T-Mobile to offer $200 to trade-in your old BlackBerry for a new one from this Friday


Last weekend, T-Mobile did the best it could to upset loyal BlackBerry users by suggesting they switch to the iPhone. The loyalists didn’t like it, and T-Mobile apologized, and tried to clear up the confusion through CEO, John Legere tweeting about it and yesterday’s official statement. For some, that isn’t enough. But perhaps the latest move will do more to say “we’re sorry” than any of the previous comments and statements.

From Friday, T-Mobile customers with older BlackBerry models will be able to go in to store, and trade in their phones for $200 credit. This isn’t an “up to” offer. If you have an old, working BlackBerry, you will get $200 for trading it in. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 2-3 year-old device that’s only worth $10, you’ll still get $200 as long as you switch to a new device.

You can use that credit to put towards a brand new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 (or any other smartphone). If you do choose a new BlackBerry, Tmo’s also giving you an extra $50 off the price of the device.

“Starting this Friday, we’re offering $200 credit toward a new device when you trade in your current BlackBerry and upgrade to one of the latest, greatest devices.  Purchase any device we offer at T-Mobile.  It’s that simple. Bring in your old, working BlackBerry and we’ll give you $200 toward a new BlackBerry or any of our other state-of-the-art smartphones.i  In addition, for those existing T-Mobile BlackBerry customers trading-in and choosing a new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, we’re offering an ADDITIONAL $50 off the purchase price of that new BlackBerry. These offers will be available for a limited time.”

Obviously, some of you might be on old plans, others may be on newer ones, so there are varying ways in which you can make this deal work for you. Even if you’re currently with another carrier, you can trade-in your old BlackBerry and get the same deal. Combined with the “Contract Freedom” offer that pays off your early termination fee, that’s a pretty awesome deal:

“With our new $200 trade-in offer, combined with our Contract Freedom program (which pays off your early termination fees when you switch to T-Mobile and trade-in your eligible device), that’s a pretty sweet deal for any BlackBerry user. Whoever your current carrier may be.ii There has never been a better time for BlackBerry users to switch to T-Mobile.”

Branded the “BlackBerry Loyalty Reward” offer, it just goes to show that if you’re loyal and vocal about it, good things can happen.

Check out the full details in Mike Seivert’s blog post.


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  • zax

    Traded in my old Bold 9700 for a “back-up” Z-10 to my current z-10. Great offer for a $250 discount and it’ll be in my hands by Tuesday. My poor i-Phone 5 will now be relegated to 3rd string – lol!

    • Ruphuselderbeer

      I would take that iphone off your hands if you want to subsidize that backup Z10 even more. ;)

      • thepanttherlady

        No selling/trading on the blog. Thank you.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    Question for you all: Would you get a Z10 or the Q10? I’ve played with the Z10 for some time and I liked the phone but found it rather small (I have big hands.) And the thought of a true BB with a keyboard is a little appealing to me. Thoughts? Z10 is $38 after the 250 trade in credit and the Q10 is $134.

    On the plus side. The Q10 can be easily converted to a white body with use of parts off online retailers for less than what it would cost to convert the Z10.


    • locomotive

      I have z10 and is great. Being a BB “expert” :-) I will tell you that physical keyboard is great but if you keep the phone for years like I did they tend to need replacement. The virtual keyboard is different and new so we will have to see how long it last, presumably the life of the phone.
      Now Z10 is a little downgrade compared to Z30 that has way better reception technology with paratek antenna. However Tmobile apparently thinks that BB is dead and decided not to offer it to us and Verizon jump on it and got the exclusive sale of it, (except you can get unlocked but this offer doesn’t help you).
      Q10 is great but I will recommend to actually use it to see if you feel that the equipment is good in your hands. Hope in the old USA they have it at stores!

      • Clifford Haight

        I know my old nokia astound works almost everywhere in my building without having to switch over to wi-fi calling plus the transition is pretty seemless. Wi-Fi calling is really handy when I am not in the states, so that would be missed even if I had coverage everywhere in my building.

    • Clifford Haight

      I usually prefer having a physical keyboard, but the q10 keyboard was too cramped. The z10 has a excellent virtual keyboard, I can imagine the q10 would win out when it come to one hand typing though. If it was only about typing I and you only had the current t-mobile phones to choose from I would say 9315 > z10 > q10. I have been kind of back and forth about the z10 and q10 for awhile. It’s a tough choice for me as I feel like both have heavy compromises. BB10 works great on the Z10, but it has a lcd screen and not a big battery. The onscreen keyboard works great and it it seems like more apps are made for the z10. I am worried about battery life and I know I would would miss having the physical keyboard available. I could probably live with having a Bluetooth keyboard attached if need be though. The Q10 has a nice amoled screen but it seems little small when navigating BBOS, it was much easier to select and navigate on the z10 than the q10. Having a bigger battery as having a phone that is dead after 4 hours of use isn’t very practical, especially if I am traveling. Right now I am using a Samsung t699, it has the same size battery as the z10 and if I don’t keep it in power saving mode all to often it’s completely dead in four hours.
      I have head some Z10 owners on t-mobile already have 10.2 with wi-fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is one the top reasons I am with t-mobile, it’s is an absolute must for whatever phone I am using.

  • TechTac

    Just got the Nexus 5, little bugs with google finance as only 1/4 of the screen displays the grahp/chart and the rest is empty, changed the messaging app to 8sms, but the led sometimes does not work, otherwise good phone. But for $195 it’s a steal

  • john

    I have 8820 blackberry from atnt very old, they told me they can’t not accept this model since its to old?? I didn’t know there was restriction on blackberry model that accept….

    • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

      That’s odd. Maybe try another store?

    • Bklyman

      Try another strore,or call up loyalty. So people wrote they got this deal online and calling them up,all else fails email John,or get in with him on Twitter.

    • Mandingo

      the rep did not know how to process it. tell the rep to choose company name “northstate”, then select “ETF” then select “BB OS”.

      yup, in my white t

  • mizraim73

    Would an old Pearl Flip 8230 work for this trade-in?

  • epiales

    does the credit have to be used towards a phone or can you use it for a tablet also?

  • sam

    anybody know how long this promotion will last??

  • mizraim73

    Has anyone been able to get a refurb z10 with the trade in promo? I have it available as an upgrade for $288. Would to get it for $38 plus tax.

  • pete

    Can I use an old 8330 from sprint as a trade in

  • art

    I am currently on 30.00 prepaid plan…Can I continue on that plan or have to switch to postpaid??I want the Nexus 5 too…A steal at 195 plus tx..

    • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

      Keep in mind I think the Nexus 5 they sell is the 16gb version only.

      • Jesse

        The lowest postpaid plan is $50+tax. Unless you know someone who has T-Mobile and adds you on.

  • art

    was gonna get moto g unlocked at 199 from amazon..Now not sure …

  • Kathy Lawson- Lowe

    Since ther is no contract and I don’t want to switch from prepaid, what is to stop me from ope a new account, trade in bb for instant $200, pay for a nexus 5 then canceling next day? Only thing in the terms abiut canceling is balance of phone becomes due, but if theres no balance then I’m good, right?

  • Kathy Jon

    so if I trade 2 blackberry, I would get 400.00 credit towards the new phone?? or is there one limit per line??

  • Will

    How long does this offer last?

  • Guest

    Just went to the TMo store and tried to get in on this. They said the offer is only available to postpaid customers. Prepaid customers need not apply. Stupid.

    • Kathy Lawson- Lowe

      They are actually wrong about that. I havetalkedto many customer care reps, confirmed by supervisers and given DOC #’s saying as long as you pay in full for the phone you can do it. Problem is the in store software doesn’t have an option on their screens to do a prepaid trade in. You have 2 options, change your account to post paid since both plans offer tge same plans anyway. Or do what I did. Open a new account, trade in Bb, buy a phone out right have thrm activate it with your prepaid # or just insert your prepaid sim then cancel next day. No contract!! Got mine Sat. Cancelled yesterday, showed 0 usage so I will not be billed anything.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    Thank you T-Mobile loyalty dept!

    What a runaround I’ve had since last Friday. To make a long story short – I got a brand new Q10 for the price of a refurb Q10 (+ no taxes or overnight delivery charge.)

    Walked into a local Tmo store and they were baffled when I showed them my 7290 Cingular wireless crackberry :/They had no clue on how to process the trade-in order so I had to order via phone with a 611 rep which the store employee aided with. The phone rep overcharged me for a new blackberry when what I wanted was a refurbished unit. As a “sorry for the headache: t-mobile loyalty ended up giving me the stated offer above because I just wanted to walk away from the whole ordeal.

    The phone just arrived via ups and I couldn’t be happier :) Noticed the date of manufacture on the outer box says 02-10-13 which means this phone has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for almost a year, what a shame.

    Have others had such a hard time with this offer as I have? FYI I was told this offer ends March 5th, tomorrow.

    T-mobile loyal for years to come….

  • Joey

    Does anyone know if I can save the credit for later use??

  • Ken Smith

    Will they still honor this?