyboard.
    The Motorola has a barely acceptable keyboard.
    The other two are not acceptable (for not having a keyboard).

    The Motorola has wisely been designed with a dpad.
    The others have a trackball.

  • rushmore

    Nice second tier phones, but all are now shadowed by Moment and Sholes. With Google getting behind the Sholes and Verizon big time, Tmo may soon feel like a jilted girlfriend (or boyfriend).

  • NoreElite

    Does any one know when the g2 is coming out? That’s my next phone. not wasting my money on anything else

  • brie987

    OK, honestly these phones all suck! The phones coming out in the next couple of months are twice as fast with twice as much memory as these and Tmo was fist at the gate yet last to finish. I have the G1 rooted and non of these phones sparks any interest at all. Even Verizon, totally late in the game is coming out with its fist Android and it blows all of these away. I want to be loyal but when the neighbors parents are serving up better dinners…..time for a sleep over at Jimmy’s!!!

    Yes I am sad :(

  • 30014

    Spec wise I am completely underwhelmed. These are specs worthy of mid level smartphones, tmo should never have decided to make the mt3g its flag ship phone. Once the droid drops the mt3g and cliq will be exposed as the tween twittering focused jokes that they really are.

  • Alex

    You know what I love abotu all this?
    T-Mobile is the always the company that brings out all these ideas, and the other companies are the ones that EXECUTE them.

    T-Mobile brings first light to Android, has FOUR of them now.
    And yet, Verizon’s Droid is better than ALL OF THEM!

    If they don’t announce the Dragon soon enough, r.i.p T-Mobile.

  • Alex

    You know what I love about all this?
    T-Mobile is the always the company that brings out all these ideas, and the other companies are the ones that EXECUTE them.

    T-Mobile brings first light to Android, has FOUR of them now.
    And yet, Verizon’s Droid is better than ALL OF THEM!

    If they don’t announce the Dragon soon enough, r.i.p T-Mobile.

  • phoneking13

    when does the mytouch LE come out anyway?

  • Wicked1

    I need a new phone, and I have a full upgrade discount to use. I am moving away from the Sidekick, I am looking to get an Android device, and I would prefer a phone with a keyboard. I was gonna get the Cliq, but with it’s old hardware, and the lock down Moto has on Motoblur and possible delays with getting Android updates, I don’t know. My next phone I am gonna have for at least a year before i get another 1. I think I’m gonna wait to see what else comes out this year. But I see the Behold 2 and MyTouch FE is coming out. I need to see the specs on the Behold 2, I might be willing to sacrifice a physical keyboard for better hardware. The Mytouch FE seems to have better ROM, has a headphone jack (PLUS) and comes with a 16GB microSD, all for $199, that’s a good deal, a 16GB microSD costs like $50 bucks by itself. The longest I am willing to wait is until Dec to get a new phone. I thought about switching to Verizon to get the Scholes/Droid or whatever they are calling it, but Verizon’s plans are too much, everybody’s are, compared to T Mobile. And it seems they will be cheaper with this Project Dark crap.

  • SnootchyBoochys

    The Droid looks just like a thinner version of the G1 with its obtrusive right side that will hinder your text input….I went to a local T-Mobile store yesterday and tried out a non-demo and fully functioning Motorola Cliq that they were hiding behind their counter(presumably since it is not going on sale until Nov. 2nd). I must say that I was extremely impressed with every aspect of the phone….The phone does not feel even the slightest bit plastic and it has a nice weight to it that feels comfortable in your hands….The keyboard is way more comfortable than a G1 and the keys are soft and responsive….I started typing full sentences without any errors right away and I’m a blackberry flip user so it is an entirely different keyboard to get used to but I had no problems….My favorite part of the keyboard is the analog stick on the left that feels like it will be perfect for running NES emulators of all my favorite classic games so I’m psyched for that…..Also, I saw reviews that said the phone was sluggish but every program I tried including the browser was very smooth and I did not see any hiccups….Needless to say, I am very impressed with the Motorola Cliq and I will be pre-ordering one on the 25th since I am patiently waiting for the new conracts to be announced now that I am out of contract…. I read reviews that said it was a kids toy and it is far from that in my opinion….For users of G1’s and MyTouch 3g’s I see your argument for not wanting to switch to a phone that has similar specs but I am new to Android and I think it is THE phone to get of the bunch that is available if you are a 1st time Android buyer (not user) like myself….Also, I could not play with the MotoBlur UI very much because no social networks were connected since it was a store model but it was still there and looked very easy on the eyes…..This phone has a gorgeous screen that was very responsive and it sure seems nice to have 5 panels of screen to work with your widgets, rss feeds, etc……Why switch to Verizon when you have no sim card to switch out your old and new phones without having to go to the Verizon store to do it and possibly have to restart your contract each time?….You have to wait in long lines for service (that sucks or at least it does where I live since I used to have Verizon before switching to T-Mobile)…..Maybe its just me but no sim cards in Verizon phones makes me avoid Verizon like the plague since joining T-Mobile….I’m looking forward to a slightly less powerful Cliq that will give me great functionality and great customer service without the Verizon headaches…..T-Mobile keep up the good work and keep the androids rolling in for all of us T-Mobile fanboys and fangirls! ! ! !

  • Anthony

    I preordered the Motorola Cliq, but if T-Mobile grabs the N900 that will definitely be my next phone! It seems the Cliq is really popular even with the T-Mobile reps! ;-)

  • Mytouch3

    Yep, typical of T-Mobile.. bring out the “plastic” version of the Hero, and now the Cliq… the Sprint Hero; Solid feel smoother UI, the MyTouch..uh not so. The Verizon Droid; Classy thin, 2.0 Android, the Cliq; 1.6 Donut, thicker, more plastic feeling…

    Thanks T-Mobile for letting us know that you are still going for the younger crowds who want a toy, and not for Adults who want a Beast of a Machine… I am just waiting till Dec, to see what comes out so i know where to go, Sprint or Verizon… but wait i might stay here under 2 things.

    1)Bring the 2.0 to every Android phone under your Company

    2)Come out of the Dark and give us that $50 everything plan

    and I’ll stay! ( until Sprint matches it) LOL

  • Mytouch3

    BTW people… if you want to save $ wait at least till Dec, and you will see the Cliq and all these phones take a minimum of $50 decrease for the Holidays, I bet the MT3G will sell for $99, and the Cliq for $149..easy!

  • Sebastiaan

    Damn Liars… Up to 16 / 17 days of standby time? My G1 has a standby time of a full day and thats it… (With everything turned off like 3G, GPS, WiFi etc. etc.)
    Same with the Mytouch my wife recently had… No longer than 1 or 2 days…

    Honestly those android phones are worthless…

  • You’ll always get a faster phone or save a few bucks if you wait 3 to 6 months. Just get the best phone you can at the time you need one and enjoy it. Hopefully T-mobile doesn’t play the speed game with Verizon and Sprint by offering 600-800MHz phones and jumps straight to the snapdragon chipset.

  • Beastly

    A couple of quick points:

    #1: These Android phones are fantastic devices. The only real difference between the Sholes and the Cliq is that the Sholes has a (slightly) better processor and looks uglier. If it’s a better processor you’re after, ask yourself why, and then if you decide you really need one, wait a few months until a new processor becomes available on the next T-Mobile Android device. For most people, the processors in the phones above are more than adequate.

    #2: The Cliq is far from a toy. I’ve had a chance to play with it, and it looks like the best of both worlds. The hardware is Motorola, and the programming is from Google. Before you knock the Cliq, actually play with it. It ran smoothly the whole time I played with it, and the feel of the hardware was anything but toy-like. Motoblur is what will make or break the Cliq. I’m wary of Motorola because of their track record, but I actually have a good feeling about this one. Automatic contact integration and remote backup and wipe are things I’ve been hoping to see on a phone for a long time, and the Cliq delivers them.

    For the record, I have to laugh when anyone points to Android 2.0 as a selling point for the Sholes. All the other Android phones have been getting free over-the-air software updates since they were released, and no matter what Android phone you have, it will start running 2.0 around the same time the Sholes is released.

  • sidekickuser

    and holy crap -___-
    i did NOT know the droid with verizon had a qwerty keyboard.
    that changes my whole game.
    now i understand why people keep talking about tmo has to realize they have an adult crowd and stop catering to tweens.
    wow that droid looks serious.
    damn smh why can’t tmobile make better decisions?
    that cliq looks like crap now to me. ugh

  • Tim

    I want so badly to love TMO, but just don’t understand the logic behind some of their decisions. For instance, with the MT3G, I was just plain pissed when we got the 32B board instead of 32A. Shoot, memory (RAM) is DIRT FREEKIN’ CHEAP, and a really stupid place to cut corners. It’s also not upgradable, which makes it blow that much more. If it was a money issue, I’d have been a happy camper if I’d received a phone with 288M of RAM and no SD card – at least I can get and install one of those. I pre-ordered the phone seeing the 288M specs.. Then, -surprise- , you only get 192M, and 64M of that is dedicated to the baseband chip, so you REALLY only get 128M in which to run your OS. Yay. :-/

  • Grr

    All these “they should have waited to this phone came out” comments get old. If you are constantly waiting for the best phone to be available, then you will never release a phone. By the time Sholes is released, there will be a phone coming out in a couple months afterwards that will blow it out of the water. The only phone thats avoided this is the IPhone and thats because it was so unique and revolutionary. T-Mobile had to choose a phone months before it is released. Verizon got into the game late which hurt them previously (as much as the Verizon juggernaut can be hurt) by having no Android phone. Now Sprint and Verizon show up, and of course they will have something newer and a bit better than T-Mobiles offering. In two months, T-Mobile will likely have something better than theirs. Its all a part of the business.

  • sidekickuser

    @grr well if the iphone is “revoluntionary” then tmobile should offer something that would be considered “revolutionary” as well so people would take them more seriously. With the right specs that everyone is complaining about, and the right hardware, and android alone we could have a phone that is business usable, consumer usable, and that is attractive.

    T-mobile should have a phone OS and device that is exclusive only to them like the iphone is to at&t.
    but it should be worth while.
    not something dumb like a plain ole sidekick.


  • 30014

    I guess a lot of us can just agree to disagree. I personally won’t be buying any of tmo’s current android phones. I have the g1, why would I want to waste money on a phone with almost identical specs. I will hold out until the g1v2 is announced and if the specs don’t wow me I will more than likely switch carriers. The big wigs at tmo need to realize that its the adult parents that pay the bills for the tweens they are so obsessed with. Remember tmo, it’s the adults that have the money not the kids. If u want more money then u target the people that make it. Focus on us adults for a change.

  • JT91

    I agree with 30014. I have a G1 and I REALLY want a newer Android phone, but I’m not spending money for a phone with almost identical specs. It’s just not happening. I’m still under contract until August, and yet I would have gladly paid the non-subsidized price for either of the Motorola Droid or the Samsung Moment if TMO would have gotten them (or something comparable). Come on, T-Mobile…

  • dan

    i agree with mr numbers above me – no more crap baby phones. and as far as the guy who said tmo must pick their phones months in advance so they will not be as impressive as the ones coming out now: hm, the droid, which blows the cliq away, is actually being released first….

  • Beastly

    Actually, the Cliq is available now (I’ve actually talked to some people who are using it, and played with it myself) and the “Droid” isn’t even the official name for the phone Verizon will be releasing.

  • mattymatt72

    @ grrr

    I disagree, with alot of what you are saying. T-mobile made the decision to take the lesser of the available my-touch’s( the one with less ram) they choose to pass on the hero( which has been out awhile now), and the list goes on. The people at t-mobile usa are just not very talented, thats what it boils down too.

  • rushmore


    Expect a mega marketing blitz for Droid. They are pushing this hard- WITH Google. It should be released around Thanksgiving or earlier, but if it follows the N900 path, it will be delayed a month ;)

    “Sholes” and Moment will be the only Android phones that will support full Flash because they have faster CPU’s and active DSPs. Cliq, G1 and other 7201 devices will stream Flash video full-screen (not in page), but will not play heavy Flash game content. Read the Adobe discussions for more info.

    Regardless, the Sholes will be pushed by Verizon and Google to the point of making Tmo has-been with Android. Doubt if you want, but Sholes will kick the Tmo line-ups butt. If Verizon drops their monthly fees down as rumored- Tmo is in some hurt.

  • John

    I don’t get it!, what is new about the MTLE besides the RAM it should have? Also if you know half a thing about hardware…the processor’s speed and the clock’s frequency are two very different things, for what we know the clock speed of the droid is better than the previous android devices(about 50% i belive i heard), but the actual speed improvement is not a juicy number(about 30% i belive i heard). 30% might seem a lot, i know, but you can live without it. These phones are ok, and if you are looking to get the cliq just make sure that your social networks are not a mess already.

  • MH

    “I don’t know if its coincidental or completely random that it drops on the day of the Cliq pre-order but I’m going to say it’s likely the former.”

    What is wrong with the writers on this site? “Coincidental” and “completely random” mean the same thing.

  • Paul S

    My MT3G has 528 rom and 288 ram and i got mine straight from T-MO…

  • John

    @ Paul
    Perhaps I’m missing something too or looking at the wrong number? Mine is showing 295M, and its just a stock version as well.
    I do wish they would cater more to us, however. It gets old waiting on new phones only to find t-mo went once again with a mediocre level of capability.

  • John F.

    I just received my Pre-Ordered Cliq today. Replaces my “pioneering” G1 that I pre-ordered in Sept. 2008. I very much like the keyboard better than the G1. I only hope that I get the 1.6 update soon. I’m guessing they built the Cliq before the Donut 1.6 update…
    I cringe that Verizon and Sprint will be getting “superior” android phones…

  • davis

    Paul S, your MT3G does not have 288mb ram, it would be the only MT3G with 288mb ram, and it would also be worth a s***, and nobody with a MT3G has a phone thats worth a s***. I bought the MT3G after being impressed by the magic, didnt realize tmobile didnt want to release such a great phone just yet. Thats why they reduced the mb to that of the lowly G1. If the MT3G had 288mg ram, they wouldnt be able to impress us (read ‘sell us’) with new phones. Looks like there is now a limited edition mytouch with 288mb, which I doubt you received. Believe you me it is a TOUGH pill to swallow, but face the facts, the MT3G is a pretty G1.

  • coolMANDINGO

    Why is tmobile trying their BEST to be the worst? I mean c’mon son!! Who in the h e double hockey sticks chooses the phones for tmobile. I think they have a little teenage monkey in the cage and distract the monkey with bright lights!! I mean come on. They give us the mt3g while sprnt gets the hero! I’ve been with tmobile for 7 yrs and I feel disrespected by the products they have delivered or giving us. Right out the box the other carriers are killing tmobile.they are catering to the non computer friendly,teenage,elderly crowsd. What about the men in women that love to have the hotest devices with hottest features. I don’t give a damn about social networks ie cliq. They’re buolding there whole fan base around something most adults don’t care about. We want power and functionaility. I have tmobile and I have the g1. I had the mt3g for about 2 hours and returned it right back to tmobile. Its the the same bloody phone as the g1 minus the keyboard.tmobile usa is behind and its because the tmobile usa consumers are ok with bs. Why is that oversea that get the best phones and newer techs first? Tmbile doesn’t want to be the best the just want to exist.I have a 2 yr contract with tmo and I’m canceling to get the either the droid or hero I’m still deciding. When tmobile GROWS up I might return!!!!