$50 off T-Mobile HTC One (M8) from tomorrow, August 20


HTC’s One (M8) is one of the finest smartphones ever made. Its solid metal unibody build is the stuff of Samsung’s nightmares. And from tomorrow, August 20th, T-Mobile’s going to drop the price of HTC’s flagship Android phone in its latest Back to School offer. Our source informs us that the device will have its price reduced by $50 in retail branded stores and retail phone support (RPS), and there’s no need for any rebate.

A note to staff reads:

“… no rebates are necessary.  You’ll see the $50 discount automatically reflected when helping new or existing customers upgrade to or activate the HTC One (M8).  Between the $50 savings and the unique features of the HTC One (M8), this offer is sure to create a great experience for our customers.”

What’s interesting here is that the HTC One on T-Mobile’s website is already showing as “on sale” with $48 off the full retail price, plus a free promotional ‘Fetch’. So it’s unclear right now if the phone is going to drop a further $50 to $538 online, or if the existing $48 off is going to be replaced by the $50 off and therefore only saving you $2 on the current on-offer price. It’s likely that the online offer remains unchanged from what it is now. What we do know for sure is that the phone will cost $585 in participating retail stores, which is $50 off the full retail cost. Over 24 months on EIP that’s $24.38 per month, presuming you pay no down payment.

The offer is available to new and existing customers who are either activating a new device, or upgrading. Pay in Advance customers will need to have a minimum plan of $35 to qualify. Pricing is reflected automatically, so a rebate form is not required. We’re told the offer will expire after close of business on September 16.

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  • MadJoe

    Feel free to extend this offer to an actually desirable device like the G3, T-Mobile.


      I use both devices and for everyday use I find the HTC one M8 still the best phone on todays market.
      G3 is a beast but with the extra size / lesser battery life /plastic construction the M8 is still my favored device.

      • Paul

        With a case on the device the plastic body is removed from the equation. Most users put a case on their phone. I only bring this up because I get tired of reading/hearing how the plastic bodies on these devices seem cheap. Yet, individuals end up with a case on their phone and never notice the difference. In my opinion, it’s a foolish move to not put a case on these devices. The first thing I did when I got my phone was put on a screen protector and then a case.

        I also think the G3 vs the M8 will be a personal decision. They both run a version of Android with their manufacturer’s UI over it. With that said I’ve heard a lot more praise on the M8 than the G3.

        • Alex Zapata

          I have to agree with you on this one. I’m quite tired of plastic being viewed as “cheap” and metal as “premium”. Anyone who’s held any of the Lumia devices knows that materials like polycarbonate can have a very premium look and feel. As for which mobile OS….,that’s definitely personal preference.

        • Paul

          It really does come down to what they do with the materials. The textures that Samsung are doing are NOT working, and I own a Samsung. I just don’t see glass or metal as premium.

        • guidomus_maximus

          I agree. My laptop is plastic. My keyboard is plastic. Heck, my car is plastic.
          You never hear anyone say: I’m not buying that laptop because the fact that its made of plastic means its cheap!

        • Paul

          Hadn’t thought of the car angle before; I like it.

        • Bonedatt

          Motorola A780 – no case
          HTC Diamond – no case
          BlackBerry Pearl – no case
          Blackberry Curve 8900 – case
          HTC HD2- no case
          Apple iPhone 4 – case (company’s phone)
          HTC Radar – case
          Samsung Galaxy S2 (Hercules) – no case
          HTC Amaze 4G – no case
          Samsung Galaxy Note – flip cover (case, I guess)
          Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – flip cover for 1 month then removed. No case
          HTC One M7 – no case
          Oneplus one – no case
          Nokia Lumia 521- no case
          HTC One M8 – no case
          LG Optimus L90 – no case
          Samsung Galaxy Avant – no case
          Alcatel One touch evolve 2 – no case
          Apple iPad 2 – flip cover.

          There you have it. There are lots of people who don’t use cases. I tend to use the flip covers for propping the device. Casing (no pun intended) point…the notes and tablets. None of my devices have been dropped or scratched (I don’t use screen protectors either because they take away from the screen experience) and are usually passed on to relatives, in near mint conditions. Plastic does feel cheap. Durable but still feels cheap.

        • tomarone

          I don’t think cases are good for phones. Friend had a GS4 and it overheats! The Lumia phones have great plastic, and my One-S I have no idea if it’s plastic or some poly carbonate or metal, it’s very nice. No case on that one. The TMO Lumia 925 is not really low-end, pretty mid-range for now.

    • Singleweird

      the M8 is much better performing than a g3 despite the spec comparison. i own both and i prefer the m8.

      • superg05

        LG was trying so bad to beat Samsung to the market with a QuadHD phone that they launched it with a snapdragon 801 and its trying its best to push all those extra pixels which is why it it feels slugish

        • Singleweird

          i totally agree.

      • MadJoe

        I understand I’m on the outside looking in since I don’t own either device, but I have to say from taking a look at them both in-store, and from my experience with HTC devices and software, I know I will prefer the G3 much more than the M8 (even if it’s only because I know my money didn’t go to HTC, but there’s more than that).
        Probably the only reasons I didn’t buy a G3 already is no USB3.0, not 64bit capable (it doesn’t need to be 64bit yet, but being able to be updated to be is absolutely important from here out), and questions about battery life.

        • Singleweird

          both batteries are bad but we hear abysmal things about the g3. animations on a quadhd screen are extremely intense

        • MadJoe

          I didn’t get that impression using it this weekend (a friend just got the G3). But, he hasn’t had it long, so we’ll see how much it bothers him in a few weeks. So far, he’s been happy with battery life, but it isn’t stellar. Still, no 64 bit compatibility kills it for me, since Android L will be 64bit (no one freak out, I understand Android L will also be 32 bit compatible).

    • bob90210

      If the G3 is more desirable, then T-Mobile has no reason to discount it. Since it’s more desirable, more people are will to pay more for it!

      • MadJoe

        I understand that, I also understand that’s exactly why they discounted the M8, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

    • guidomus_maximus

      Yes. Please give us free money

    • Stan Wilder

      It was on the g3 for the last like 10 days. $50 off and a free g3 circle case.

  • tirtawn

    Well, I would rather wait for early sep where 2 phones will be out. Note 4 and iPhone 6. After that M8 might go down further (price).

    • Paul

      I’m hoping for a deal of some sort on the Note 4 around the Holidays.
      *fingers crossed*

    • Singleweird

      youre not gonna see an iphone in early september.

      • Adrayven

        Sept 9th.. he’ll see it just fine. Unless the 9th is no longer considered ‘early’.. someone fail to pass a memo?

        • IamDefiler

          He’ll “see” it but it won’t be available until Oct.

        • jason nusbaum

          Im waiting till the xperia z3 drops. Still loving my waterproof(swimming with many times) xperia z1s.(kk 4.4.4) Bring on the new Sony!!

  • spartanjet

    It sure would have been nice to see the Windows Phone HTC M8 version on Tmo but once again they fail to get another Windows Phone.

    • skittle

      I think its just HTC themselves who allowed the exclusive to Verizon. And Microsoft of course. Can’t see that T-Mobile was to blame. Always disliked exclusive carrier deals. Its a beautiful phone with any os.

      • BlackJu

        Carriers order phones from OEMs. Ultimately the carrier is responsible for the phones in their stores. No OEM makes a phone and tells other carriers to take a hike just because.

        • superg05

          there are exclusives all the time motorola with Verizon which it why they where failing htc with at&t till they went multicarrier but before that they where failing idiot paractices of Oems allowed Samsung growing space so thanks love my note 3 and soon 4

        • BlackJu

          Too many run-on sentences…couldn’t read.

        • skittle

          So only Verizon wanted the windows 8 HTC M8 and AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile were not interested?

        • BlackJu

          Att is obviously interested as they have announced their intent to carry this phone soon. The only reason Verizon would get it first is if they offered something in the way of advertising and promotion. You still don’t see sprint or T-Mobile announcing their intent so I’m gonna say they said no to this device. T-Mobile seems only interested in the low end WP, cuz those are the only ones they’ve been successful with. Interestingly, those are the only WP8 devices they’ve ever marketed.
          Edit: TK is reporting that sprint is also going to carry this device. So, yeah, I’d say HTC and Microsoft are definitely interested in bringing this to any carrier that wants it.

  • TheChosenOne77

    Really can’t decide on these phones. I want to upgrade from my Nexus 5. I’m intrigued by the G3 but still hear very good things about the M8. Plus with the Moto X+1 around the corner along with a bigger (4.7) IPhone 6, the decision just got harder.

    • dtam

      just wait until a phone supports LTE 12

      • bob90210

        If you have a Nexus 5 and are looking to upgrade now, then don’t wait for band 12 phones. It will take a while for T-Mobile to deploy anything on band 12 so by the time it’s ready you will probably want to upgrade again.

        • dtam

          tmo has said that they will have deployments by the end of this year.


          also, the new phones that will support band 12 are almost here as well. nexus 5 isn’t that far below the M8 that will really justify the upgrade that isn’t (near)futureproof

        • TheChosenOne77

          Yeah, I’m having a hard decision choosing. People still love the M8 but I hear mixed about the camera

        • skittle

          The camera is the thing I see mentioned in discussions on the M8. The phone does get a lot of props from owners.

      • TheChosenOne77

        What’s LTE 12?

        • dtam

          LTE band 12, aka 700 mhz

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        That’s what I’m doing the hell with volte all about strong penetrating signal

    • tomarone

      If you care about the environment avoid LG, until they figure out what they’re doing to the Palisades on the Hudson River. I don’t mean to interrupt, sorry if it’s not the right place to say this. But if you do care then there it is!

      • BRyan

        What are they doing besides building their new headquarters?

        • tomarone

          Building their new headquarters against the surroundings which are protected palisades forest, where they can just build a little lower and wider. Being a-holes about the whole stupid situation regarding building their headquarters just a bit too high. Crazy!

  • Bigjavar101

    Dammit, I just bought my HTC one and paid $636 for it ! >:0

  • skittle

    What do you love about you M8? Did anyone return a LG G3 to get this phone? Comments from anyone who had both LG and M8 would be helpful. on a JUMP plan and I am looking for my next phone.

    • superg05

      note 4 dropping in September my friends have a G3 for some reason it does seem kind of slow just abit

  • Clippers FANactic

    I kinda regret trading my M8 in for the G3. The G3 seems a lot less responsive on the touch screen. I just ordered a replacement to see if it just a faulty screen or not. However I do love the screen size of the G3. But I miss the smoothness of my M8. I hope I didn’t make a mistake by switching. Anyone else switch from M8 to G3 and regret it not regret it?

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Switch to art

      I hear it helps

      I switched from note 3 to m8 I only miss the 10000mah battery

    • cwa1979

      Huge mistake.

    • vinnyjr

      It’s the animations. Go into developers section and turn down the animations to .05 or off completely. There is three different places where you can turn them down and off all right under each other. This isn’t new, all Android phones have this section. This will make your phone respond instantly.

      • Clippers FANactic

        I will try it. Thanks!

      • Clippers FANactic

        Whats better? .5 or off completely?

        • Peter Blood

          Off makes things too abrupt for me. Try .5 and off, see which you like. I like .5.

        • Clippers FANactic

          I tried both and my G3 is still very unresponsive. I just got a new replacement today and it’s the same. I miss my HTC M8. I’m so angry…

    • 412 Audio

      m8 is a good phone because i love my fm radio and speakers and screen. G3 has a better camera

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

      Interesting. I don’t think that is a widespread problem at all.

  • __–__

    Web-Only Price
    HTC® One® M8
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    Android 4.4 KitKat®
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    • me

      It is still more expensive than my OnePlus One 64gb.

  • Ricki Lake

    Still $48 on my end