T-mobile Is The Best In The West


T-mobile is rocking along, as always in the JD Power awards with a new report that shows T-mobile is the best in the west for wireless call quality. JD Powers who based its semi-annual regional report on seven problem areas: dropped calls, static/interference, and failed call connection on first try, voice distortion, echoes, no immediate voicemail notification and no immediate test message notification. The report found that “T-Mobile performs particularly well in reducing the number of problems with echoes and distortion, while Alltel performs particularly well in limiting the number of problems associated with late or failed messages.” With lower scores being best, in a 16-state West region JD powers scored Alltel, T-mobile and Verizon Wireless with scores of 10. Can anyone guess who carried up the rear of the list, AT&T where you at??? Overall wireless carriers as stated by the report have improved on often complained about problem areas and have done a better job of responding to customer complaints. Just ask the residents of NYC and San Francisco that when they try to connect to the AT&T 3G network!