T-Mobile Un-carrier 6.0 is all about the music, including streaming that doesn’t count against your data allowance


We had a feeling that tonight would be big, and it looks like we were right. Immediately after detailing Un-carrier 5.0 and the iPhone 5s Test Drive program, John Legere dove into the details of Un-carrier 6.0.

The focus of Un-carrier 6.0 is music. The first part of the effort is known as “Music Freedom.” Just as the name suggests, the Music Freedom program allows T-Mobile customers to stream as much music as they’d like without it counting against their data allotments.

Music Freedom applies to Simple Choice customers and includes a select group of music streaming services: Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Samsung Milk Music and the upcoming Beatport app. T-Mo is open to adding other services to Music Freedom and is inviting consumers to vote for the next addition right here.

Also part of Un-carrier 6.0 is Rhapsody unRadio. T-Mo has patterned with Rhapsody on the service, giving users access to Rhapsody’s 20 million track catalog. The streaming radio service also includes unlimited skips, no ads and the ability to save music for offline listening. Live streaming of certain terrestrial radio stations are also included.

Rhapsody unRadio will be available starting June 23 to users on iOS, Android and the Web. unRadio will be free to Simple Choice customers with an unlimited 4G LTE data plan. Those subscribers without an unlimited Simple Choice plan aren’t out of luck, though, as they’ll be able to stream unRadio for $4 per month.

And just in case the Un-carrier 5.0 and 6.0 double-whammy isn’t enough for you, T-Mobile teased tonight that Un-carrier 7.0 will be revealed in the “late summer.” What pain points would you like to see T-Mobile address with its Un-carrier 7.0 effort?

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  • peharri

    No Amazon Prime music streaming?

    • $14077376

      You can vote for it on the information page!

      • bt

        I would but it’s not on the list!

        • $14077376

          It’s actually first on the voting list under “PRIME MUSIC”

        • riopato

          Prime music is losing drastically in the polls. Looks like Google access and Groove Shark are heating up this race.

  • S. Ali

    Uncarrier 7.0 may have to do with those rumored 700mhz deals, or that leak about the simplified billing.

  • vrm

    it is not about the “music”. Whatever stuff you listen to that passes for ‘music’, you wouldn’t listen to mp3 if you gave a $h1t about music, not to mention a streamed version of that garbage.

    It is all about tmobile losing unlimited data subscriptions because those m0r0ns get that specifically for streaming “music”.

    • qmc

      Oh great, one of those audio snobs.

    • TechHog

      Silly peasants. I bet that you spit on them for their insolence. How could someone possibly consider him/herself a music lover without spending $1000+ on audio equipment? Silly plebeians.

    • Robert. A. Phet

      Seriously? I have over $15K in audio equipment (mostly towards speakers), and about $60K in home theater equipment (dedicated theater room), and I would never say anything like that. Streaming music serves a purpose, most of the time convenience trumps quality. I am never going to waste my time organizing music

      As the photography saying goes “the best camera is the one you have”

    • Jimmy James

      My JVC boombox still vibrates the concrete.

  • JJCommonSense

    I’m sorry, I don’t care what anybody says, TMO is kicking @$$ right now!! Unlimited data, competitive plan prices, upgrade freedom, free international calling and data.. now if we can speed up the turnover of those 2g areas, we’d be sitting on top!

  • Jimmy James

    People always forget about Slacker, one of the original music streaming services from way back.

    • riopato

      Slacker is already one of the top 6 services that all unlimited customers can stream with no hit to their data

  • William Burr Winans
    • 212223

      You want the new service? Get the new data plan. Someone get these petition idiots to stop.

      • Good

        well we aren’t the old people only paying $5

        we have the plan from just 2 months ago and were already deprecated

    • Robert A. Phet

      I’m on the grandfathered plan. I don’t think I should get UnRadio for free. When you ask for everything all the time, you start being ignored. This isn’t worth complaining about – it is just an extra perk for those PAYING the most, not those receiving a grandfathered unlimited plan.

      Further, I will probably drop from unlimited to 1GB, because streaming music is the primary reason I have unlimited.

      • Spokker

        Well I pay $58 a month because I buy my own phone. How does that fit in?

    • Mdhen

      So tired of these people. You don’t get to have the cake and eat it too. Seriously folks what are you crying about?

  • TechAce01

    On the face of it, This sounds good, but the more I think about it, the more I’m not okay with this. Here me out before instantly thumbing me down. One of the argument for net neutrality is all data is treated the same. What T-mobile is doing is treating streaming music differently than all the other data. (That isn’t treating data as neutral data)
    The carriers and broadband providers can use things like this to fight against net neutrality. Just thought I’d share one of my objection to this.

    • Joseph Torres

      I get what your saying but others try to place limits and charges one services like netflix. I see t-mobile giving you an opportunity to experience without degrading it all after you reach a certain amount. Plus they are adding more services as we go. But in order to handle it all they need to first test the waters and slowly add companies that use high bitrates like 320kbps. See pandora n itunes use like 90kbps or less i believe thats why edge speeds can kind of handle it. Its just baby steps.

    • riopato

      I’m confused, are you suggesting you would rather have streaming music data to go against your limit instead of having no hit to your data limit all for the sake of net neutrality?

  • wsj

    It would have just been easier to say only those with the 5G data plans get the “free” music.

  • Jimmy James

    The grandfathered plans did not have their $300 disconnect fees paid off from other providers by T-Mobile, like the new customers did. So some of the new customers already got a huge discount.

  • Gfhgffg

    omg guys! I didn’t sign up last night cause it was asking for 4 dollars..I reinstalled today and its FREE!!!!!!!! I’m on the 70 dollar plan..thanks T-Mobile!!!!!!!

    • Jimmy James

      This is not true. It is still $4.00 for unlimited skips and no ads, and $9.99 for full control and offline access.

  • Gfhgffg

    Try it again!!!!

  • Gfhgffg

    Under settings it wants me to upgrade.. But its already working..I’m confused..

  • Gfhgffg

    What happens if ur on prepaid
    . can they still bill u?

  • Matt

    T-Mo would be the bees knees if they could offer an add-on package for like 20.00 a month for unlimited international roaming/long distance.

    • guest

      There is free international roaming. Calls for .20/minute

  • Jamie

    TMobile rep told me tonight, that you need unlimited 4G and hotspot of 5GB – 11GB running in 4G for Rhapsody unRadio.

    • Dark enV

      Yeah they told me that too and it’s stupid, the announcement said if you have unlimited data you get unradio for free but then the rep tells me I have to go to the new unlimited data plan to get it which is $10 more for me since I signed up in September. Basically it’s only good for those who signed up with the lower data plans or those who signed up with the new unlimited data, those of us with the older unlimited plans are left out in the cold.

      • riopato

        The announcement specifically said Unlimited 4G subscribers get the service for free as a thank you for being the upper tier customer. Regular unlimited customers gets this service at a discount rate.
        There are 6 other music streaming services including regular Rhapsody that doesn’t use up your data plan and that’s across all unlimited tiers and 1 additional service that is decided by user poll

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    anyone get this to work yet? I have the unlimited plan that includes 3GB tethering, and when I click the link to go to the Rhapsody site, it wants me to pay $4 a month? Am I signing up right?

    • Jamie

      You must have unlimited 4G and hotspot of 5GB – 11GB running in 4G for Rhapsody unRadio.

      • riopato

        It’s free if you have Unlimited 4g+ hotspot. $5/month if you have the lower tier unlimited. Also it only works for iPhone and Android phones since T-Mobile doesn’t want to support Windows Phone and Blackberry

  • Mikey Donohue

    For Uncarrier 7.0, I think an unvideo service would be cool. Like netflix. Or youtube. Or hulu.

    • tmolover31

      I doubt they will offer an UNvideo service, because it would make the $50 1GB plan seem unlimited. If they do, then they might as well remove the 1GB cap and make the $50 plan unlimited since no one would would get close to the 1GB cap.

    • tmolover31

      I doubt they will offer an UNvideo service, because it would make the $50 1GB plan seem unlimited. If they do, then they might as well remove the 1GB cap and make the $50 plan unlimited since no one would would get close to the 1GB cap.

  • UralBas

    Would anyone know of this applies just to iPhones or Android as well?