Some 3G phone love!

Well thank goodness for FCC release details. Phonescoop has given us what is quite possibly the best news we have come across in a while. Drum roll please, we have the Sony Ericsson TM 506. Now, our info matches this up with this phone being the Bella we have been mouth watering over for some time. Of course the only thing that truly matters is that the phonescoop article points out the most important fact of all, it has 1700/2100 WCDMA frequencies AND its T-mobile branded of course. Nothing concrete seems to be gained from these documents of course with 3G frequencies we can dream about data love. Sony Ericsson how we have missed thee. Of course all this is speculation until we see official documentation but for now, we’ll revel in the moment.

Check out the photo after the jump.

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile version of Z780

  • silk7

    I have not looked yet but let me guess.
    it’s not a smartphone but a filp phone right?

  • Mystictrust

    It’s a flip… yeah, I wanted a smartphone, too :(

  • djton

    SONY! Please o Please o Please!!! T-Mobile has been behind the handset 8-ball for some time now, and the lack of Sony phones is on the top of the list! The best handsets in the world are sold by SONY.

  • Another flip phone?! Sigh…

    Yeah, I too was hoping for a smartphone.