Dual-sim Hotspot@Home router FTW

Well our inbox this morning had another little goody in it. LiquidCipher of forums.tmonews.com fame was kind enough to send some pics over of the new hotspot@home router lauching sometime early next month. This one has a few extra goodies though. He was even kind enough to write up his own little review for us. I love it when someone does all the work for me.

“Well boys and girls, with the looming relaunch of Hotspot@Home just days away we found a nice surprise on our doorstep this morning. The new Linksys WRTU54G-TM wireless router. Thats right, TM for T-Mobile!

This router sports some average goodies along with a few hidden tricks. As expected, the 802.11G wifi is optimized for Talk Forever Mobile phones such as the Blackberry Pearl 8120 and Nokia 6086. The Linksys delivers the ever so common 4 ethernet jacks for hardwiring your desktop, slingbox, tivo and Xbox360’s. But thats where this device leaves the realm of common routers and slides into something new. Next to the the 4 ethernet ports you now have 2 RJ-11 ports (think telephony). These are to take advantage of T-Mobiles new Hotspot@Home service. With the service enabled, and a T-Mobile sim installed into the belly of the beast, you can now take full advantage of T-Mobiles new home-based VOIP service. The router will support not just one, but two sim cards allowing for multiple numbers to be handled by just one router which is great for people who have multiple lines or run a small businesses out of there home.

More information will be available about the service and the router when the service launches the beginning of July so keep and eye here for the latest information about the carrier we all know and love”

Thanks Liquid!

dual_sim front
ports topofrouter
box backbox
  • anna d

    My recent training on this voip thing claims that the name has changed to T-Mobile@Home. Of course that makes about five different names now, so who knows what it’ll actually launch as.

  • Glenn

    I’ve been using one of these for several days now and I’m quite impressed. I don’t have a Wi-Fi/Cell phone yet as I’m not impressed with the current options, but I plugged in my Uniden wireless phones and get great reception in my house. The quality is between cellular and a land line, but much closer to a land line phone.
    I couldn’t get reliable reception with my cell phone. Now, I get great quality and reliable connections plus unlimited long distance for $15/month. Definitely a good deal! (No, I don’t work for T-M, btw. :)
    Now if they’d only come out with some better Wi-Fi/Cell phones so I can use the same phone over both networks!

  • rndy

    This service is currently available in the seattle and dallas markets already. $15 and $10 respectively. Tmo is using these test markets to work out the kinks and decide on a price. Right now, internally, it is said to be going back to $10 a month. This will put tmo into the realm of vonage and other VoIP providers at half the cost. The official launch nationwide is actually the 25th of this month, however, the ad campain won’t be starting until right around the 4th of july.

  • NokiaFanatic

    Hot Spot @ Home will launch on July 2nd as of right now, pending T-Mobile does not drop the ball. The process of getting one will be that of a new activation where as a $35 activation fee will be collected and a contract will need to be signed. The rate for this service is $9.99/month for unlimited calling. However, you must have a cell phone plan along with this, you can’t have JUST the Hot Spot @ Home service! The bad news – If you currently have 5 lines of service on a Family Plan, you will need to break the family plan apart in order for you to obtain this new service.

    Since it is a T-Mobile service, your mobile to mobile feature from your cell phones will allow you to call home for free, or anyone else who has this service!

    With this service, you will also get TRUE caller id – yes, no more JUST number, you will get the name as well!

    Just thought i would share some of this!!

  • Dom

    Come on guys……I have had one of these for over two months.

  • NokiaFanatic are u sure about the july 2 launch…. from what i know, JUNE 25th is the national launch date and July 2 is the launch for the advertising campaign…

  • lol some times i forget that the rest of the u.s. doesnt have this service, since we have had it since mid feb.

  • investmentbike

    I have been wondering if I could-

    1. Roll my current home phone number to a new family line (cost $10).

    2. I already have hotspot at home service so I purchase the router outright.

    3. Install the sim card into the router and use it for UMA calling. Can this be done?

    This would be more flexible as the extra cell line as the same cost as the home phone line but shares minutes when it is moved to a cell phone.

  • Slappynoname

    investmentbike to answer your questions:

    1. yes you can port over your home number but it can take 5-10 days(this is the phone companys fault)
    2.Yes you will just purchase the router outright or if since you are adding the the hotspotline to your account you can gt a discount.
    3.No you can not move sim cards around. The one for the router stays in the router and the one for your phone stays in your phone. if you move them around you will get large charges due to the difference in the billing for each sim.

    And the national launch date is on the 3rd of july.

  • Christopher Cunningham

    Please, the old routers have two sim ports too, I could even activate two lines on it.

  • investmentbike


    Actually the “soft” launch date is June 25. The routers will not be displayed but can be purchased on that date.

    I really do not understand why the cell companies always try to create a walled garden on every thing they sell. If I had an extra cell on my family minutes the minutes would be shared but I can’t put that number or any other of the family numbers in the router, only the designated home phone number. So I get it only with the wall. Well I for one would just as soon not have it under those circumstances. I already have a internet telephone that soon will let me port my home number (for a small fee). The renewal cost on it is $60 for 4 years. USA/Canada calling (including Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico), no activation fees, no taxes, voice mail to email, and no walled garden. So forget it T-mobile I am already happy with my internet phone provider. The $60 versus $480 plus taxes and fees and walled garnden is just too much.

  • Beth

    I got my linksys router at http://www.consumerdepot.com it was a great deal. linksys is a good brand…it was totally worth it.