HTC Snap On T-mobile Without Inner Circle?


So we’ve done a little bouncing back and forth on this one, its probably going to come, it wasn’t announced for T-mobile, then it shows up in a release calendar. Further confirming the release as seen from the release calendar, a leaked ROM that has all sorts of details and goodies linking back to T-mobile USA has surfaced. Of course given the fact that this is billed as the successor to the Dash, we all had expectations that it would eventually show up on the big magenta anyway.

Engadget also goes on to say that the ROM while T-mobile referenced, is missing a key feature, Inner Circle. Inner Circle as defined by Engadget is “HTC’s software tweak that lets you selectively filter out emails from anyone not on your whitelist.” What exactly is the whitelist you ask? Good question! Whitelist according to Wikipedia! According to the Engadget article however, its a big puzzle as to why T-mobile might request this feature removed as it appears to have no effect on carrier revenue. Regardless this whole article removal rests solely in the rumor category for now though, so please keep in mind, Inner Circle and whatever it does may still find its way to Magenta in the future. 

So what was found in that leaked rom: 

  • Internal codename for T-mobile is “Captain” (akaMaple aka Snap aka Dash 3g)
  • Model number for HTC is S522
  • The much hyped “Inner Circle” files are not in the shipping ROM (!)
  • A new feature…lets you send an Audio Postcard to your contacts, You take a picture from the camera, the camera will then give you a selection of boarders you can add to it. From there you can add a 60 second audio clip the the picture. And send it to either an email or a MMS account.”

Engadget Via WMExperts

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