Blackberry 8900 Update Out


Hey Blackberry 8900 fans, you are the lucky winners of a software update. Not just any software update of course but one that brings about improvements to your myfaves experience! Not satisfied with just your myfaves improvements, how about some UMA and data performance enhancements? That’s not enough you say? Well improved battery life most assuredly will win you over to the software update side. Follow the yellow brick road to the link below and receive thy prize!


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  • BigMike

    Where is the updated ROM? I still see v4.6.1.231 on TMO’s website.

  • No doubt, if you are going to write an article on a blackberry software upgrade it would be appropriate to list the software version number SOMEWHERE in the article. maybe the title, the body, you pick. come on… and yes, still showing older version.

  • tgv

    Have been looking all over the net no upgrade even called Techs at tmobile I guess its just a mistake from tmobilenews… my hopes up but oh well tmobile news still rocks.

  • Joe

    Is TmoNews talking about If so, that firmware version has been out for quite some time via T-Mobile.

  • mike

    Got me all excited too , lool,