Feature suggestion… we need your help

TmoNews is working on coming up with some fresh, new ideas for this blog that will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD… or, at least keep things a little more interesting around here. And just to get it out of the way, blog news is NOT coming to a halt and we will NOT stop bringing you news, that is coming back soon. We’re more interested in what you all might have to say about features then just churning out a bunch of fluff that you’d rather not see, so for now we’ll be taking suggestions and gauging opinions on things we may be thinking of implementing.

So how do I suggest a feature for TmoNews?
Easy, just select the “Comments” at the bottom of this news post. Then fill out the form and get your suggestion out there. We also have a forum thread for those of you that browse our forums regularly and would rather get involved in any discussions that start up there.

What ideas you guys are thinking of so I can comment on them?
Sure. Something we thought might be interesting to try out is phone/device reviews. Yes, there are many websites out there with reviews on phones galore but there aren’t too many that have a focus solely on T-Mobile devices or unlocked phones and how they fare on the T-Mobile network. These reviews could be largely user-submitted so you, the reader, could get your review put up at TmoNews – they would, however, be edited if necessary for grammar and need to include some personal pictures of the device. Humor is also very well appreciated, as everyone loves to laugh, and that’d bring some fun to reading reviews. Also, if someone here at TmoNews gets their hands on a fairly new T-Mobile device then no doubt we’ll be reviewing it for everyone! Oh and yes, these reviews would be sorted largely by release date, so all you’d have to do is go to the review section and you’d see a picture and name right there of the phone/device most recently offered by T-Mobile (and a seperate category for reviews of unlocked devices).

What about a compendium of information chock full of nothing but T-Mobile… deciphered? You know, not only would it include information on H@H (or T-Mobile@Home, whatever it’s gonna be called now) and myfaves and things like that, but would provide easy to find [and understand] answers to commonly asked plan/device questions, such as information on upgrading/discounts, what to do if you go over on minutes/text, unlocking phones and what that really means, differences on services such as Hotspot@Home I vs Hotspot@Home II, international roaming with H@H, plan and phone information, fine print in an easy to read format; pretty much like a Wiki, but in a very easy to read format for everyone, something you could guide your parents to if they have any questions about T-Mobile and their services/phone/policies [I know my mom comes to me first with any questions, and she doesn’t know how to use forums]. This would also have user submission… and since it wouldn’t be a wiki, we’d have a form to submit content suggestions and such.

Contests and giveaways could also be offered in the future, but we’ll have to wait to see about that until we get our news going again and a slightly more active community in the comments in the blog and on the forums.

Your ideas suck. Mine are better
Great, well we’d love to hear them… post in the comments below. And then, uh, tell us what sucks about our ideas… maybe they can be improved with your help. We’re all about the T-Mobile community here, and we’ve all just got to STICK TOGETHER (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • Ben

    It might be a good idea to let your readers know how the site is changing. How will type of information that appears on your site be changing? What will these ‘new-ideas’ be replacing?

  • Mystictrust

    These new ideas/features are only going to be added, nothing is changing. Everything else is staying the same… well, with the exception of news, which is kinda slow right now, and we’ll be picking up the pace with it as soon as we can.

    Needn’t fear, we’re not going to make this place unrecognizable, just adding some things. No need to even visit any new sections if you don’t want.

  • Ben


  • Hello All!
    I have been reading Tmonews for about a month and I just have to say that it is so refreshing to read down to earth info about my favorite carrier.
    I activated my first GSM phone with Ariel Communications in May of 1997 in Minneapolis MN, and started selling it 2 days later. At the time I was already selling AT&T Wireless and Airtouch. I quickly became a fan of Ariel, which became Voicestream and evolved into the Great T-Mobile. I don’t know many that can say they have been with T-Mobile for over 10 years. Most of my family and friends are with T-Mobile and have been since 97 or 98!!!
    I continued selling T-Mobile until October 2007 when I had the great pleasure to accept a job with BlueAnt Wireless. The best bluetooth company in the world. I have to say that and I truly believe it.
    I am not writing this comment to push my product, though I am very happy to say that T-Mobile Corporate stores were the first Carrier stores to carry our products.

    I am a T-Mobile fanatic. I continue to stay up on everything T-Mobile. I still have many friends in many different departments in T-Mobile and I am very happy to share any news I receive from them with y’all!!!!!

    If anyone has questions about T-Mobile, I will do my best to help out. I don’t claim to know everything, but I will try to find an answer for you!
    Also, if I can help with any bluetooth questions, please contact me!
    Go Tmonews and T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CCR II

    Hey, these ideas sound good to get more people aware of what happens at T-Mobile. How policies go and everything.

    I work as a retention rep, in a call center. I would love to post in the forums about the policies, and what not. How to get good deals on phones, and avoid overage. Phone reviews on how unlocked GSM works on our network. Great idea guys, I cant wait for the changes.

  • Ben

    Sounds great — from the last post that went out, it sounded like things were possibly moving towards this becoming more of a ‘press-release’ type of TMO site. Nothing wrong with that, but ‘rumors-that-turn-out-mostly-true’ are nice too ;)

  • Jake

    i have several comments/ideas to make the site better. i think that u guys shud first off bring back the articles coming soon section and update the rumors section more frequently. i think thw phone reviews are a great idea too! the wiki sounds nice as well. a guide on how to get your phone unlocked wud also be helpful, as many users dont no how to. also, nooffense, but the site needs a new image or a new logo because it looks well…web 1.0 lol. anyways thats what i think and also i have a question for u guys: what everhappened to the mobile portal? late may/early june release never happened… whats up with it now? thanks guys keep up the good work!!!

  • Rajesh

    I agree with Ben (#3), please add a section on how to unlock phones (paid service or hack) and use them with T-Mobile, settings etc.

    Few suggestions:
    1. Windows mobile 6.1 upgrade for dash/SDA and others.
    2. How to use black jack on T-Mobile network (all settings).
    3. Any other smart phones e.g. Nokia etc.
    4. Scoop on 3G roll out and devices.
    5. Scoop on new devices e.g. HTC diamond/ Xperia.

  • mrwindupbird

    So, what did tmonews get sued for?

  • DarkJedi

    @mrwindupbird, nobody was sued, no lawyers were involved.

    Please guys, just to reiterate yet again, nobody has even mentioned the idea that this site will become a “press release” style site. On the contrary, the news will return, we still have all the same capabilities we need pre-“dearest fans” but we WILL build back up to that level in due time.

    Stay tuned….

  • jonathan

    well i think you should start with the review of the touch dual on tmobile network from best buy thanx in advance

  • shawn

    I think you should get a “how to unlock” section. And giveaways and contests would be awesome! Definitely do that. Also a reader article.

  • Vision77

    I would suggest adding galleries for all of the phones you guys get your hands on. Maybe even a video gallery for the super exclusive phones.

  • Calvin Harris

    I want to hear from TMO users in a featured, blog-styled format, about actual TMO phone use experiences and wish-lists, tips and practical applications.

    I’m tired of sneak peeks and rumors; it’s all hype!! There’s already enough of those types of forum sites. I want to hear from ordinary people who are using the technology, products and services!

    Out with the self-ego-serving “I was the first…” and in with the “I was trying to….” and “I thought it would….”. Up with common folk, down with the experts (which of course I am the only REAL one – LOL)

  • who,when,where

    How about a phone swap for phones we may be disappointed in. I’ll trade my Rockr for your Shadow. Maybe a pool of used phones for temporary use. Another suggestion would be for us to create a fund for buying and trying out and allowing all to have the next newsworthy phone for a week.