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T-mobile Is The Best In The West

T-mobile is rocking along, as always in the JD Power awards with a new report that shows T-mobile is the best in the west for wireless call quality. JD Powers who based its semi-annual regional report on seven problem areas: dropped calls, static/interference, and failed call connection on first try, voice distortion, echoes, no immediate voicemail notification and no immediate test message notification. The report found that “T-Mobile performs particularly well in reducing the number of problems … [read full article]

Three’s Company For The MyTouch3G

Still not convinced that the MyTouch3G is for you? Well T-mobile is hoping to change that by bringing in some heavy hitters on the advertising side of things with the likes of Phil Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg (seriously?) and Jessie James. The Los Angeles Lakers Coach, Actress and Destruction Specialist are all highlighting the level of personalization the MyTouch3G brings to the table. Still not convinced? Watch the video than hit the link below to try out for … [read full article]

Check Out The Improved

I guess I totally missed the completely revamped this morning while posting the MyTouch3G “Three’s company video.” As it turns out, they have made it, slightly more appealing; of course, everything becomes more appealing when Whoopi Goldberg is attached to it. Just ask the producers of “Eddie.” The “improved” is now a flash lover’s wet dream. With color changing images and an easier to understand [read full article]

Charlotte North Carolina Gets T-Mobile 3G Love

T-Mobile’s been on a role lately adding more and more cities to their 3G network. We’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding 3G in Charlotte from residents. Even though this hasn’t been confirmed by T-Mobile, due to the volume of emails we have received today we’re posting this as a hopeful launch! At this rate it looks like everyone will have 3G in there city by December maybe even on … [read full article]

Touch Pro 2 For $149.99


Still want a new Touch Pro 2 but don’t have the cash for it? Well the wait is over! Amazon is offering the HTC device for $149.99, that is with new service with T-Mobile. When compared with T-Mobile’s pricingthat saves a total of $200! And if your not diggin’ the contract the TP2 is $549.99. Hurry and take advantage of this great offer! Amazon will also throw in free two-day shipping when you … [read full article]