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Dearest fans

Attention one and all, I think its time we level with our adoring public. We as the owners and administrators of this website have thought long and hard about how to best come forward to discuss our recent activity or lack thereof. We love our readers, we really do (plz don’t stalk us now), and its our only wish to bring you the very best of T-mobile news every day. Unfortunately, we have been hindered as of late and here is why: Some of the content featured on this site had become a bit of an issue with some very important people who made themselves known once it had been posted. Out of interest to them, and in respect to certain levels of confidentiality we’re sure T-Mobile wishes to keep, some of our content needs to be… carefully tendered, past, present, and future.

If anything, we hope to bring attention and garner excitement for the new products and services our beloved carrier is launching/discussing/working on etc. We hope in the very near future to be able to continue to bring all of you the very latest in T-mobile news.

Stay with us, we are still here, we are still working. Things might be a little slower than our followers are used to but rest assured we feel the pain and agony as much as you. The forums are still alive, still kicking and still the happening place to be to discuss all the T-mobile news you want.

Your love and support has been both appreciated and adored, it has not gone unnoticed. All that T-Mobile news you thirst for is coming, just give us some time to bring it all back.

Oh, and on a personal note, I like cheese with my wine and bagels with lox. Just throwin’ that out there.

Update: We would just like to note that the very important people mentioned above were in no way, in our opinion, overstepping their boundaries or being absurd or “stupid.” We in no way blame them for what they did. TmoNews will continue to bring you the best information on T-mobile. We ask that our users do not jump to conclusions, and do not blame people for mistakes that we take full responsibility for.

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