Bold 9700 Gets FCC Treatment+9700 Simulator Available


While we check off the number of days remaining until the expected November 11th release date, the Bold 9700 just passed the FCC! You’ve already seen some high-detail pics of this 3G-enabled bad boy. The clue that gave this baby away was: that fact that it was tested for WCDMA Band IV a.k.a AWS (T-Mobile USA 3G band). So its safe to say this baby is headed to our very own T-Mobile. If you’re like me, who enjoys looking through the various RF test results, head on over to the FCC site and start reading! Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

Engadget Via FCC

UPDATE: The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Simulator is now available! If your a Developer or just love Simulators check it now! Download it here (Select BlackBerry Device Simulators v5.0.0, then download 9700 software).

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  • Jeff

    Go to a T-Mobile store and just ask a rep when this will be out, the guy told me last weekend November 11th. I think it is 99% clear the 11th is our day for this unit.

  • A corp T-Mobile rep told me November 6th is the day to circle on the calendar

  • Ritchie

    Ive heard from a mok that a mokey diversed the date to be comin out in 2020, jajaja

  • Ritchie


  • WazzuKirk

    Check it out here:

    Ah, the glory of a new BlackBerry. :-)

  • TravMobile

    Is the webbrowser considerably better than the 8900 on these devices? The 8900 on wifi is pretty nice for small websites, but scrolling on anything remotely media intensive is an exersize in patience.

  • helloo

    Phone looks cool :) just YOU NEED A DATA PLAN is not (people like these phones for their look (me) but internet on WIFI works) Tmobile ever heard about that. :(

  • Koloheboy

    Okay, so I went online to chat with the T-Mo rep and he did not know when the device comes out lol. Go figure.

  • Kickstar13

    I can’t wait!