Catherine Zeta Jones Loves Project Dark


UPDATE: I have added 2 more images after the jump!

I am still a little befuddled by where these came from?! According to one of our @Tmonews twitter followers, they were posted in a Grocery Store in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ok, so that is just strange. For the moment though, these images further “confirm” the recent leaked pricing information and we have to again wonder, did T-Mobile really go through all this trouble printing up fake documents???? All will be revealed Sunday, but until then enjoy the image of the still lovely Catherine Zeta Jones and hit the jump link for one more image. Not of Catherine though, sad.


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  • MobileBenz

    WOW some good leaked info from my town!

  • deeznutz

    Wow, just wow.

    T-Mobile has blown it again.

  • RWWackoStu

    Well, this might be the nail in the coffin. I now do not think that there is any misinformation being out out. I think those prices are real, and there is a lot of hype about nothing. I dont think the new plans will make me swtich, and I still wont be able to afford Data on a family plan. Ahh TMO, how we had hopes.

  • Maryam

    What phone is she holding? Is that the Highlight?

    • David

      Looks like a black MyTouch3G

  • You guys are idiots.. just wait till Sunday there is more to it then what you see. :)

    • David

      I don’t recall going to your blog and calling your readers idiots???

  • moblow55

    just got of the phone with a Tmo CSR. asked her about Project Dark, only interesting thing she said was the benefits to Tmo customers are going to be better than the Tmo employee benefits.

  • Paul

    When they say unlimited talk, text, and web,does this exclude data? I mean is the ‘web’ they are talking about referring to the limited web access we had on T-Zones? If we have the unlimited talk, text, and web, will we still need to pay extra for a
    Blackberry data plan?


  • laCandela

    I still don’t understand why something that its over the free atmosphere should be costing us so much. All the geeks should b able 2 figure out that 4 what1 person pays 4 all u can eat @ least 1000 people can also eat maybe more

  • googly

    What is the difference between smartphone data plans and “other phones”?

  • sprinter

    @Homotechual…..there is more to it then what we see? Oh right, forgot they are going to have different colored shirts…perhaps a new logo…yep forgot about that. that makes me feel much better about the absolute letdown this thing has become. Oh wait, I bet they promise a super high speed web product that is coming to my area just any day now…they just have to turn it on…oh and maybe in 6 or 8 months after everyone else has them we can get some cool phones.

    Perhaps we misunderstood what project dark was about..they wanted to get out of fourth place…but they meant they wanted to go down to fifth!

  • @ David

    Bad ass shepard protecting his `herd

  • laCandela

    Come on post it like to read a comment

  • CallawayBomber

    “all on our dependable 3G network”???

    If you have it in your area….Zoom in on the disclosure?

    Maybe that’s another factor into Project Dark?

    Bringing the 3G light to everyone? Doubt it though.

  • Grr

    I’d move away from the “fake pricing” idea because I think that mule has been beaten to death. If you want to focus on something, its what may we may be missing.

    For people that keep asking, I’m almost certain web=data.

  • newspeak

    why would they highlight that plan on a poster at all

    its the same price as sprints plan except minus the unlimited data

    sprint unlimited calls to any mobile …which is like %90 of all calls made these days …and 450 anytime….this plan is a joke compared to that

    i really hope this is all fake

  • Tad

    These prices are exactly the same as what leaked earlier. Unlimited talk and text is. $69 whereas unlimited talk text and web is $99. There are no fake docs bc these prices are in agreement with earlier pictures. You probably thought the poster price was for talk, text, and web.

  • z

    Good lord, I’ll definitely be going to Sprint if this shit is for real.

  • queensnewbie

    lol @ thinking they put out fake pamphlets

  • Anthony

    I’m excited for Project Dark! Is that really what it’s called? Ha Ha it makes me laugh like it’s from some superman or batman movie! But anyways… I just got my Motorola Cliq and now I’m debating on sending it back because I hate the keyboard on it… It’s super small to type on as if I’m a little child… Maybe it is a teenager phone… And also… Do you think that Project Dark will be putting out a list of new phones to come? Should I send this back? I’m surprised I got it so early but I haven’t even turned it on or used it because of this small keyboard. Grrr any suggestions would help! Thanks. – anthony in utah

  • Dan Masshardt

    I can get unlimited talk text and data on my blackberry for $85 right now on t-mobile. This is worse. Am I wrong? – $50 loyalty unlimited, $10 text and $25 data.

  • Ahmed

    Maryam : She is holding Mytouch 3G

  • ncvaun

    z….. I totally agree with you! These prices, if real; truly SUCK!! And if I was T-Mobile, I would be embarrassed to release them on such a big hype!

  • Rob

    @ Paul.
    WEB = DATA

    There are 3 new phones coming in the next 2 months.
    BB 9700-(3G, Wifi & UTM)
    T-Mo HD2 – This is a bad a$$ phone. 1ghz snapdragon CPU and 448 RAM.
    Samsung Behold – The most powerful android phone(800mhz) on T-mo’s arsenal. No qwerty.

  • Rob


  • Anthony

    Also… Why would you leave T-Mobile over these new price plans? You can keep your grandfathered plans without any problems. So… Why leave when T-Mobile offers the best customer service? My friends have att and verizon and they say the phones are great but the customer service sucks! And iPhone is so overrated… I’m glad I dropped it down those cement stairs 3 weeks ago ha ha otherwise I’d still have one… Plus Apple products are meant to be broken… Thats how they get their money… All my friends iPhones get cracks on the sides where the connectors plug in.. So att might be ahead of t-mobile because they have the so original iPhone that EVERYONE just has just so they can say they have one! But Project Dark better be putting out a list of upcoming phones… Say the N900! I’d get that definitely! Project Dark is supposed to be HUGE! So we better have some concrete stuff here! Yeah baby! Bring it on! This Sunday we find out right? When sunday?

  • Anthony

    @ Rob do you know when the HTC HD 2 comes out exactly? i think I better send this motorola back before I start using it after all ha ha thanks for the response man

  • The whole idea behind this is what they have been doing in Europe for years. And it’s worked very well for the European carriers. I can’t give any info about pricing but they had a test market for these plans, and in about a week they had lines going out the door. Obviously there is more to the pricing, if it doubled the sales in that test market store.. People don’t like contracts, after being in this industry for 3 years, thats not the first thing they don’t want. That being said, if this doesn’t win over the Verzion/At&t masses then it will def bring over the Metropcs/Cricket masses for sure. Either way you look at this, it a win/win situation.

    Tech guys like you and me with 4/5 smartphones on a plan might not benefit from these plans, but the key here is famalies and students will benefit GREATLY. People who might have maybe one or two smart phones on a plan, or who just want to TALK AND TEXT.

    Also keep in mind the plans you see above don’t include the plus.

  • **That’s the first thing they don’t want**

  • @Rob where did you get your information about the Behold 2 processor?

  • Megabonix

    Ok, project black breakdown as *I* see it. I’ve been considering the Sprint Everything Data Family plan with 1500 shared minutes a month. Sprint charges $129.00 a month for this.

    T-mobile is going to charge $179.99 for the SAME plan… But wait, it’s NOT the same plan. Sprint offers UNLIMITED minutes to ANY mobile carrier. Unlimited nights and weekends start at 7pm (compared to 9pm with T-mo)

    So even if I chose the no contract plan I would still be paying $119.99 a month which saves me $10 a month but to me the unlimited mobile to mobile and earlier nights and weekends easily covers that $10… not to mention that with Sprint I would still get discounts on new phones, unlike T-mobile.

    I’ve been with T-mobile since 2002 and I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin but I’m finding it VERY hard to stick with them any longer. Why would anyone chose these new “even more” plans over the current Sprint plans? Would make ZERO sense.

    Project Black = FAILURE in my opinion.

  • joe

    project dark is going to be lights out…..What amazes me is the people sticking up for tmobile(they must work for them) remember if you are a customer of then then you are on the peoples side. It blows my mind that tmobile is penalizing their customers with contracts….blows my mind. If i cant get unlimited everything for 70 bucks a month then here i come sprint they have a samsung with 800mhz processor coming out nov1 plus family plans at 120 for 1500 land line minutes, free cell to cell on every provider, sprint tv nav and all the goodies also you get up 15% discount a month if you have an aol email, corp, or have a bank account with a credit union. I live in nyc and tmobiles 3g goes in and out…..NYC for crying out loud. Mean while tmobile is sending out zeta jones saying how they are beneficial, how about this tmobile find someone off the street and pay him nothing and the money you save from paying zeta let it goto the customers. like i give a fu*k some bitch is fliping her hair at me telling me am i ready for a mobile make over, no bitch i am ready for a cheap plan. its like putting syrup on shit and trying to tell me its pancakes. I will give them the option of turning my account into a flex pay so i can have a better price? or i am outta here, i leave etf free anyway because they raised their overages

  • Dennis

    t-mobile 3g in detroit is so-so it switches fromg 3g to edge so much i think i will just stick 2 my loyalty plan 4 now

  • Kyle

    From the other blog:

    Wil it make sense if we get the following subsidy pricing for the Even More Plan.

    MyTouch 3G ($499.99)

    Plan 500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1000 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Family Plan – same goes but u get discount to 2 phones
    Plan 700 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1500 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Add a line:
    For Plan 700/1500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited with 200 minutes – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 450 = $49.99

    We basically get more discounts on higher priced plans.

  • Rick

    Unlimited voice+text+G1=FAIL.

    My G1 requires data. I will be looking at the data options.

    I’ve got a MyFaves 700 family plan, and with my G1 and my wife’s Curve, we pay about $140/mo. MyFaves is essentially unlimited calling to those we actually call, mobile-to-mobile covers others, unlim. weekends covers the rest. We rarely use more than 400 minutes/mo from the plan.

    I will probably not be interested in any Even More anything. Data plans will be the killer here, I predict. So making us pay a little more for what we actually want/need is an old tactic. Nothing new here.

    OTOH, unmetered plans can minimize back-end processing and simplify accounting, reducing costs. Just don’t decommission those systems, TMO. You will go back to metered plans some day, if you ever think of going all-unlimited. Which you will not, I know…

    And my wife won’t let me have a mobile makeover anytime soon…

  • @Megabonix: LOL Sprint’s plan is different because it offers unlimited to ANY mobile carrier? Excuse me and what makes you think T-Mobile’s unlimited plans won’t offer the same thing? Unlimited means to ANYONE

    IF you want to go to a carrier, who will never give you a correct bill (I was a customer of theirs for 4 years), had the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my life then fine “bye bye”

  • david

    This poster is real, the shipping tube on the bottom left of the picture is what all the new posters came in. Every retail store got these tubes with the posters for the new plans. No posters have been put up anywhere yet (they arebnot supposed to be anyway)

  • crazyright

    homotechual- I think they meant the Sprint Unlimited Mobile to Mobile on any mobile network… not their unlimted to any line plan…

    These new plans have nothing to compete with Sprints unlimited Mobile to Mobile.

  • Rogue

    The family plans definitely suck. The individual no contract i find is ok. Id rather sprint tho. yeah, itll be a contract and less minutes BUT more coverage. I do see a benefit in using the talk or talk-text plus the 10 dollar add on when ur using ur own phone. they cant force you to use the 25 add on if youre using your own phone

  • Rogue

    OH also, i feel that this whole project dark leaks seem to defeat the purpose of having forced data on customers. what was the point if they were bringing this to the table all this time?

  • timmyjoe42

    It says nationwide 3G network. I’m pretty sure you can’t get coast to coast without losing it (let alone regular coverage) which makes it not really nationwide.

    Maybe they will launch Louisville and Cincinnati on Sunday. Bwahahahahahaha.

  • willy

    if the give you anyphone for free or dirt cheap on a contract ill be satisfied

  • haha!


    “….trying to tell me its pancakes” HAHA! HILARIOUS! That made my day! Thanks Joe, I needed a laugh after seeing/reading all this…

  • Megabonix

    @HOMOtechual: The promotional print CLEARLY says “FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling” I’m not a rocket scientist but that’s obviously NOT what Sprint offers. (Unlimited mobile to mobile on ANY network)

    Moreover, I’m not talking about the “unlimited” plan, I said the 1500 anytime minute plan. Please read what I posted again before you make yourself look like more of a jackass.

    Sorry about your luck with Sprint’s customer service. I have two very good friends on Sprint (one of which who just switched over there about 6 months ago) and neither have a single negative thing to say.

    Flame on flame thrower. :-)

  • rossi

    @ Homo

    Think about what you are saying. Then respectfully take this advice; stop talking. See crazyright’s comment, and thank you for playing. Fail.

  • Grr

    I think people over estimate Sprint’s coverage. I was a Sprint customer at one point when I travelled the country as a contract worker. The coverage was mediocore at best. When I became a T-Mobile employee, I was really impressed with how much better my phone calls were. Granted, I have travelled on T-Mobile nationwide, but I do travel occassionally. I still get on conference calls with people with mobiles from various carriers. A couple with Sprint are constantly dropping calls and having to rejoin the conference. The one thing Sprint really had going for them was a very good data network. With T-Mobile jumping in the game now with a promised 21 Mb/s, I think that is what could propel them into the #3 position. Sure, Sprint is getting WiMax but with the majority of the other carriers going LTE I’m not confident Sprint will have as good of a phone selection as they have now.

  • Rob

    @everyone who asked:
    According the HD2 is slated for a Dec. release. If not Jan.

    As far as the Behold 2 having 800mhz. Look at the Moment, Galaxy and all of the other Samsung products. All of them are using the 800mhz processor.

  • Rob

    BTW the Behold 2 and the Galaxy look identical. The only difference in specs is the lack of an internal HDD.

  • nr552

    I’m doing an upgrade today to take advantage of the $149 Mytouch price vs. waiting until Sunday and getting stuck with full price (who cares if it’s spread over 20 months) + a downgraded rate plan.

    Currently pay $162.74 for Myfaves for Families 1800 minutes, 2 lines of G1 data, and 2 additional voice lines (4 phones total on the account), and unlimited txt for familys. I have a 10% corporate discount through my employer.

    If I switch to the ‘rumored but most likely prices for Project Dark’, I would end up paying approx $38-40 more per month with Family unlimited (2 lines), and two additional lines @ 200 minutes each.

    If I switched to the Family 1500 (2 lines), and two additional lines (sharing the pool of 1500 anytime minutes) I would pay approx $14 additional over my current plan, but would lose 300 minutes AND lose MyFaves (which I use approx 350 a month on my phone, my wife approx 250)— so a NET loss of 600 minutes. We are in the 950-1000 minute range used now.. Add in the 600 lost, we would be pretty much at the limit of going over on this plan (1500 vs. 1800 we have now).

    With that we are stuck with going Unlimited if we upgrade after this Sunday, or stick with our current plan.

    Prices are assumed regarding the new plans of course, and also assuming they will honor my corporate discount on new rate plans.

    Hope this info is helpful for others still on the fence on what to do.

    I am ‘ok’ with my current rate plan, though it would have been nice to be able to get some better prices features.

  • Why does it take a month to train employees to wear new shirts and sell pretty average cell phone plans?

  • Eraser

    The only thing I can think of about the “there’s more to the price” statement/speculation is that it may include a “free” phone (or phones, in case of a family plan).

    Which is to say, with a 2 year contract, you get a nice smartphone for free.

    Without a contract you pay nothing for the phone up front and the quoted prices include the phone payments. After 20 months either your payments go down by $20/$25 or you get another “free” phone.

    This is the only way I can see this being competitive with Sprint plans.

  • @Megabonix and Ros:
    As I said before you don’t like the new plans then go to your precious Sprint. Good luck finding a Sprint store.

    Keep your personal opinion to yourselves I can talk all I want, If I wanted your personal opinion on my comments I’d pay a visit to your Facebooks. Morons.


  • queensnewbie

    I don’t even have the unlimited loyalty plan and I still pay less for the comparable plan (700-750 minute non-myfavs family plan). I have 2 lines, unlimited text and unlimited data on both lines and I pay $130 with taxes, plus I get subsidized phones. It’s not just the loyalty plans that offer better deals, it’s also some regular plans!!! Project Dark is a joke.

  • How is their new pricing scheme any better than the competitors, who have better phones? iPhone here I come.

  • abi

    iam just wondering that phone she’s holding sure as hell looks like the no named HTC android phone with snapdragon that was posted on BGR

    • David

      I think it pretty clear looks like the MyTouch3G

  • ps

    @ queensnewbie, yeah that is weird. Current offer is $59.99 (700 min family plan) + $35 x2 for two smartphone with unl text plans = $129.99 but once this project dark pricing hits (if the prices are correct) then the same offer will be $139.99 for 750 min family plan + unl text and data??? Great plan T-Mobile :(

  • rossi

    @ homo

    I actually have tmoble, but I will say that where I live there are more Sprint stores than Tmobile stores. Your ability for reading comprehension is already in question after you dropped the ball on the any time mobile plan understanding. I really didn’t expect you to stop talking, but I wanted to call you out. I have even more reason to call you out because now you’re just being hypocritical, “Keep your personal opinion to yourselves I can talk all I want, If I wanted your personal opinion on my comments I’d pay a visit to your Facebooks. Morons.”

    Nice try, homo.

  • jenny

    If this is true, T-mobile is a douche’

  • Iasthai

    I just don’t care anymore. Waiting until Sunday when ALL the information is released to judge this fully.

  • hi!

    well, it’s official.

    Project Dark could only mean one thing at this point. TMobile wanted their company to be in the ‘dark’ when new customers are shopping around for different cell phone providers.

    If I was to go shopping today, there’s no way TMobile would be an option with these craptastic plans. I can see myself at the store now, “so let me get this straight tmobile employee, what you’re telling me is you have extremely limited 3g coverage, without question the worst phones on the market today, and you want WHAT for your inconvenient plans without myfaves?!?!… thank you…do you happen to know where the nearest Sprint store is?”

    This will definitely be a “game changer”. We’re sure to go to 5th or 6th after this disaster.

  • aj

    Yup all these prices are indeed true.. we recieved the same posters and plan brochures for our store from tmobile .

  • kershon

    I was talking to customer service yesterday and thought I would see if she would give me a hint about Sunday. She told me “not to pay any attention to the blogs and wait till Sunday”. I was going to like what is revealed. So maybe T-Mo might have the game changer they say they have. I am going to be really disappointed if they don’t come up with something better than this. All that aside, I really, really could use a makeover from Catherine. lol

  • Gameover`

    You people are dumbasses these plans are great unlimited talk text web for 79.99 plus you’re able to to get any phone you want and pay over 20 months what’s not to love abouth that for around a 100 dollars a month Great job tmo

  • artiepants

    yeah, after all the hype this is really massively underwhelming. I’d say every single price point is $10-20 more than it should be if they really wanted it to be “game changing”

    (and all of their collateral design really sucks)

  • akil

    it looks like most ppl are confused by these prices like me, these are the “even more” prices does that mean there is no such thing as the “even more plus” prices? however there is clearly another poster to the right of the one in the picture so who knows. on the previous project dark price sheets the “even more plus” prices say $79.00 for unlimited txt web & talk, then it say smartphone web add on $25. does this mean the price is $105.00?

  • artiepants

    i mean, for real, the Even More Family plan costs $80 to add txt+data. what on earth is game-changing about that?

  • hi!

    @kershon and everyone like you

    STOP….STOP……f’n STOP!!!!

    “maybe T-Mo might have a game changer” UUUUGHHH

    How dumb are you? We’re not merging with Sprint (though they’ll probably buy us out at some point in the future with their superior plans, phones, prices).

    We’re not getting any new phones…phones don’t fall out of the sky, they leak places AND have to pass the FCC.

    We’re NOT getting the iPhone (even though I find it awesome/hilarious that there was a poll posted on this very website and getting the iPhone was voted on by the people far and away as what they wanted no question)

    what we ARE getting is new uniforms (AHHAHAHAHHAHA). That’s right, when you go to a TMobile store all the employees will look so cute in cuddly in their new shirts and pants…wowie! That’s a game changer! The pants changer=game changer!!!

  • queensnewbie

    @ ps

    It’s true, and I have unlimited family text for $9.99 grandfathered so it still will be the same as what the new plan is offering. Difference is, I’ve had this for years! and I get the corp. discount now, so no thanks Even More.

  • Quasar

    I’m just tired of waiting around for T-Mo to do something great because it never happens. Even their Android phones are soon to be sub-par compared to what the other carriers will have. Maybe in two years, after a new Sprint contract is up, T-Mobile will have really made a game changing move and made it worth switching back. I won’t be holding my breath for that any longer though. I need oxygen lol. I’m going to wait until after this weekend before I make the switch but the only way I’ll be staying with T-Mo is if they pull a fat rabbit out of their hat at the last minute.

  • craig

    Well one good thing about the new plans. Is that you are not force to have internet on your Smartphone. I have open lines up to get the phone itself, but T-mobile put a stop to that, but once again with the new plans I can do it again. :-)

  • mistermix

    Funny, I was just watching TV and saw a AT&T Go commercial. $60 unlimited talk+text.

    T-Mob has them beat by a penny. Watch the world come running!

  • Eb

    What’s up with the Sprint lovers? I had sprint for 7yrs, when I decided they had taken enough from me, I moved to T-mobile. And this is, not Shut up already. I was paying $100 a month for my sprint phone, now I have 3 phones and it costs me $125 a month…yeah, there’s a tough decision…Hmm, maybe I should go back to sprint…oh wait, that’s right, I prefer to keep my money.

  • Or Rossi, my reading is fine. I think your vision is what needs to be checked my dear because Corporate Sprint stores and dealers have been shutting down like crazy, and living in L.A that’s a big deal. T-mobile just bought out two dealers not to long ago, and replaced them with MORE corporate and T-mobile limited stores. Obviously they know what their doing, if their test market has lines going out their doors then maybe you and the 10 other people on this site might not like it. But, we will talk again after Q4 results are in.

    Also I think you might find your being hypocritical, why are you still here? I can search for a Sprint blog if you like? Until then I think i’m not making my point here.

  • alex

    @Rob, the Behold 2 and the galaxy are not the same thing jut because they look the same. The Galaxy is the i7500, the Behold 2 is the Galaxy Lite(i5700) and has a 528mhz processor. Also, there is no confirmation that the HD2 is coming to TMobile USA in December or Janurary.

    People like you need to stop making up BS stories and passing them on as facts

  • Elias

    Someone else on another forum just posted that the $1.50 paper bill fee has returned. Maybe this is the part of Project Dark that many employees keep talking about.

  • Bobby

    I see a lot of misinformation in these comments

  • rossi

    @ homo

    Try again. I have tmobile; I stated that before so please refer to the link above. I am not going to reply to you again. You’re clearly blindly supporting tmobile’s pricing. I will tell you that the only reason I know about sprint’s plan is because even before project dark I was unhappy with tmobile’s data options. I heard about sprint’s plan, and I then heard about project dark. I waited to see what would happen. Honestly I’d rather stay with tmobile, and I will wait to see what happens next week. If nothing new happens, peace out. Don’t worry I’ll join that sprint blog if/when that happens.

    Later, Homotool.

  • I thought that the whole business plan of T-Mobile was to offer consumers a plan that “fits” their needs without paying for excess minutes, data, etc.? Didn’t they have that independent BillPay website that lets users choose their usage and it spits out the best value for their needs? Their all-you-can-eat plans run counter to this business plan, as many users simply don’t need all-you-can-eat and are simply overpaying if they pick one. I dunno I think the folks in Bellvue are smoking some bad dope.

  • joe

    @rossi if you want to start that sprint blog you can, i own just leave me your contact into and well create a wordpress or sumten, and split profits. any1 else interested i have aim jojohn66 or leave me your contact info

  • joe

    i ment richard or anyone

  • LaNsLyDe

    it’s funny to see people fight o blogs, calm down guys :)

  • NiiDiddy

    Project Dark = “Welcome to the dark ages”

    When its all said and done, each and every one of us will be okay one way or other.

  • Elias


    No! The end of us all! The end of the world! Run! Head for the hills!

  • Bob

    What will be dark are the T-Mobile offices after everyone says “WTF?!” and leaves. :|

  • john

    @Alex,the behold is not the Galaxy lite i5700 the behold has a 5.0 camera the i5700 has 3.2

  • Jason

    These prices are not game changing. Who at Tmo thinks these prices are going to shake things up and take them into the top 3? The only thing game changing is me changing carriers.

  • Jason

    And can we stop with the fake documents rhetoric? Hard as it is to accept, these are the prices.

  • TechJunkie

    I guess I don’t understand why all this build up for these crappy plans? I mean, i’m on a family plan now with my wife, we pay about $150 a month after taxes and everything….and we both have unlimited web & messaging. I don’t get why I would want to move to a $180 plan….all so that I can finance a cell phone?

    I was so excited about this “project dark”….now not so much. Boooooo.

  • Matthew

    So far I am convinced Project Dark will flop! The plans suck and the phones, well we all know aboout the phones… Just saw that verizon is getting the Motorola Driod while we are getting the Cliq…
    Anyway, as much as I doubt that T-Mobile will surprise us all on Sunday, I sure hope they have something, anything else planned besides what we have seen so far!

  • OchoCinco

    Iphone to t-mobile

  • Maxwell

    Sorry, looks like no N900 launch either:

    HELSINKI (Reuters) – Top cellphone maker Nokia said on Friday its flagship N900 phone will start selling in November, a month later than originally scheduled, as the company awaits feedback from developers.

    The N900 — seen as key for Nokia’s future in the high-end of the market — is the company’s first phone running on Linux software.

    It will come with a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard, and will retail for around 500 euros ($750), excluding subsidies and taxes.

    (Reporting by Eva Lamppu; Editing by Dan Lalor)

  • deangelo724

    it is so funny how, even if this is just the base of project black, many of you really cannot read. it’s like all you see is just the one option: even more. well look at even more plus, for those of you on family plans. from what ive been reading in the comments, this would help a lot of you out.

    now for those of you who don’t understand the individual plans here is a brief rundown: (Even More +)

    Unlimited Talk Text Web= $79.99
    Unlimited Whenever Minutes
    Unlimited domestic messages
    Unlimited Web(Smartphones Only)

    If you do not have a smartphone and you want to have unltd talk text and Web you will need to choose the Unlimited Talk and Text plan for $59.99 and add the additional $10.00 web feature to total $69.99/mo for you before taxes. To me this is still great.

    So again for those of you with smartphones (i.e. blackberries, mt3g, 61 etc), you may wanna go with the unlimited talk text and web for 79.99 on even more plus!!

    Does this help anyone? Hope like hell it does, cause the rants in these 450+ comments between the 2 articles are re-f’ing-diculous!!

  • Eraser

    @deangelo Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, the rumor is that EM+ requires the purchase of a phone at full price.

    Supposedly this can be paid in installments over 20 months.

    Assuming the quoted price does not include the phone payment, then we would need to add around $20/$25 to the monthly payment.

    The only way those prices will be a good deal is if the phone payment is included in the quoted prices.

  • Maxwell

    What about text on the family plan?? If I add the another line for $5 will that include text for that line? I don’t see an option to add it. Right now I pay $9.99 for unlimited family text and I have 4 lines.

    $69.99 for 1000 min Family plan
    $9.99 for unlimited family text
    $20.00 for 2 additional line
    Free My Faves on all 4 lines
    All and all, after taxes and my government employee discount I am at under $100 a month for everything…

    Probably doesn’t make sense for me to change anything..

  • Rob

    @ deangelo724

    Yeah..This is going to sound rude, but WTF is wrong with people? Is it that hard to understand? The EM+ plan (if leaked docs are accurate) is an UNSUBSIDIZED plan. That means you have to buy your own f’ing phone at FULL price. You HAVE to add the extra cost of the phone into your monthly payment to get a true apples to apples comparison. When you do this…your lovely 79.99/month plan is more like a 95/month plan.

    So I still stand by these plans being kinda sucky. Certain combinations may give you a SLIGHTLY better deal than other carriers (if you throw coverage and phone selection) out of the picture. Other combinations might be worse than other carriers.

    These plans are lackluster at best.

    I really do hope that T-Mo has something left on Sunday to make these plans better. Not sure what it could be though.

    Killing off MyFaves SUCKS!!!!!

  • deangelo724

    @eraser, ther is no way that handset costs are included in the quoted pricing. how does t-mobile know which handset EVERYONE is gonna purchase. and lets think about this, most people spend, including myself, full retail for their devices, unless in contract. so lets put this to the test

    On Verizon, for example, you’d spend about $150 for a phone, subsidized w/ 2yr agreement, unlimited plan for $99.99 and %35.00= so monthly $134.99/moth for unlimited everything, so even if you included an extra $20-$30/month for financing with t-mobile on unlimited ttw with even more plus, that would only be $109.99/month….still $25.00/month cheaper than Verizon’s phone subsidy. Still same 20-22 month time frame.

    Either way to me it is cheaper.

  • Taj

    EM+ is a non-contract option, but if you finance the phone, you end up with a contract/promissory note. It seems like a play on words.

    Why would TMO want people to not be under contract. This becomes a very unreliable revenue annutity stream…anyone get this?

  • deangelo724

    Oh and i forgot to mention, with ALL of the other major carriers, data add-ons are required for smartphones on any plan. However, with T-mobile, they will not be(rumored anyway)

    So options are still there

    And @Rob, $95.00/month for unlimited everything and the cost of a phone, still being able to switch devices, or purchase another if you choose, is still better than Sprint, definitely Verizon, and maybe ATT.

  • deangelo724

    Is anyone, other than me, thinking that t-mobile is trying to gain the trust of current and possible customers by offering no contracts? Think about it, with contracts, on any carrier, you decided to leave for whatever reason, there is your etf, usually anywhere from 200-300 dollars! Come on people, pricing is still a bit more in the long run. Think about it!

  • Eraser


    T-Mobile may be cheaper than Verizon, but Sprint has them beat.

    Sprint has an unlimited voice to any cell phone on any carrier/unlimited text/unlimited data plan for $70 a month, with a subsidized phone. They give you 450 to call landlines during the day.

    The plan also includes unlimited nights (starting at 7:00 pm) and weekends.

    For most people, the above Sprint plan is essentially an unlimited everything (who calls landlines anymore?)

    I see nothing in the quoted prices that can beat this.

  • sprinter

    I think I figured it out…and it explains why we are all so pissed. They are not going after the data user or the high end guy..they are going after the guy on Metro PCS who doesn’t even have data…only wants to talk. They are going to offer that guy the ability to finance a crappy phone or just sell him one cheap – not a fancy phone, just a basic talk phone…and then give them nationwide unlimited for 50 bucks. Basically you pay 40 bucks a month for that at Metro, but they have horrible voice coverage…here you get true nationwide voice for 50 bucks.

    I don’t like the strategy…but think that is it…go after the Walmart crowd. Problem is Walmart offers the same thing using Verizons network…not sure why you would go for this…but I think that is it. We are not the target of project is a low end user who doesn’t even know what texting is, but wants to talk a lot. it is worth 10 bucks more a month to him to get on this network vs. Metro…of course the profit margin on those guys will stink! They will have collections issues and will overwhelm the network for low revenue. Perhaps the lines they are expecting outside the T-Mobile are the same people waiting in the unemployment lines.

  • Rob

    @ Alex
    My bad about the Galaxy. I meant the moment and other Samsung phones are using 800mhz. As far as the HD2 I know for a fact it is coming out Dec. early Jan.

  • FEZ!

    _Susan J: By the way, I see you have an unlimited calling plan. Isn’t it great to be able to keep in touch and not worry about going over minutes?
    David Bui: Yes! I love it!
    David Bui: I heard rumors about a new plan going around for unlimited minutes?
    _Susan J: I am not at liberty yet to discuss it, but check on Sunday or Monday to read all about it.


  • The Observer

    no wonder tmobile call it the even more plans, because you pay “even more” smh

  • deangelo724

    you guys won’t believe this, i just called t-mobile, and a representative, very nice btw, just confirmed everything for me. she is even in the process of trying to futuredate my price plan to the even more plus as we speak. i am currently on the myfaves 600 minutes for 49.99 with android web svc for 34.99, and trying to migrate to the Even more plus unlimited talk text and web for 79.99, and as it is, she is speaking nothing of the $35.00 migration charge we’ve been seeing.

    Brb with updates.

  • Luis

    so this is officially the new plans???? wow i really pray theres somthing else behind this plan cuz that just doesn’t look right or very appealing to me even with or with out contracts… iam hoping this is a cover up to the real price points at least a lil lower cuz it just looks like some would be saving a few bucks…. $99 for everything unlimited wow anyway.

    even with this still doesnt turn me away but wow dam t-mobile so much hype for this? its not that big.

    thats y there has to be somthing else behind all of this

  • deangelo724

    wehere is something that may help, hopefully the rep doesn’t get fired, but i don’t think there is going to be any migration fee for the change. so for some of you guys that have been concerned with this, it may not be an issue.

    also i did not find that you would be locked into any promissary agreements with the eip(handset financing). So what i am speculating is that you may be able to purchase another under eip and pay the difference, but maybe there is a catch, like returning your device in like new condition of course. but again that is just my speculation.

    oh t-mobile systems are gonna be down tomorrow evening of course, so if you have any questions or problems, just wait til sunday, cause i doubt anyone will be able to do anything until then, as the refresh in systems is necessary for the uploading of the new even more plans.

    God bless the rep as im sure she is probable in training, or idk. but i hope she doesn’t get into any trouble. But again, these prices are accurate.
    Sorry to disappoint anyone who had “maybes” and “possibly’s” in their hearts.

  • fmh

    Welcome to network congestion… more people, even more talk,even more plus network drops.

  • well that’s more then what i got out of a customer service rep. all i got was that the plans will have the choice of being on a contract or not on a contract. and that they will have unlimited talk and unlimited text and unlimited text & talk & web. i couldn’t get any pricing out of the the customer service rep. i talked to. she did say that having questions about new plans is understandable when they phase out other plans. since i have myfavs it seem’s like they are getting rid of those. and she told me just to wait till sunday if i have more questions. anyway it’s not much info that we all didn’t already know about.

  • helloo

    hello people lets just wait til sunday for true trueness :) haha!

  • James

    Quick Question,

    what happend to the $49.99 Unlimited Talk? i see that on the other Topic, Also what happend to the Unlimited Talk+Talk=$59.99..? did Tmobile change that from the Previous Project Dark or White Ads..? am confused… because i just changed the Unlimited Text from My plan and went to 1000 text for 9.99,

    i have Unlimited Talk for $49.99+$14.99 Unlimited Text = $64.98

    but according to the new Plan, it will cost me $69.99… so i better get my Unlimited Text Back before this Project Dark come out..? i can save cuple dollers… right..?

  • Moblow55

    I was told today by a Tmo Rep the prices for current Tmo customers was going to be better than the Tmo employees have.
    If these prices are correct, Tmos employes discount blows!!!

  • hahah

    To: The Observer

    you got it right.

    That is how Tmo names their plan, in which you pay EVEN MORE</r? than your current plan PLUS you pay the full price for phone

  • hahah

    Even More: You pay more, even more than your current TMO Plan
    Even More Plus: You pay more, PULS you pay for the phone

  • helloo


  • Hec

    I’m currently on a $89/mo unlimited talk for two phones, plus the 400 msg add on that would be $100 plus tax…so why bother with the even more plans? are they nuts, or out of their minds, Boost has a $50/mo unlimited talk text and web period, no tax , i can’t wait till my contract expires.

  • captspalding

    Any word on what AT&T or Verizon will counter with. Based on these plans and pricing it won’t take much to blow TMO out of the water.

  • RWWackostu

    Interesting – If you go on the my tmobile site and try to click on a plan, they all pop up with an error page. They are already starting the switch.

  • tmogeek

    Who ever said this pricing is better than tmo employee pricing is an idiot I have 2000mins w/myfaves with unlimited txt and web for $20 before tax!

  • RWWackostu

    Now some of them are back. I guess there is much site work going on.

  • JR

    What phone is she holding? It’s not the Mytouch or the Cliq unless I’m blind.

  • RWWackostu

    Based on what we have seen with even more and EM+ , should I lock in a loyality plan while I have a chance? According to my tmo, it still offers me the unlimited loyality family plan for 89.99. Still wont get me the data im looking for but will ensure unlimited talk and text. Im on queue with CS (#31)(for a software exception popping on my Berry) and will ask about it.

  • Filmore

    I don’t get it, the majority of you bitch about the plans, how fucking cheap are you. I think the plans are well for what is being offered and the coverage, sure you can go with boost and cricket for 50 a month, look at the phones they have. Get a fucking life. You don’t even have to go to those plans, I hear you can keep the same plan your welfare ass has already. It seems like the majority of you people bitching are the trailer people that need to be on cricket. Quit crying and wipe the sand out of your vagina.

  • Moblow55

    @ tmogeek

    the rep told me that the prices r going to be better than what tmo employee have.

    u pay $20?

  • bastage

    there is no way its gonna be better then the tmo employee plan’s..

  • Matt

    @hec – I have had problems with Boost. Go with Straight Talk, they are your friend for Unlimited Talk/Text/Web and 411. No smart phone, but one smart price at 45.00

  • MaysBerry

    umm correct me if im wrong but isnt cathy Z holding the HTC HERO????? that doesnt look like the galaxy(behold2) or the my touch OR the tattoo or whateva!! isnt that the hero???

  • Andrew


    I thought the same thing at first, but it is most definitely a black mytouch 3g.

  • Rossi

    @ filmore

    Get bent. For the record my profession is one of the most white collar professions out there. It also has 6 figure salaries across the board. Excuse me if I don’t want to spend extra money on my cell phone plans for measely data usage. Part of having and being successful with money is careful management of said funds. Apparently you’ve never heard the fact that most self made millionaires are stingy by nature.

    Why did I just reply to such trash… I’m tired of ignorance that’s why. Thanks for exposing your’s for all to see…

  • Porter

    Just spoke to a rep…your current plan won’t change if you want a subsidized phone in the future, they can’t change your current plan. For me I will add web tomorrow to make sure I lock it in at that price and I will wait to agree to a 22-month agreement when one of the better smartphones comes out like the Behold II or hopefully the Hauwei. If the new plan is better then I will adjust, but I am not holding my breath.

    Again, I was guaranteed that I could get a phone for the subsidized price and continue my current contract even after all of the new plans have taken effect.

    Does any of this sound wrong?

  • wellsaid

    Well said!

    @ someone else:
    I always tip waiter at least 30%, because the hard-working people deserved; I just paid cash to buy my 2010 Lexus 460L, because it is worth. But why should I pay a mobile service 1 penny more when there is a better plan.

    Smart isn’t frugal, over-spent just proves your stupidity

  • Moblow55

    Actually, it does look like the Hero. It has the big trackball.

  • Timothy

    I wish people would stop mistaking footprint for network strength. Network congestion won’t be a problem for magenta, learn from the mistakes of others.

  • atomic

    @ filmore.

    The majority of us want better plans to save money. You sound like a little fat kid that gets his cellphone paid by his/her parents. Maybe you should get off your lazy fat ass and go get a job and go sign up for a gym so you can see how many bills pile up on your faggot ass. Stfu with that crap.

  • 4real

    @ Rossi

    Interesting that a response with promoting profession and salary at someone with an opinion about all the gripping upsets you. Then the lesson on how millions are made…lol

    I wonder if some truth must be hitting home to get so offended… in any case, it’s simple to just leave.

    Typically I’m interested in reading the plus and minus on actual phones that readers divulge, but this is too much.

  • yes

    So I want to say it right now the unlimited loyalty plan for one phone is 49.99 plus tax and includes unlimited minutes (not unlimited text, that is an add on). The unlimited loyalty plan for two phones is 89.99 (again does not include text). The text rate right now is at 24.99 unlimited for the family or 14.99 for just one phone. If you are a new customer coming off the street the price for unlimited is 99.99 which includes talk and text (not web). The web rates are 9.99 per month for regular phones, and 24.99 per month with a data device. On each of those web plans it is sometimes cheaper to add the unlimited messaging on them than to add each seperate. If the plan prices are correct then it is quite a bit cheaper for a new customer to get unlimited service than it is currently for T-Mobile. Also if we look at the competitor prices:
    Sprint unlimited everything for 99.99 or 89.99 for two lines or above
    AT&T and Verizon unlimited minutes for 99.99 for each line. (does not include data or messaging.
    So again if these prices are correct for T-mobile then the plans either beat or are the same price as the other top four carriers.
    The only companies that have it cheaper are Boost and Cricket. Which there are many horror stories with those two companies.
    So to me everything that we see here is a step in the right direction. And maybe we can see some change in the US Wireless industry (i.e. no contracts!!!) How many times do we say we don’t want to sign a contract for this or that. Well now T-Mo gives them a chance. And if they mess you over then just leave! There is no ETF to do so. It almost sounds too good to be true, but I bet its not.

  • Ricky

    This looks like it’s a better deal than the sprint plan. For $99.99 you get unlimited everything with 2 year contract on sprint, same now with tmobile’s new plan. For $69.99 you get 450 + unlimited data+ text with 2 year contract on sprint, which beats tmobile’s new $79.99 plan that has 500 + unlimited data + text; however, tmobile’s other new plan with no contract and unlimited everything is $79.99 which beats sprint $99.99 deal and also for $59.99 you can get 500 + unlimited data + text which is cheaper than sprint’s deal and no contract.

  • Kurt

    Comparing Tmo’s cheapest plan is unfair to compare the the big three phone companies (who subsidize their phones) because Tmo’s new cheapest all inclusive plan requires that you buy a smart phone at full retail value of $400-500. I love these people that say, “Well, I’ll just bring that old Blackberry 9700 that has been sitting in my closet to T-mobile!” Any old phones people have are just that! OLD PHONES (and they can’t be old phones from Verizon or Sprint). To get at ‘fairly’ new smart phone you have to Shell out $500 retail for to Tmobile to get the 80 dollar plan….Many keep missing this. $500 is big chunk of change and is deceptive.

  • Googly

    if I brought an unlocked iPhone to Tmobile would I be paying $10 or $25 for web. I’d have to use EDGE since 3G is not compatible with Tmobiles frequencies.

    How would this work?

  • Rossi

    @ 4real(idiot)

    There’s only one thing that you’re correct about in your post, which is, Let’s get back to the news. I’ll keep the rest of my posts on topic.

    @ the rest of you,

    To all those that sent these photos in, I appreciate it. This site would have nothing to talk about without your input! Seriously, who likes waiting until a planned release date to learn about something like this? I sure don’t! Now let’s get some new phone leaks!

  • Eraser

    @Kurt I agree 100%.

    The only way these plans can be a “game changer” is if the phone financing is included in the quoted prices for EM+.

    If you bring your own phone (old phone, buy it on eBay, whatever), then they should knock the price at least $15/per month to be competitive.

    I would be more than willing to purchase my own phone at full price if I get unlimited everything for $65, for $80, not so much.

  • Steve


    I agree with wbat you said about pricing on unsubsidized plans. I’m really dissapointed by these plans. While I agree that everything plus is new to to the national carriers it isn’t new to the prepaid market AND you’re paying $30 a month more for what? I think $60 a month unlimited everything and non subsidized phone would have shaken things up significantly…..$30 more just ticks me off and makes me want to look at sprint and gamble on their reputation of poor customer service.

  • helloo

    the phone she is holding is the black MT3G

  • mattymatt72

    I love tmobile, and will not change to another provider, however. I have 5 lines of service on a family plan and the above does nothing for me. Tmobile again over promises and under delivers. Add this to the fact they are always behind the curve on the latest phones( we get the moto cliq, verizon gets the moto droid, we get the magic, sprint gets the hero, etc….) and its not hard to see why tmobile is in 4th place. They will have to buy the competition to move up the ladder, thats just a fact, or fire senior management and replace them with a new management team better able to grow a business.

  • rossi

    @ mattymatt72

    I have to agree with you. I am still holding out hope that tomorrow brings something other than these lackluster new plans. If you want unlimited the new plans are a great bargain. For everything else, the new plans are no better than what we already have. In some cases actually worse. Especially for those of us who have 5 lines on our family plans.

  • Rob

    Well…possibly good news (at least for me). I just talked to a CSR at T-mobile. I explained to her that I was worried about the MyFaves plans going away because they work perfect for me. And I’d end up having to pay a lot more to cover my minutes in these new ‘dark’ plans.

    My wife currently has the 300 MyFaves plan. She uses almost all 300 minutes + about 1000 minutes worth of MyFaves. So a total of just under 1500 each month. I’ve been planning to add a line for me in a MyFaves family plan.

    Long story short, I asked if I should sign up today in order to get grandfathered in before the new price plans. She said that MyFave Plans are NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The new ‘dark’ plans are ONLY in addition to existing plans for more options. So if she was correct, all old plans will still be there.

    I guess that actually makes some sense with the new plan naming scheme:
    Even More
    Even More +

    Both those plans are Even More than what??? So if the CSR didn’t lead me astray it looks like T-Mo will have:
    Old current plans
    Even More plans (new dark plan)
    Even More Plus plans (new dark plan)

    Anyways…hope she was right cuz MyFaves work perfect for my situation!
    Tomorrow the dust settles!!!!!!!!! What a ride we’ve been on this week.

    Here’s hoping that t-mobile gets a cool phone soon (Droid anyone??)

  • Jordannn

    project dark sucks. like someone already said, its not even the best prices out there. unless they have something else up their sleeve this is a complete let down.

  • niididy

    I personally don’t know what to think anymore after reading everyone’s comments. In less than 24 hrs, we’ll find out.

  • Well I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for years, and I’ve had the 49.95 unlimted voice plan for a while now. No contract extension, nothing. I’d signed up years ago getting 1000 minutes for 39.95 and I figured it was worth the peace of mind for an extra ten bucks. I just upgraded my phone to the Merlot MyTouch and upgraded my dataplan from 19.95 a month for the Dash I was using to the 24.95 for the unlimited MyTouch. I don’t really use text messages considering with data, I just leave IM, Twitter and FB running and folks can easily reach me.

    So I don’t know if “Dark” is going to do anything for me that I can use.

    I do think it’s awesome that they are trying to get more competitive with the other carriers.

  • Chris

    Why are so many people crying. These plans are nothing but good news and a move in the right direction regarding contracts in the us cell phone industry. I have the loyalty plan and I’ve been contract free for 3 years and have no intention of going under contract any time soon so the option to buy a new phone in 20 installments could be a good option for me. These prices are good for unlimited, undercutting sprint by $20+ is great but I guess you can’t please everyone

  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???