Cupcake FINALLY coming?


I think we can all live without recapping the large number of cupcake rumors/delays and more rumors. With that in mind and judging by emails coming into my inbox and this report from Engadgetmobile we’re starting to see users FINALLY getting their cupcake fill. T-mobile is still allowing for early June for all G1 users to receive their upgrade so if you don’t get it within the next 7 minutes, don’t huff and puff and blow the house down! Patience young padawans, patience! Sound off in the comments if you are already graced with your cupcake!

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  • I did not the non-root UK update earlier this week and saw something waiting for me this morning. It looks like it’s an update to the UK and not the real rollout. Asked around on Twitter and got the same from others.

    So it seems that this is a big fix or system update for the UK 1.5 edition. Runs nice, but does miss a few things like Amazon store, MyFaves, and voice search.

  • Land Of The Trill

    Guy’s your not going to get the US update running the UK firmware so you will have to manually update just for those who don’t know also there is a reason why the UK doesn’t have certain default apps like myfaves and so on futhurmore if you have the data plan and start to download the OTA then you can let it resume by switching to wifi otherwise manual update.

  • David

    I want sprinkles on my cupcake!!!!!!! :)

  • Angel Vasquez

    I rooted my phone! Argh i hope i can still get the update im nervous…i like straight and unmodded software…i know i know why did i root? well i just couldn’t wait…

  • Galen20K

    Guys if you rooted your Phone with an Unofficial ROM such as Jesus Freaks or the UK ROM all you have to do is REROot your PHone with the Official RC33 ROM and you will still receive the New Cupcake update.

  • Rick


    You cannot receive OTA updates on a rooted phone so you will have to get your phone back to official RC33 to receive the 1.5 US OTA release. BTW, what custom ROM do you have on your phone?

  • Angel Vasquez

    @Rick I have JF 1.5
    It runs very good, i have the tether app that works AMZINGLY! “wifithether for root users”
    I think i will stick to “root”
    It just opens up a world of new possibilities and really makes your phone more like its supposed to be “Open Source”

  • Angel Vasquez

    @DEEZNUTZ youre right im pretty sure there are goin to be a lot more updates while the world out there cries for yet another one…us root users will be getting donut a lot sooner…who knows I hope!

  • FILA

    TP2 in July! then G1v2 in the fall!

  • Bob Sagat
  • FYI, received Cupcake on our demo phones in Atlanta today. Non-dev, non-rooted, straight outta the box phones. :)

  • Nhat

    Huh. Maybe I need to visit some T-Mobile stores. :D

  • big d

    Yeah that ota sounds real random. It randomly has
    been updating the store demo phones first. Oh well I got the link and got the update myself

  • Yaniv C

    The official 1.5 US release is already available. You can go to for the link and instructions. So easy takes 5 minutes and works perfectly.

  • G1 Boi

    I just updated mine last night. I got the link off of phandroid newz. Its a andriod news app in the market that gives you updates on android. Its pretty sweet. I love cupcake. You don’t even need a computer to do the update. I did it all on my G1. The home screen doesn’t auto-rotate for me though. It is it not suppose to? Somebody let me know. Every other screen does. Thanks

  • FILA

    VERY BAD NEWS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TouchPro 2 is coming to Verizon now, I can’t believe this. Once it was exclusive to us T-Mobile’rs but now everybody and there mother is gonna have this phone and nobody can say to us no more, cool phone, because now 3, rumored 4 carriers will carry this phone. Lets look at the list

    T-Mobile = July 22nd
    Sprint = June 7th
    Verizon = TBD
    Alltel = Rumored, remember Verizon owns Alltel now, so its not that crazy

    This is heartbroken to me, as Im sure it is to you to :-(

  • G1 Boi

    I have another question I was watching T1connect’s cupcake youtube video and he said that when you jold down the power button it should give you 4 options: silent, airplane mode, power off and vibrate. I don’t have the vibrate option. Does anyone else?


  • Angel Vasquez

    JF released the official US Cupcake version. If you had the previous JF build youre now able to use the amazon store and the myfavs app.

  • InfidelCastro

    When can I has it?

  • Kirbdaddy

    I got my update this evening around 10:45p. Works great. The graphics seem to be a smidge sharper and the browser is improved. On screen keyboard works great, even though I prefer the physical keyboard.

  • JJ

    yoooooo got cupcake last night! WOOT WOOT!!

  • JP22

    I got mine early this morning around 2 AM. I love it so far.