Dual-sim Hotspot@Home router FTW

Well our inbox this morning had another little goody in it. LiquidCipher of forums.tmonews.com fame was kind enough to send some pics over of the new hotspot@home router lauching sometime early next month. This one has a few extra goodies though. He was even kind enough to write up his own little review for us. I love it when someone does all the work for me.

“Well boys and girls, with the looming relaunch of Hotspot@Home just days away we found a nice surprise on our doorstep this morning. The new Linksys WRTU54G-TM wireless router. Thats right, TM for T-Mobile!

This router sports some average goodies along with a few hidden tricks. As expected, the 802.11G wifi is optimized for Talk Forever Mobile phones such as the Blackberry Pearl 8120 and Nokia 6086. The Linksys delivers the ever so common 4 ethernet jacks for hardwiring your desktop, slingbox, tivo and Xbox360’s. But thats where this device leaves the realm of common routers and slides into something new. Next to the the 4 ethernet ports you now have 2 RJ-11 ports (think telephony). These are to take advantage of T-Mobiles new Hotspot@Home service. With the service enabled, and a T-Mobile sim installed into the belly of the beast, you can now take full advantage of T-Mobiles new home-based VOIP service. The router will support not just one, but two sim cards allowing for multiple numbers to be handled by just one router which is great for people who have multiple lines or run a small businesses out of there home.

More information will be available about the service and the router when the service launches the beginning of July so keep and eye here for the latest information about the carrier we all know and love”

Thanks Liquid!

dual_sim front
ports topofrouter
box backbox