Here She Is!

We previewed this already and knew it was coming, but here comes Mrs. Douglas herself! We here at Tmonews would like to congratulate T-mobile for actively encouraging the use of a independent site! Bravo to them for using, to promote their low cost offerings and showcase T-mobile, who will almost always come out on top when compared to the other national carriers. More minutes, more value, less money, any questions?

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  • Josh

    lol I actually did that today for a friend of mine who has Verizon, he would save about $400 by switching. It’s true, T-Mobile is usually the cheapest… and I like that commercial, it’s clever

  • Galen20K

    I LOve HErrrr!!!

    I”ve Actually wanted this to happen for a LONG time, I’ve Missed her!

  • David

    Damn she’s pretty hot.. typical advertising using female icons to sell! T-mobile still awesome regardless.

  • alvinmathew88

    mobile makeover? She can mobile makeover me anytime! =)

  • Dave

    It is refreshing to see Catherine back on the magenta carpet. I worked for T-Mobile for 5 years starting at launch when they changed from Voicestream to T-Mobile and I had the honor of meeting her and a roundtable sales award banquet in Los Angeles and she is awsome, funny and of course full of style and class. I am glad T-Mobile brought her back!

  • pjs

    so that’s why there are all of these new fees (upgrade fee, restocking fee, increase in data plans, etc), they have to pay KZJ a ton of $$$$

  • Ermac

    She is so sexy and has the swagger of a goddess!

  • She’s pretty kool. Saw her and Michael at a restaurant in L.A. a few years back and had the privileged to take a piss next to Michael.

  • B

    >(door close)

    lol..great commercial

  • She smoked while pregnant…..she’s about as bright as a 5w lightbulb.

  • timmyjoe42


    T-Mobile always has clever commercials.

  • sino8r

    Who cares!!!! Just as lame as Sprint and their stupid commercials with their CEO.
    At least that was cost effective… f*ck this B star actress! This is why you’re rates/data plans have gone up.

  • Beanz0nToast


  • james

    I noticed some improper grammar in your post. I believe that is supposed to read “an independent” rather than “a independent.” I just thought you would like to know that