Dearest fans

Attention one and all, I think its time we level with our adoring public. We as the owners and administrators of this website have thought long and hard about how to best come forward to discuss our recent activity or lack thereof. We berber_wine21love our readers, we really do (plz don’t stalk us now), and its our only wish to bring you the very best of T-mobile news every day. Unfortunately, we have been hindered as of late and here is why: Some of the content featured on this site had become a bit of an issue with some very important people who made themselves known once it had been posted. Out of interest to them, and in respect to certain levels of confidentiality we’re sure T-Mobile wishes to keep, some of our content needs to be… carefully tendered, past, present, and future.

If anything, we hope to bring attention and garner excitement for the new products and services our beloved carrier is launching/discussing/working on etc. We hope in the very near future to be able to continue to bring all of you the very latest in T-mobile news.

Stay with us, we are still here, we are still working. Things might be a little slower than our followers are used to but rest assured we feel the pain and agony as much as you. The forums are still alive, still kicking and still the happening place to be to discuss all the T-mobile news you want.

Your love and support has been both appreciated and adored, it has not gone unnoticed. All that T-Mobile news you thirst for is coming, just give us some time to bring it all back.

Oh, and on a personal note, I like cheese with my wine and bagels with lox. Just throwin’ that out there.

Update: We would just like to note that the very important people mentioned above were in no way, in our opinion, overstepping their boundaries or being absurd or “stupid.” We in no way blame them for what they did. TmoNews will continue to bring you the best information on T-mobile. We ask that our users do not jump to conclusions, and do not blame people for mistakes that we take full responsibility for.

  • Daniel

    In other words, DT threatened to sue, right? Remember they wanted to sue Engadget over the color magenta?

    It sucks because some of us have been really loyal to T-Mobile despite the fact that they offer services often well behind their competitors and still don’t offer 3G in most of the country. It’s nice to have something to look forward to and a group of people willing to bring us the good news.

    Sorry that the info pipe will be getting much smaller. Too bad T-Mobile isn’t more forthcoming in announcing future plans and services to the customers who pay them money each month.

  • Jake

    ouch… i know that i am one of the many people that really loved this site and are very upset.. i wish that you guys would share your information, as that was the point of this site, yet, i guess you guys are just too afraid… whatever i guess it was good while it lasted…

  • henry

    man, stuff like this really makes me want to ditch t-mobile. they are really clueless i think, everybody else lets info leak, i mean look at the blackberry touchscreen. why is it so verboeten that we know that t-mobile is going to release a six month old motorola in a couple weeks? give me a break. it’s not 1997 anymore guys, your PAYING CUSTOMERS want to know where the company and the service is going. Do you treat your stockholders the same way?

  • J

    Lame! I check this site multiple times daily to get the latest info on what’s coming for T-Mobile. I really would like to stay with them, and honestly, this website is one of the ONLY THINGS keeping me here. At least knowing something worthwhile is eventually coming down the pipe keeps me hanging on.

    Now, if the only info we get is the stuff approved for release by T-Mobile, we won’t know anything. More than likely, if more info doesn’t come in about the continued rollout plans of the 3G in major cities and info on the HTC Android project, etc. – I am DONE with T-Mo. Why else would I stay? The customer service? Sorry but I don’t call CS all that often.

    TmoNews – can we possibly do like an e-mail chain or something to get the “secret” updates?

  • marco

    yes guys, this site was dead for days.. i just wonder, how you launch a site, then, few days later , everyone is on vacations… that was a big step back.. but well, hope you bring good news soon.

  • are u people idiots? this website is what keeps you with tmobile? you want a company that is ok with information leaking? what if they just went ahead and leaked your SSN or something?

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should shut down today because they’re simply stupid!
    they should thank att 3G is very slow here, or I should port out this weekend
    I just don’t understand what the HELL they’re thinking
    look the T229, the phone is the worst phone in the entire history after C332, the main screen is simply unreadable!
    how can the customer use the phone when the main screen is unreadable?
    damn, I even don’t want to buy any Samsung product again…..their stuffs are too bad in quality

  • mike

    I agree… you could do some sort of email system… or what about a private section in the blogs that your members can see?
    If Tmo realized that because of this site I upgraded plans, they might think otherwise…

  • mike

    EDIT: i mean a private section in the forums :)

  • What’s funny is that customer service reps at TMO have caught on to this site and have been referencing YOU when it comes to upcoming features and handsets because they get so little information from the company.

  • Eric

    That’s not cool at all. Besides i always see alot (but not all) of the stuff on this site on BGR and Engadget mobile anyways so i don’t understand what is soooo super confidential if other blog sites are beating you guys to some of the info. T-mo is ridiculous, leaking stuff out helps them and their credibility, it makes some of us actually want to stay if they give us hope, otherwise ATT seems more appealing everyday.

  • DarkJedi

    I think the idea here is that we of course don’t want to leak any info that might do the company injury in the competitive world. We have to take that into consideration while still pushing for the release of information to build up excitement for new services/products etc. There is a happy medium and most companies and by that I mean fortune 500 companies expect and even allow a little bit of information leaking to allow that excitement and build that momentum.

  • Nwahs

    Please check the update that was just posted

  • Homeland05

    Are you serious, there is no way that you should give into these “people”. What happen to corporate governance and corporate responsibility? If you are able to get the information, it should be shared with all those, like us, who have an interest in T-mobile. The problem is not of these postings, but the fact that you did get them, therefore the issue at hand is their leaks not those who publish it. I enjoyed reading about new and exciting things to come, it gave me a sense that T-mobile is trying to be competitive. But, lets be honest at #4, were not. I think its time for DT to come in, and help Tmo USA level the playing field in the USA, we cannot always play catch up. The best defense is a damn good offense. Give me the names of these “people” I will strongly urge my discontent with them about silencing, as i truly hope that you do, and will reconsider your stance on it.


    CORPORATE SELLOUTS….maybe tell the krauts that freedom of speech is protected in this country

  • yum

    On a more positive note

    I love bagels with lox also!

  • Mystictrust

    It’s in no way over yet, guys. We just have to rethink things a little. Keep on visiting TmoNews, we’ll get you what you’re looking for… seriously. It just doesn’t seem right if a T-Mobile fan site/blog doesn’t get information first, so we’ll get you that information first when we can.

    So umm, yeah… we are NOT “silenced”… consider it a temporary muffle :-P

  • terryjohnson16

    Keep up the good work guys. Very informative website. T-Mobile needs to wake up. Maybe a shakeup and changing of the people that don’t think of being competitive will cause them to re-think their decisions and offer more attractive services and phones.

  • I can see where TMO would want to keep some of the things you report on quiet. Announcing the new portal when you did gives the competition that much more time to adjust their own online services so that they can offer the same features sooner rather than later. Not a LOT of time mind you, but a bit.

    And everybody here knows that nothing is final about a feature or a phone until it actually gets released. If there’s a last minute delay for something that’s caused a lot of buzz, even if TMO didn’t “officially” release it, they’re going to take the heat for it.

    SELLOUT. You may want to rethink hammering “the krauts.” I’d direct you to the FISA stories of the past couple years and notice that T-Mobile is NOT one of the carriers who cooperated with the NSA when it came to wiretapping international calls. Good thing? Bad thing? I dunno. But they take our privacy very seriously.

  • MikE

    That’s it, I’m gone…att here I comeeeee…finally 3g!

  • Irish

    Wow you guys complain alot. This has nothing to do with a lawsuit. This has to do with Dark jedi breaking the contract that he signed to work at Tmobile. To not give out company sensitive info over the internet…. Remeber that one you can play “stupid” and say you dont work for them (come on man a picture of you monitor showing the launch market of 3g)and you are suprised that they come down on you plz

  • Nwahs


    You really let you intelligence shine through. None of us work for T-mobile. How do screen shots get posted on Engadget, BGR, and other big sites? None of them work for T-mobile either.

    Everything posted is sent to us via our “Submit News” page.

    In fact, you are not even close to what happened. It is completely different. Please take ignorant and uninformed comments like that elsewhere.

  • DarkJedi


    Are you serious man? Seek therapy.

  • Irish

    yep you guys put me in my place the fact that your were the one that placed the image on this site… and the fact that you ALL OF YOU go on vacation at the same time yep that makes sense. And the “submit news” link all the info that would be sensitive to Tmo is posted under dark jedi. But oh no that is all just so convenient. Yep its such a bad idea that they keep there info to themselves. WOW i am so wrong