Dish yet again rumored to be preparing bid for T-Mobile


A few days ago we read a report claiming that Sprint – now owned by Japanese carrier Softbank – was looking to buy out T-Mobile in 2014. Although we’re highly skeptical that the company is in a position in which a buyout is necessary, the rumors won’t stop flowing.

Today, in an exclusive article, Reuters reports that its sources have further information on a bid from Dish. If both rumors true, it would see the cable TV and home telecommunications company competing with the black and yellow carrier for a piece of the magenta pie. It’s worth noting that the same company also tried to hijack Softbank’s purchase of Sprint earlier in the year. I think it’s fair to say that Dish Network is keen on getting in to the mobile communications market, perhaps enabling them to offer a truly all inclusive communication and entertainment bundle for consumers.

(Reuters) – Dish (DISH.O) is considering making a bid for T-Mobile (TMUS.N) next year, according to people close to the matter, in what would be the satellite TV provider’s second attempt in as many years at acquiring a major wireless operator and potentially setting the stage for a new bidding war with Softbank (9984.T).

What I find unbelievable about both pieces of speculation is that T-Mobile US is a completely different company than it was 12 months ago. A year ago, I’d have no problems believing it was being bought out. Deutsche Telekom was keen to accept AT&T’s a couple of years back, and only a ruling from the governing bodies stopped that going through. (Rather handily, Tmo acquired some much needed spectrum as part of the failed acquisition’s agreement.)

Today, at the end of 2013, we’re just about to see T-Mobile announce the 4th phase of the Uncarrier movement, and its position in the mobile industry has never been stronger. It has great deals, great devices and its coverage is expanding at break-neck pace. 10+10 and 20+20 LTE networks are lighting up all over the country and its subscriber base has seen better growth than any other US carrier except Verizon (which is only slightly ahead).

To me, it’s almost as if no one was interested because T-Mobile was seen as having nothing of value, but as soon as it started to show signs of growth, and gaining public interest, all of a sudden rumors come in of companies wanting a piece of the action. My own personal – and perhaps slightly unprofessional and irrational – response is: Back off, we can do it on our own now.

Via: Reuters

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  • besweeet

    “[...] cable TV and home telecommunications company…”

    Shouldn’t it be satellite?

  • Guest

    Sorry Cam, I respectfully disagree. In the USA, bundle is the name of the game, and if you’ve ever experienced Dish’s offerings, you’ll know how they’re a lot like T-Mo. Both are underdogs. Both are the most technologically advanced in their respective industries. Both have unique leadership that likes to shake things up. Both are loved by their customers, and generally shunned by the rest of the industry.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but unless you’ve actually experienced their products firsthand (which includes T-Mo here in the U.S.; they’ve GOT to keep expanding rurally to remain competitive), it’s just impossible to see the long-term value of this proposition. Only a T-Dish has the power to stop AT&T+U-verse, Verizon+FiOS, and Comcast+Verizon. Deutsche Telekom has showed by its perpetual eagerness to spin them off that they could care less about long-term involvement in the USA, and from a business perspective Uncarrier is nothing more than a fireworks show designed to impress future owners while also driving up subscriber growth. Dish could make the magic last.

    Dish has the cash and spectrum. T-Mo has the ideas. Both have the best products. Let’s get started and make this happen!

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Don’t know why this is posted twice… oops.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Sorry Cam, I respectfully disagree. In the USA, bundle is the name of the game, and if you’ve ever experienced Dish’s offerings, you’ll know how they’re a lot like T-Mo. Both are underdogs. Both are the most technologically advanced in their respective industries. Both have unique leadership that likes to shake things up. Both are loved by their customers, and generally shunned by the rest of the industry.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but unless you’ve actually experienced their products firsthand (which includes T-Mo here in the U.S.; they’ve GOT to keep expanding rurally to remain competitive), it’s just impossible to see the long-term value of this proposition. Only a T-Dish has the power to stop AT&T+U-verse, Verizon+FiOS, and Comcast+Verizon. Deutsche Telekom has showed by its perpetual eagerness to spin them off that they could care less about long-term involvement in the USA, and from a business perspective Uncarrier is nothing more than a fireworks show designed to impress future owners while also driving up subscriber growth. Dish could make the magic last.

    Dish has the cash and spectrum. T-Mo has the ideas. Both have the best products. Let’s get started and make this happen!

    • Adrayven

      I respectfully disagree. Dish’s CEO is not the best in anything. Their support sucks eggs. I have their service and HATE them. They farm / contract out everything and they go CHEEP on everything. They are NOT ahead in tech in the industry. Far from it.. Look at their consumer satisfaction ratings.. they are below several CABLE operators.. and that says a lot!

      A buyout from Dish would NOT be welcome.. They do not think outside the box. they LOVE 24 month contracts.. Deceptive pricing (great deal for 12 months, stuck at high prices for next 12).. Say goodbye to UnCarrier if they come in.. guaranteed!

      Would be a horrible merger.. maybe if they just invested and didn’t get direct say in t-mo, but if they get direct control.. game over. I’ll be leaving .. already leaving Dish once my contract is up for satellite.

      • kalel33

        ” Look at their consumer satisfaction ratings.. they are below several CABLE operators.. and that says a lot!”

        So what does that say about T-mobile, that is last in customer care and satisfaction. You can’t bash Dish for bad customer service but give a pass for T-mobile being last for 3 years.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Exactly. I completely agree.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Ergen is unquestionably an innovator. And Dish didn’t raise prices in over 8 years. What are you talking about? And ACSI rated Dish #1 in Customer Service quality.

        Dish is not in the business of destroying active profit centers. That’s part of the reason they were the ONLY pay-TV provider to actually ADD subscribers last quarter. Please, don’t hate without facts.

        • Shadlom

          They raised prices by $5 at the beginning of this year.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I accounted for that already. Until this year, prices were not raised.

        • Gary Hernandez

          The reason for that is because they refuse to pay for popular networks. They hold off on many channels. What good is paying $30 dollars for Dish when you will be missing many channels. Pretty much comparable to TMO and not having HSPA or LTE in rural areas. You get what you pay for. EX. here in NY we lost MSG and the YES network and i am sure most of you have heard about the dispute they had with AMC right at the beginning of Breaking Bads season 5. But most recently they have been disputing with Disney which is the parent company of all the ESPN’s and Disney channels.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          So, switch if you don’t like it. I like that they have the cojones to stand up to the bully networks. If you like paying a wimpy company to bend over backwards for greedy broadcasters and raise your rates, Dish isn’t your company.

        • Gary Hernandez

          I don’t have Dish for that reason. I am just stating the reasons why it is so affordable. Just like Tmobile is affordable due to the lack of coverage in rural areas. I have Tmobile because that does not affect my service, when i travel i usually go to other metro areas. If i didn’t care for sports i would be a Dish customer just like you, everything else can be caught online. Personally i am glad they are not allowing the content providers to bully them into paying whatever they want, the rest have to follow for it to do any good though.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          That’s not really the reason T-Mobile is so affordable. And the other’s don’t need to do the same; all that will happen is that Dish customers will continue to pay less than others and the other spineless providers can reap a small benefit from Dish’s example.

        • Nikato Muirhead

          oh my goodness…. 5 whole dollars…. my budget is dead…. babies will cry now. ……Children are starving…. oh no.

    • Cam Bunton

      I completely get your point of view. I think the ability to be able to offer a complete home/mobile package could be awesome for consumers. I have less of an issue with the Dish network bid than Sprint. I was more reacting at the timing of these supposed bids. As long as they don’t ruin the T-Mobile brand, I’m okay with Dish.

      I think where the two match up is that in their respective businesses, they are very much the “going against the flow” companies. T-Mobile is the “uncarrier”, breaking rules about what you can do with on-contract plans. Dish – in the same way – is the middle finger to cable companies/broadcasters/advertisers. With its Hopper, you can skip commercials, a big no-no, and one that got CNET in trouble at CES.

      They’re definitely a good fit.

      • Chris

        Whoa, Cam I love you for loving T-mobile this much :)

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        I wish I could show you my Hopper. I absolutely love it. I have 2 ;-)

  • Aurizen

    I hope this doesn’t ruin T-Mobile… IF it doesn’t hurt T-mobile and they will keep a business as is approach and improve in spectrum and coverage with this deal…. then I guess..

  • just me

    1) Complete deal for 700mhz a-block spectrum from Verizon
    2) Merge with US Cellular for their 700mhz a-block spectrum
    3) purchase any additional 700mhz a-block spectrum that can be had
    4) partner with Dish/allow them to buy stake in T-Mobile
    5) build out 700mhz a-block LTE(by this time, 600mhz auction will be happening… Possible purchasing of more spectrum aligned with 700mhz a-block? And ch 51 interference no longer an issue)
    6) uncarrier uncarrier and more uncarrier
    7) profit!!!

    • Jay J. Blanco

      I agree or T-Mobile could just buy the 700mhz from U.S. Cellular. Sounds like a plan to me!

    • lynyrd65

      You forgot the most important one

      0) Upgrade the entire existing 2G network to HSPA+ on already owned 1900 PCS spectrum ASAP.

      • just me

        Touche and +1

  • S. Ali

    Sprint and Dish are already partnering to trial broadband on 2.5ghz. Dish doesn’t own valuable spectrum. If anything, Dish could provide capital to T-mobile to jointly bid on 600mhz spectrum in 2015.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Interesting to see how this bidding war is going to play out.

  • FluX

    I am curious to see how this will work and have a few questions. Sorry if I sound knowledgeable about this topic.

    1) What spectrum does Dish hold? Does it have 700 MHz or something else or just the power to get spectrum?
    2) Dish TV’s internet is satellite based, right? Is this where their spectrum plays in? Could T-Mobile and Dish use satellite to provide LTE to phones or is there a technology limitation?
    3) Does this mean that our prices will go up? Or because both are somewhat “underdogs” (or at least used to be), we will see the love from these companies to keep prices low?

    Thank you very much and sorry for bothering with these questions.

    • xmiro

      Dish has the 700Mhz E spectrum, what was channel 56, nationwide. But it’s only 6Mhz, it’s unpaired so I’m not sure how valuable that is. If T-Mobile gets 700Mhz A block from Verizon they’ll get 6mhz of Channel 52 so ostensibly 5×5 LTE will be possible, maybe.

      Dish has other spectrum, 40Mhz in MSS. It also wants the Lightsquared spectrum as well but the 6Mhz 700 E is all they have in the sub-1000

      Dish is cheaper than DirecTV so doubt they’ll go Verizon prices, they won’t have the wireless network to justify it

      • FluX

        Do you think that our prices will go up? I really hope not (and I would definitely hope that T-Mobile stays magenta!).

        Would 5+5 MHz LTE benefit T-Mobilers? Or would the decreased speed balance the effects of propagation?

        • xmiro

          I don’t think prices will go up. Given Dish Network’s position as the value player – charging less than DirecTV – I think it’s a pretty safe bet Charlie Ergen isn’t going to start charging Verizon prices.

          I think we might even see prices go down. John Legere hinted that T-Mobile is ready to respond if Verizon and AT&T match uncarrier which I take to mean a possible price decrease

          AT&T just did it – the cheaper plans without phone subsidies are now $45 for unlimited talk with 300mb data vs $50 for T-Mobile with 500MB data, though as you go up AT&T still costs more.

          Charlie Ergen can also be a very aggressive CEO so who knows what he might decide.

          5x5Mhz, assuming they can mash A+E block together, will benefit T-Mobile because we’ll get very good indoor signal penetration, something they really need – 1900Mhz requires more towers and just doesn’t propagate indoors that well. Without knowing anything about wireless I would imagine 6mhz would be enough for LTE and voice together

          It will be in interesting 2014 though

      • xmiro

        I forgot also that Dish Network also owns 40Mhz in AWS-4 2000-2020Mhz and 2180-2200Mhz so that would be good for 20×20.

        Not sure if it’s nationwide coverage or not, but I think it is

      • jay_max

        I thought Verizon held 12Mhz of 700 A block, at least that is what the FCC’s spectrum map shows. Wouldn’t that allow 5+5 LTE?

    • just me

      I can at least partially answer answer one for you. Dish owns an almost nationwide 5mhz block of 700mhz spectrum… I think its known as E-block? I think the idea behind it was to have mobile TV? But it could, in theory, be used for mobile communication, but with only 5mhz, might not be worth it unless it could be paired with other spectrum… They also own some higher-frequency spectrum… 2500mhz range, I believe.

      • just me

        Heh, xmiro beat me to it, and is more detailed. Oh well, cheers :)

        • xmiro

          by a minute too! :)

    • Nikato Muirhead

      Dish has a grand plan to install fixed wireless , where everyone’s home would have a fixed wireless rooftop antenna. Fixed wireless can also act as a mini cell site, covering an entire neighborhood from one person’s rooftop. Dish has so much spectrum I cant remember it all. They are one of the top 10 spectrum holders. Spectrum will be used for TV over wireless, so Satellites won’t actually be necessary for too much longer. No landlord will be able to deny you TV Service as fixed wireless antennas are unobtrusive , almost unnoticeable and can be placed indoors if needed. Your prices will not go up, because of marketing synergies and the ability to sell to 14 million dish Network Customers.

  • TechHog

    Well, the new T-Mobile was good while it lasted. In a year, contracts will be back, prices will be higher, and we may end up being migrated to a crappy CDMA network

    • D Nice

      I’m going to remain optimistic. If things do turn for the worse back to Verizon I Go (Maybe not). I hope T – mobile keeps the momentum going.

    • FluX

      I really don’t think that will happen. Migrating to a CDMA network will definitely not suffice in the world of new technologies. LTE and HSPA+ are mainly GSM compatible, not for CDMA, which is quickly being outdated. I think that T-Mobile will continue with the momentum that they have and be one of the first to deploy LTE-A. Also, why did T-Mobile start converting MetroPCS in the first place?

    • xmiro

      no, t-mobile will not be a CDMA network. The future is in Voice-over-LTE both CDMA as we know it now and GSM are going the way of GPRS and EDGE

      • superg05

        Lte is an evolution of gsm so no

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      No, no, that’s Sprint. We’re talking about Dish.

      The future is bright with Dish!

      • TechHog

        Dish will bring back contracts and raise prices for sure.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          You are such a downer. They would not. That defies sense. Dish wants, just like any other company, to make a profit. They would not eliminate a profit center.

  • trife

    Is Dish offering AMC yet? I can’t trust a company that would get rid of AMC.


    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Yes, they are. :-) And you should thank Dish – those carriage disputes drive down industry prices. Although they are a temporal inconvenience, they ultimately BENEFIT consumers.

      • Shadlom

        They don’t. When Dish got AMC back they added it to packages that didn’t have it before, then a few weeks later all rates went up $5.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          They do have it back. You can see for yourself on their website.

        • shadlom

          I mean they dont benefit us.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          They do. The lowest, all-digital prices in TV today is Dish.

          You can’t be cheapest (and best) and then claim it has nothing to do with Dish’s willingness to fight for lower rates.

      • Nikato Muirhead

        Spoken like someone who KNOWS!

    • Shadlom

      That’s really really old news.

    • Nikato Muirhead

      AMC Hates their customers and proves it by offering Dish Network a bad pricing deal. and as a result Charlie told them HELL NO!!

  • sushimane88

    I thought dish CEO has said the spectrum they have isn’t compatible with T-Mobile and it would be difficult to intergrat it together. If they actually try to buy T-Mobile wouldn’t that be a waste of money?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      He thought that Sprint would be a better fit, but I don’t know what Charlie was smoking when he said that. He should really count his lucky stars that he didn’t get his way – that yellow disaster would have been the downfall of Dish.

      At least T-Mobile, well, you know, has a working data network.

      • fsured

        Ha, perhaps we would have Softbank if Dish won.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Good point! Although I don’t want them either.

    • Nikato Muirhead

      The precise reason that Sprint was a better fit is that the rooftop antennas and fixed-wirelss modems that Echostar has already purchased for nationwide rollout were designed to work with CDMA-LTE. Switching to GSM is inconvenient for Dish but could still be done, especially on Dish’s new frequencies.

  • John

    Really Cam? “Back off, we can do it on our own now.” We, since when have you been on T-Mobile USA Network? Are you getting paid by T-Mobile USA to claim WE?

    • kev2684

      really, John? really?

    • Alex Zapata

      As I’ve said before, calm your tits.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Context. Comprehension. Obsession.

    • Cam Bunton

      I think you missed the “unprofessional and irrational” part of that sentence..

  • kalel33

    Cam stated, “and its coverage is expanding at break-neck pace”.

    Just a correction but the network coverage hasn’t expanded at all. You could have stated that the LTE coverage has expanded but not the network as a whole.


      Although not breakneck as he described our coverage has expanded in some markets. Tmo has added equipment to more than 500 Metro PCS sites just in the south region and has built a few new sites as well.

    • philyew

      While the 4G footprint isn’t “expanding at break-neck pace”, it is expanding.

      A year ago TM did an investors presentation where they reported that 4G HSPA+ was in 229 CMAs, covering 225 million POPs.

      The latest quarterly report states that HSPA+ now reaches 229 million. They don’t give the total number of CMAs covered, but elsewhere say that they have 203 million LTE POPs in 254 metro areas. Clearly, therefore, they have also expanded the number of CMAs in which HSPA+ is now delivered.

  • Whiskers

    If this happens i’m gone , I’ll take all 3 lines i have and gladly pay someone else more .
    Wife worked for Dish for 6 months and it was the worst company to work for , they screw you out of your selling bonuses and don’t pay their employees enough on top of that.
    A few months back they were in the top three for the worst company to work for through a national pole , that should say something right there about that company when their own employees are miserable .
    Once they have a customer on their contract it’s bend over time and try getting off the contract , good luck without paying ungodly fees and signing over your bank account .
    If they buy T-Mobile you can kiss no contracts and 0% EIP plans goodbye and their new plans won’t be as cheap as they are now.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      You just keep coming back to hate, don’t you? The Glassdoor survey you’re citing is virtually insignificant, as users simply post their experience online. That’s about as precise as a blind surgeon. Every Dish tech, rep, and employee I’ve spoken to has been at the very least happy with the job, and at the most completely satisfied.

      They ask a lot of their employees, just like T-Mo. I have news for you: a culture of accountability is usually shunned by lazy people. That’s why T-Mobile is constantly badmouthed on the Glassdoor-esque reviews.

      • Whiskers

        Whatever , i know the real facts as my wife WORKED for Dish .
        As an EMPLOYEE you know how the business is ran from the INSIDE , not just someone telling you what you want to hear from the OUTSIDE looking in.

        It’s all about money and they will say anything to get a deal and make the most profit , and believe me it’s all about their profit and once it’s done what they said and will do is two different things.

        • philyew

          So far, after two years, they’ve kept their word to me. I’ve no reason to think that Dish are any worse than DirecTV as a service provider.

          They got my business because DirecTV were not prepared to stem my prices spiraling upwards and wouldn’t compete with the deal that Dish offered.

        • Nikato Muirhead

          Dish will literally fight to keep your price low. They will take the bloodsuckers to court. When Fox and the other jokers threaten, Directv just yields and jacks up the price. Charlie Ergen says HELL NO, and they don’t get a deal until it is fair to Dish Network’s customers.

        • xmiro

          Ok we got it. No need to repeat yourself 1000 times.

          Fact is none of us here are going to work for Dish. We’re going to be customers of Dish T-Mobile whatever they call it if they buy the carrier. We care about whether or not prices go up. Which they probably won’t considering Dish tries to be a value leader.

          I respect Dish for putting up a fight in the ever increasing fees pay tv channels demand. Dish didn’t flinch about dropping The Weather Channel which wants to get $3 a month from me whether I want them or not.

      • 21stNow

        I had a friend that worked for Dish in the past. I could not believe some of the things that she told me about working there. Some of the policies that they had were just trifling. We (her friends) were so happy when she quit; we happily helped her look for another job.

        • Bigger Richard

          Your profile image is a cat, no? How would nine hard inches feel to that cat? Hmmm?

          Makes me wonder where you could be going with this?

        • Stone Cold

          The are the most hated company in Colorado. And this is where they are based.

      • Stone Cold

        Klaus I am sure that there are people that love to Work for Dish and there are people that Hate to work for Dish. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are normally always rated as one of the worst companies in America.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Name of study, please. Otherwise, with all due respect, that’s just the hogwash of haters.

        • Stone Cold

          Google worst rated companies in America

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      You really sound like an alarmist. “Once they have a customer on their contract it’s bend over time and try getting off the contract , good luck without paying ungodly fees and signing over your bank account .If they buy T-Mobile you can kiss no contracts and 0% EIP plans goodbye and their new plans won’t be as cheap as they are now.”

      :-O Oh right, because the first thing Dish would do is stop precisely what spurred their interest in T-Mobile, and serves as their main profit center.

      • Whiskers

        Oh i will enjoy paying more if Dish buys T-Mobile , the service they will offer afterwards will make any deal from the other cell companies look good.
        You must have never been an EMPLOYEE of Dish before so you really don’t know how they really run their business.
        If it happens enjoy the changes !

        • xmiro

          you’re so sure what would happen, maybe you should buy some Dish stock since prices are going to go up it only means more revenue

    • xmiro

      i guess some in my family are masochists and like to be abused by Dish because they’ve had the service for over a decade and refuse to move. Dish also beats any offer DirecTV made them.

      YMMV as always when it comes to support

      • Nikato Muirhead

        I’d slit my wrists for one of those Hoppers…. Oh My Goodness….. Even the rich don’t live that good as you do when you have the hopper.

        • xmiro

          the Hopper is good. I considered switching but I don’t watch TV anymore. Plus in Florida with the weather I’m not willing to put up with wonky picture

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          The Hopper is AMAZING. I love mine :-)

    • jj

      As a longtime employee of T-Mobile, reading stuff like this really scares me(as if rumors of another buyout deal don’t scare me enough). For the most part. T-Mobile has been an amazing company to work for, with reasonable performance numbers to meet, amazing benefits, and a culture that was very supportive of its employees. They just overall want to treat us right. The only exception to this was the period between when they announced the AT&T buyout and when Legere took over- everything became a comparative nightmare in terms of the performance numbers and how they were handled, and in the culture and attitude of how employees were treated. Now that the leadership has righted the ship, I look back on that time as something I “survived” and it was worth it to make it through that for where the company is now. I don’t know if I could make it through another period like that, especially if the buyer is a company that seems to have a reputation of treating their employees like crap.

    • Nikato Muirhead

      I worked for Dish for 4 years, and it was the best. I only left to help my wife start her home daycare. If you are lazy and don’t like to work hard, you will hate working at Dish Network.

  • Philip

    I find it funny that people always say buy low and sell high? It seems like we all always do the opposite. Buy when it is high.

  • Paul

    DISH TV? How about “no.”

    Also, I heard a rumor that AT&T got genital warts from Time Warner.

    • Jose Hernandez


  • fsured

    Does Dish offer home high speed internet? That is something cable operators can offer. I don’t want internet that is going to cop out because a cloud passes the satellite signal. Cable internet is still more reliable and has solid speeds compared to mobile data. This type of a merger wouldn’t be a complete solution for communications/home bundles. Now if Google stepped in and bundled T-Mobile with their Fiber… sign me up!

    • 21stNow

      Dish had partnered with some company to offer internet service. If you are bored one day, call in and ask for more information about the internet service. See if they have any answers to that question. They transferred me to five different people and not one knew anything about it. The website didn’t have much information either. This is part of the reason why I don’t want Dish to get their hands on T-Mobile. Dish is horrible.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Uh, I get transferred all the time with T-Mobile, too, and even though sometimes I’ve had less than excellent support experiences it doesn’t mean they’re not a good company. You just have a grudge against Dish because apparently you had a friend who didn’t like working there.

        If she didn’t like it, she should find another job.

        • 21stNow

          You can defend Dish all you want. It won’t change my mind that they are inept at what they do. If you bothered to read part of my post regarding my friend’s employment with Dish, you should have read the entire post. She did leave and is much happier with her new employer.

          I have called T-Mobile and on occasion have needed to be transferred once. The reps still had knowledge of how to help me and just needed to get me to the appropriate department. Dish, on the other hand, had no idea what the internet service was that was promoted on their website. The website gave a specific number to call about the internet service, but no one there knew what was going on.

          I hope that you’re either Mr. Ergen himself or one of his relatives to continue such support of the Dish network.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          That’s exactly what I will continue to do. All I mean is that your objections with Dish are virtually meaningless. What, you don’t like them because their support is just as good as T-Mobile’s, your friend (who may or may not be generally competent, I might add) couldn’t handle the environment there, and you claim they didn’t know about Internet? How is your friend, your questionable experience, and your personal animus against Dish any reason for them not to merge? I’m talking about the benefits this transition would bring, all you can bring up is your stressed-out friend. By the way, I really like T-Mobile but I still have been transferred MANY times, just like at Dish. It’s not as big of a deal as you make it.

          I am neither Charlie Ergen nor a member of the family, but I really appreciate the fact that we can’t have an intelligent conversation about this. :-P

        • 21stNow

          We can’t have an intelligent conversation about this because you resort to insults of people that you don’t even know. It takes two intelligent people to have an intelligent conversation and you aren’t holding up your end of the conversation at all.

          A company that has bad customer service cannot be a good takeover candidate for another company, no matter what that second company’s customer service is like.

          There are many people who hold a less than stellar opinion of Dish Network’s operations. You can claim it’s personal all you want. Millions of people with personal negative opinions of Dish add up to millions of people who will not be customers of Dish Network if they add cellular service to their offerings.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          It wasn’t intended as an insult. I am personally a very low-stress kind of person, and I probably would not do well in an environment that was 24/7 high-stress. I don’t know what type of problems your friend encountered. While I am happy that your friend has found better employment, their individual experience is hardly reason not for T-Mobile and Dish to merge.

          While your personal opinion may differ, Dish beats DirecTV and all cable providers in call center satisfaction. And, like T-Mo, has 24/7/365 support.

          All I’m saying is that those people who hold a less than stellar opinion is usually the competition, or haters. There are millions MORE who love Dish Network, and their opinions speak louder than any trash talk.

          (By the way, plenty of people have negative opinions of T-Mobile. They’re not right, either. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.)

        • 21stNow

          Questioning someone’s competence would be considered an insult by most “intelligent” people. I thought that my friend had the patience of Job to put up with the things that she described in regards to the policies (travel, expense reimbursement, etc.) of Dish Network.

          How Dish treats their employees is important when because those same employees will often treat customers in the same way that they feel that they are treated. The assertion that Dish can rise to the top of the heap of cable providers’ customer service is not something that I take as a positive, as cable providers are usually rated the worst in customer service.

          Last I checked, T-Mobile’s customer service call center hours ended at 1AM ET, so they don’t offer 24/7/365 support.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I think T-Mo’s hours changed, but I could be wrong.

          Every person I’ve spoken to at Dish (installer, manager, regional manager, phone rep) has enjoyed their job. They didn’t say it was easy, they said it was rewarding and worthwhile. But I’m never going to be able to convince you, since every time I bring up something positive you dismiss it as irrelevant.

        • Stone Cold

          The issue truly isn’t people are dismissing what you say as irrelevant. You are speaking on your interactions with various company folks. But once again they employ roughly 25,000 people here in the US. And according to your interactions everyone in Dish loves the company. Lots here in Colorado only work there as a way to make a living not cause they love it.

        • Stone Cold

          They were tops in 2012. They have been voted the worst company to work for in America for 2 years straight in July of this year. You may love Dish and how they treat you and that is fine but to say that every person that works for a company loves the company they work for is way of base. I have had Direct TV and the only reason I left them is because when I live won’t allow me to have it. My mom has had Dish and she left them to go back to Direct TV. T-Mobile is not 24/7 anymore. Customer Care representatives are available from 3 a.m. to 10p.m. PT,

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Also, that’s incorrect. Dish has DISHnet. It is wholly provided by them; only for wireline internet you need one of their partners.

    • Nikato Muirhead

      Actually….have you tried exede. I was at the cabin of a very rich friend of mine, and he was getting 70 MBPS of the satellite during the day. Don’t tell me that bandwidth isn’t real. as far as mobile, you cable operator can only help you get internet in your house. that’s good for some folks but not me.

  • AngelFire

    I am with you…”back off we can do it on our own now!”

  • tomarone

    They don’t care a whit about what is good for anyone but their stock price. If T-Mobile can get a stock price deal that they believe is properly valued (makes enough $$$) they will take it irregardless of customers needs. That’s the way this crap works, read the recent articles about the king of raiders, Carl Icahn. They buy companies to make money and destroy the companies, period.

  • longtimeCustomer

    If you look at John Legere’s employment history, he tends to get companies ready for selling.

    • UMA_Fan

      The difference is that it looks like he truly enjoys the role he’s in. He would benefit from leading tmobile for a while he may be known as the Steve jobs of wireless one day

  • zifnab

    Anyone not trying to buy T-Mobile? Maybe I should throw in a bid too!

    • jj

      Zifnab? No way… Is this… Russ?

  • TMo2003

    T-Mobile is going to hit a hardware and spectrum wall. The deal with Verizon is fraught with external interference. Everyone sees it coming, so they are looking at striking while the irons hot, as it were.

    I’m not saying that t mobile will have a problem on its own. It can ride it’s wake until the 600 auction in 2015. But the industry is looking at explosive growth. T mobile is giving away services for a cheaper rate, and that’s great. But it means they are giving more and getting less. Customers with unlimited data are going to be more likely to consume more. This will strain their network.

    Buying now means you get the hot brand, and both sprint and Dish have spectrum to introduce immediately.

    A dish buy wouldn’t face hardly any regulatory restriction. Sprint might face approval issues.

    Time will tell

  • Stone Cold

    I don’t care how much spectrum Dish. Not a fan of Dish and I don’t want them as my wireless provider

    • GinaDee

      It’s not just spectrum, it’s massive amounts of spectrum; the kind of air space you can create speeds in excess of 100 Mbps plus on average not just when you are sitting under a cell site. It’s the kind of capacity that (if properly built and implemented) would answer any of Sprint’s dreams of doing the same with their massive spectrum holdings.

      Dish isn’t a wireless service provider. Even if DT sold out to them it would be the same company except with more money, tons more spectrum, a bigger market cap and the ability to secure more debt for upcoming 600 MHz auctions. We all know T-Mobile needs more low band spectrum to compete in rural areas and to improve indoor building reception.

      The only alternative to not being bought out is for DT to step up and make some serious investment. T-Mobile USA is growing and they’ll need more than $3 billion a year to keep up otherwise they’ll start having capacity issues all over the place. The biggest tale tale sign is the recent move by TMUS where they had to sale shares and amass more debt. They just don’t have the cash to build on their own. AT&T’s $4 billion dollar gift that was used to build out their new LTE network is all gone.

      • Nikato Muirhead

        Dish Network has been quietly amassing huge amount of high-bandwidth spectrum. I am hopeful Dish will get T-mobile , but I think the FCC will sell out American interests yet again and bend over backwards for the Japanese, and for the added power that the FCC could wield in a combined sprint-t-mobile.

  • Irfan

    why companies want to buy t mobile and why t mobile loosing to sell …what is going on

    • Todd

      Because they’re one of the last wireless companies in the US that are large enough to have a future but small enough to be bought. There’s lots of money in the future of wireless, and any business that has even remote synergies with T-Mobile should be thinking about a buyout/merger.

      The same thing has happened in other emerging industries. A good example is the media. They are all owned by just a few companies – movies, TV, magazines, etc….

      • FuturePS4Gamer

        Exactly. T-Mobile isn’t too big or to small is just about right. You don’t see people rushing to be US cellular because they are too small.

        • Nikato Muirhead

          Honestly, US Cellular is where Dish Network should have been looking initially, but that is just my humble opinion.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          USCC has few opportunities for expansion. T-Mobile has quite the opposite situation. The future is bright for T-Mo :-)

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    I actually like Dish Network. I don’t see what the problem is..

    • Andrew

      I do too. Let’s hope that Dish network will be the owners of T-MobileUS instead of Sprint!!! Sprint is seriously getting underneath my freaking skin now. It has always been that way with me being with their company since day one. Sprint have some uninteresting phones to look after all around. T-Mobile US has Sprint beat in this buyout by Dish Network for that matters my friend!! I’m now glad to have left service that had anything to do with Sprint for good now. I’m now happily married to T-MobileUS/MetroPCS deals now. I at least am using T-MobileUS service which that one being MetroPCS now.

      • FuturePS4Gamer

        Glad someone else agrees. Sprint and T-Mobile would be a disaster together.

      • Nikato Muirhead

        Masayoshi Son is a salesman and a sweet-talker, and a liar. He knows that if he promises the federal government some additional powers, and can get bankers to extend him more debt, he will have T-Mobile. To heck with the fact that FCC was previously against having less then 4 major carriers. They have changed their tune now that they know they will have more power in a sprint-t-mobile merger. One of Masayosh Son’s rationalizations as to why Dish should not get Sprint, was because the combined company would have too much debt. Where is the debt-cry now as Masayoshi Son is looking for bankers to borrow from to finance this new deal ?

        • Matthew

          Wow. Hmm we’ll see what happens. I just don’t know at this point here. Let’s hope for the best for our T-MobileUS company!! I just read through a post Cam posted up for everyone to read last night about how Softbank &Sprint goig into so much debt just so they can thoroughly be the official buyers of T-MobileUS!!

  • UMA_Fan

    Let’s say Tmobile controls Dish. Would their spectrum make much of a difference? Isn’t it all high band stuff anyway?

  • Tjh

    I’m disappointed in T-mo news lately. I’m getting stories here way after I read them elsewhere and there aren’t anymore ‘leaks’ that keep us ahead of the curve.

    • Edgar

      I have to agree 100% on that.

    • Jason Crumbley

      That’s because there is no-one reporting that has any actual sources, other than what other sites report, now that David is gone.

  • Mike Roberson

    I Like Dish and I like TMobile. But I left TMobile for ATT when I moved to the Eagle Ford Shale area of Texas. They have no 3g or 4g coverage. Only Edge for data. Its pretty sad. I was with them for 8 years and I didn’t wanna switch. Why does Tmobile want to loose out of the potential of thousands of new customers down here? Weve had thousands of workers come down here for drilling and housing. Right now only Att and Verizon offer LTE here. Maybe Dish will make them do some expanding. I already have Dish for TV,id be happy to have Tmobile back as my carrier.

  • Danny Lewis

    The main users of Dish live in rural areas, right? I really don’t see much of a point unless Dish wants to really increase T-Mobile’s rural presence.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Eh, it’s not overly rural. I don’t live in a rural area at all, and plenty of people use Dish. It’s better than cable by far.