Rokr E8 launch date, finally moto makes something that isn't a RAZR…


I know we’ve been a little behind lately but rest assured we are going to getting back to daily musings very very shortly. I’m just getting back into form myself, let me tell you strep throat is a bitch!!

Anyways, one of our super awesome forum members was kind enough to give us this lovely news for the day. Thats right you motorola fans, all two of you. We have, drum roll please the launch date of the the rokr E8, July 7th!! I really don’t know what else to write about this little ditty, morphing keypad and half scrolling still seem to be two interesting features that I would love to see in a hands on experience. Pricing is yet TBD, but we’re keeping an eye open for that information and we’ll update you as soon as we get our hands on some 2 year pricing.

Reading through our forum postings it looks like we have 4 gb capacity for expandable memory. The specs read like a list from the V8 so I wouldn’t expect anything breakthrough with this one. There is one interesting nteresting feature set though, music ID. Now I know most phones have this as an expandable application and I would assume this is the same but a built in music ID feature would simply rock, I know I find myself listening to the lite music all the time late at night by myself wanting to figure out which love song is playing.

Anyways, check out the forum post below and make sure to visit our forums daily because they are the best forums on earth, ever. End of story.

Thanks to teufel!


    Are you planning to write an article about the abdroid htc dream.All the info i have is pretty much limited

  • DarkJedi

    Max while we of course speculate that this device will be forthcoming, nothing concrete is available. Only hopes and dreams for the moment. When we know something, trust me there is going to be a BIG BIG android announcement. We’ll post it with fireworks, I think we know just how excited everyone is for this so trust me, when we get some info, we will definitely make a big deal out of it.


    Thanx a lot Darkjedi