Touch Pro 2 For $149.99


Still want a new Touch Pro 2 but don’t have the cash for it? Well the wait is over! Amazon is offering the HTC device for $149.99, that is with new service with T-Mobile. When compared with T-Mobile’s pricingthat saves a total of $200! And if your not diggin’ the contract the TP2 is $549.99. Hurry and take advantage of this great offer! Amazon will also throw in free two-day shipping when you purchase the phone with a service plan. What are you waiting for, head over to!

Via WMExperts


  • Why is the TP2 so f*cking ‘spensive??? Damn! I’d have one in my paws right now if it wasn’t $349 with a two-year contract!

    F*ck the TP2! It’s all about the iPhone, baby!