Comparing Carrier Costs

There is little question the almighty dollar is influencing a lot more of a our buying decisions lately than it has in recent years. T-mobile, who has long prided itself a lower cost solution to the Verizon and AT&T’s of the world, has certainly carved out quite the little niche. However, there is a difference between saying you are the low cost carrier and actually being the low cost carrier these days. So what’s the truth? The people over at billshrink are spending their days researching away so we can assure ourselves our dollars are working hard for us. While T-mobile has partnered with Billshrink in the past to help provide customers with lower cost solutions, Billshrink still operates independently and the results of their latest carrier comparison shows no allegiance exists. Regardless of any study, comparison or intuition you might have, however, the real answer lies in what works best for you, based on both price and reliability. AT&T, that pretty much means people should be deserting you in droves.


Mobile Carriers

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