T-Mobile Retail Store's Closing Early?!


Good Evening TmoNews readers! According to our tipster, on June 27th ALL T-Mobile stores will be closing approximately 2-3hrs early for a “company rebranding,” whatever the hell that means. T-mobile must be in the mood for makeovers, first the MobileMakeover bringing back the lovely and enchanting Catherine Zeta Jones. Second we are given a MyT-Mobile makeover and now this? What could this mean? Is T-Mobile prepping for a new phone launch, or is this simply just putting up new wallpaper?  We hope to see T-Mobile rolling this year and maybe a continuation of their makeover ideology is just what the doctor order. Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Tipster!


According to another very valuable source it seems as though the reason for the early close-down is because Magenta is planning to roll out their new image “Best Value w/ Best coverage” using Billshrink.com and MobileMakeover!

Could this get any better?

Bring it on T-Mobile!


  • eli

    i will be looking at tmobile associate news site to see if there is any info

  • YAY!!! I can’t wait to see what T-Mobile has up their sleeves

  • Red

    I hope it’s an early touch pro 2 release. But probably not.

  • Armo

    June 27th…lines up exactly with the release date for the myTouch. but remodel a store for the myTouch? really? its good and all but they didnt even do that for the G1 and it was more of a big deal.

    maybe t-mobile has something else up their sleeves.

  • Razius

    They could just be “updating” the stores. I have seen a few of them that look a little dated. Then again maybe they are prepping for a launch. We will see soon enough.

  • LA

    supposed MyTouch release date…maybe theyre clearing out old phones like they did with the Wing.
    I am praying for a Touch Pro 2 early release

  • CeluGeek

    Maybe they are switching away from magenta to teal. Just look at the new MyT-Mobile website…

  • Some Dude

    There is a major sales training that was slated for all stores to have a 3 hour meeting for on the 28th. This appears to match up with that except the date is off by one day. Hmm. Could the tipster be wrong on the date? I might question if ALL stores are actually closing early. Usually these things are done before or after store hours. This could just be one or two stores that will have to close early.

  • Ash

    It would awesome if it was for the mytouch! I was thinking of getting a g1, but maybe waiting will be good for me!!

  • cDAWG

    yep like “some dude” said we wont close the store early if were just changing stuff around we’ve opened super early b4 just to do collateral maybe its just some corporate meeting for that certain market…we’ve closed early for corporate meeting b4

  • Teh Android

    Hate to break it everyone but its nothing special. No launches and no new phones.(at least not what they are telling us at this point) Basically we are going to be going over some new sales procedures and how they want up to make it a less pressured environment for customers.

  • Galen20K

    Hmmmm Wonder what it could be.

  • Jay

    not all stores will be closing early… mine isnt affected… along with most of the stores in my district are not changing… only a handful

  • David

    The last time this happened I was working for them and we rebranded from “t-mobile get more” to “t-mobile stick together”, so maybe this has something to do with their new “mobile makeover” slogan????? Just a guess.

  • WordUp

    Not to drop all hopes in their place for new device launches lol but its actually a training in regards to how associates handle customers. Thats as much as I am at liberty to say, but anyone willing to put their job on the line and post more on this, feel free ;)

  • bk_brownie

    But if noone is using there real names how would anyone know who u are, just spill the beans….plz =)

  • Alex

    I think that Magenta should focus on Network Coverage before anything…

  • I agree with @Alex…

    and if @wordup is right then that sucks…why the x would they close early for training? that should be done another time…or they should have properly trained staff working there while the improperly trained staff can receive their training…just my opinion

  • Jon
  • Jon
  • Ash

    Like Jon I was just going to post the link of what engadget just put up! I can’t wait to see the next android device!!

  • Teh Android


    Its going to be a completely different way that T-mobile wants to run things in their stores. So no employee has had the training yet. There is a lot to go over thats why its we are closing early.

  • T1 connect

    whaaaatttt get out of here…..

  • J-Hop2o6

    Best coverage?? HA! not nationwide.. im glad i live in Seattle cuHz i get better signals than Sprint, but i start to get weak on 3G indoors in some places

  • FILA

    well doesnt really effect the people who already has T if all there gonna do is put advertisements there the best and shit, we already know that, unless we wouldnt be with them, lol.

    i hope its something else. maybe like an Android Wall where there gonna have a section dedicated to Android, I thought about this before when they start rolling out more devices, so maybe so, its a great idea.

  • TRobshi

    Yea it’s definately for training the sales associates. Basically, T-Mobile is changing the way retail reps work by having reps continuously switching between customers when it’s busy so that, rather then having a bunch of people standing in line waiting forever, they are given attention and the store has a more lively atmosphere (kinda like an Apple store). That’s all I really know, I’m not a manager so I don’t know all the details about the training or the new sales approach.

  • TRobshi

    BTW, they would never close the store early to change fixtures or add advertisements or something like that. Our store got remodeled a while ago and they had us go in at like 5am to do all the remodeling.

  • g_willi

    @J-Hop2o6 is right. Best coverage, my @ss! Best value? Swing and another miss. Used to be best service, but even that has fallen by the wayside. Hottest spokesperson maybe.

  • Jack

    The only time people wait around in our store is bill pays or troubleshooting neither of which are more important than activations.

    Bills can be paid in the mail, the website, over the phone, easy pay, the kiosk in the store, most banks can even manage your bills. If customer care reps charge for payments, retail should too.

    And troubleshooting is not our job, you mat say we should help the customer, but frankly we don’t have the required training to fix phones, and that is not what we are paid to do. We are paid to sell and we should not have to do what other people are trained and paid to do.

    I am more than willing to help our customers, but not at the expense of my income.

    So I hope it is a launch, but probably not. Either way we will continue sales as normal

  • TRobshi

    That would be terrible if they made us charge a processing fee for bill payments. I can just hear the b!tching now lol. But I guess if the kiosk stays free it may actually be a good thing since there would be less people wasting our time.

  • TMOemployee


    “I am more than willing to help our customers, but not at the expense of my income.”

    Apparently you are not the only dealer who feels this way because I work in care and we receive calls DAILY from customers annoyed, lied to, or completely screwed over by a dealer… why because most dealers don’t care about sales integrity and will do whatever it takes to get a sale. You have no idea how may times I see where a dealer activated a new line of service for a customer and didn’t even tell the customer, or worse they activate a whole new account and don’t tell the customer. It’s ridiculous, I hope you aren’t one of those dealers.

  • sixXx

    “stick together” is OUT. . .new: T-mobile: The Coverage you need at the price you want

  • sixXx

    “stick together” is OUT. . .new: T-mobile: The Price you want with the coverage you need

  • Albert

    i work at t-mobile and let me tell you guyz a little detail about it. it will be the making of a new era at t-mobile. The launches will be discussed and also other new ideas. belive me it will be something that all t-mobile customers will be glad they are with t-mobile!!..thats all i can say for now will update after the meeting

  • They just opened a new store in my hood, and its completely different. Not alot of Magenta, but cleaner crisp designs, a central “check out our phones on the computer and find one for you station” and best of all, totally rad lounge chairs…. :)

  • i seriously needed sales training to sharpen my skills in selling online products.-.`