A Couple of Android Bits

I’m sure you all remember that blurrycam shot of a Samsung Android device that we published not too long ago.  Well, the guys over at Engadget have heard word from Samsung VP Dr. Won-Pyo Hong that not only is it going to be here sometime this year, but it’s slated to ship out earlier than expected and will be out sometime in June!  This is also not the only Android phone that they have in development, and not all of them will be going to the same service provider due to avoid some kind of confusion.

The next bit of Android goodness is that those users who have a need to both view and edit Microsoft Office (pretty much all versions) files will now be able to do so through the recent release of Data Viz Documents To Go.  I do believe that users have had the ability to view these files for awhile, but now they can at least make changes if they need to do so.  While you’re purchasing Documents To Go (for a special introductory low low price of $19.99) you might also be interested in picking up the free beta of Data Viz RoadSync – which will provide you direct push email and contacts support through Exchange Server 2003 and 2007.

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