T-Mobile Retail Store's Closing Early?!


Good Evening TmoNews readers! According to our tipster, on June 27th ALL T-Mobile stores will be closing approximately 2-3hrs early for a “company rebranding,” whatever the hell that means. T-mobile must be in the mood for makeovers, first the MobileMakeover bringing back the lovely and enchanting Catherine Zeta Jones. Second we are given a MyT-Mobile makeover and now this? What could this mean? Is T-Mobile prepping for a new phone launch, or is this simply just putting up new wallpaper?  We hope to see T-Mobile rolling this year and maybe a continuation of their makeover ideology is just what the doctor order. Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Tipster!


According to another very valuable source it seems as though the reason for the early close-down is because Magenta is planning to roll out their new image “Best Value w/ Best coverage” using Billshrink.com and MobileMakeover!

Could this get any better?

Bring it on T-Mobile!