T-Mobile appoints Gary King as new CIO

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It’s been a busy year for T-Mobile, and I could almost certainly forgive the company for taking a few weeks off announcements and changes for the holiday period. Shame, magenta doesn’t see it that way. Today, the company has announce the appointment of a new Chief Information Officer.

Gary King has been in the technology services business for more than 30 years, most recently plying his trade at Chico’s FAS, Inc. But in the past has worked with consumer brands like Avon and Barnes & Noble. From the official press release, it appears as though he’s been taken on with a clear aim of advancing the online retail experience as well as the in-store services for T-Mobile. In the past, he’s help build online spaces from scratch, particularly with Barnes & Noble. He’s also been involved in developing in-store technology and e-service options.

“T-Mobile is heading into 2014 with incredible momentum,” said John Legere, chief executive officer. “Gary brings consumer, retail and e-business experience to the team, which will help us continue to advocate for consumers while transforming our business.”

King will be officially part of T-Mobile’s team from December 31st.

Via: WSJ

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  • D Nice

    Really guy’s lol

  • scott

    God hope that he gets rid of Citrix and develop a better back end system for dealers.

    • gentleman559

      Amen brotha. Its almost unbearable to work with.

  • Alex Zapata

    Welcome aboard and good luck. I’ve got you under my microscope mister.

  • Adam12

    Third CIO in two years..
    One left when Mr. Downsizing (Legere) came on board, the second one cut back the IT dept more than 60% and now the infrastructure is taking the hit, hopefully this one restores everything to how it was before.

  • bob90210

    It’s good to be Gary King.

  • bootsy

    One thing that TMUS retail seriously needs is a UNIFIED INVENTORY TRACKING database across ALL RETAIL STORES.. When I was looking to buy an iPhone 5s in November, I had to individually call each store!! because no one knew what the others had in stock (whether they be corporate retail owned or franchise – didn’t matter). Even TMO Corporate was unable to direct me to a retail store with inventory. Please make it easy for people to buy your handsets. TMUS, Gary King, please have this in place BEFORE iPhone 6 hits the streets.

    • corey

      We know. However if we don’t have the phone why waste time tracking them down for somebody who isn’t ggetting us any $. Do your own legwork

      • Bryan

        Corey – Did you just say that? That is the exact kind of attitude that makes our retail experience horrible. The “I am not going to help the customer if I am not going to get paid” is a horrible attitude. How about trying to do what is right for the customer and start them off with a great experience rather than a negative one?

  • Edit

    Please delete this idiotic sophomoric comment Cam. Absolutely irrelevant and the poster is clearly a moron. Anyone that replied to this asshats comment (not including myself) is not that any better.

  • thepanttherlady

    Please keep the comments relevant to the article. Thank you.