BlackBerry with No Contract, No Commitments from T-Mobile


Evening once again TmoNews readers! Magenta has lately been up to a lot, from the rumors of the new Blackberry Driftwood expected to release in September to  T-Mobile Retail store’s closing early on June 27th . I am happy to inform you that the Blackberry Pearl II is now available via Best Buy, sans that thing that handcuffs you for two years. So if you’re not the kind of person that likes lengthy commitments and have some extra dough lying around, go out and get this bad boy, only at Best Buy!

VIA Crackberry

  • Tmo rep

    Well… you know you can always get an 8120 with no contract at any retail store it just costs $50 more, but it has been around for i duno 8-9 months.

    P.S. you can do the same thing with any other bb just pay full price

  • SpanDee

    That’s a picture of the original 8100!
    Silly corporate people don’t know what they are doing

  • Queen4111

    Still waiting for TMO USA to offer the BlackBerry on a Prepaid service for the 50 dollars unlimited plan, like MetroPCS and Boost Mobile…

  • wagonis

    I have to agree with Tmo rep, you can slap a prepaid T-Mo card in to ANY T-Mo BlackBerry or ulocked BlackBerry and still use voice and text. I’ve had my son use the original 8100 from AT&T with a prepaid T-Mo SIM card.

    @Queen4111 – Why not just use Metro then?

  • Queen4111

    Because MetroPCS is NOT available nationwide.

  • Peter

    crackberry is the source!