Slow data speed problem confirmed as “minor software issue”, fix coming today [UPDATE: Official Statement]

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Over the weekend we collected a number of first hand reports from Tmo customers stating that they’d noticed a significant slow down in data speeds over the past few weeks (read our report here). We weren’t really sure what the problem was, but we guessed it wasn’t throttling, or an issue with specific phones.

Thankfully, there’s a fix on the way. John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO tweeted a short while ago stating that this software fix is going in place today. So, we should see the issue disappear over the next couple of days. We’ve not heard if this is a software issue on the infrastructure end, or if individual phones will need to download something. My suspicion is the former. I’ll update you if I hear any more details on this.


T-Mobile got in touch to confirm that the software update is on the infrastructure side. Customers don’t need to do anything. 

Also, the company’s official statement on the issue is below: 

“We are aware of a recent software issue that has slowed data speeds for a very small percentage of our customers, only when downloading large files. Our engineering team is fixing this now and we expect resolution by the end of the day today.”

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  • Pete Sake

    How T-Mobile fix their My T-Mobile site for mobile broadband users? It’s been down over a month. There are multiple posts in their forum about it as well.

    • Luis

      I use T-Mobile for prepaid mobile broadband as well. It’s convenient to add data through their site but it’s been down for a very long time now. As usual, calling tech support is a pain and they tell me they didn’t know it was down at all. Then it takes them forever to add funds or buy some data.

      Even when you want to purchase their services, you can’t. If this continues next month then I’m going to look into AT&T’s and Verizon’s prepaid broadband services. I have Verizon phone service so I may end up with them for broadband.

    • ATT User Now

      I’ve switched to AT&T prepaid mobile broadband who has a working website. Thank you T-Mobile. Now I have an even better mobile broadband experience. I wish I went with AT&T in the first place.

  • Andrew Finkenbinder

    I still cannot watch a single YouTube video. Harrisburg, PA (LTE, full bars, correct APN settings). Hell, maybe Sprint….

  • s0uLjah

    Hey Cam,

    Have they rolled this out because over here in the Portland (Oregon) metro area the data sucks and is very inconsistent; jumping back and forth from 3G to HSPA+.

    Any news?