T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Phase 3 Begins Tomorrow, What Do You Want To See?

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We’re a little over 24 hours away from T-Mobile’s unveiling of the third phase of their three-pronged attack at changing the face of the wireless industry. With their first two Phases already showing signs of success and investor praise, T-Mobile has big expectations for what is expected to be the third and last phase of UnCarrier for 2013. The announcement of Shakira at a ticketed event as a performer as many speculating that the announcement will in some part contain international news. That’s something we’ve already suggested as rumors have come to our attention that involve free calls around North America.

That being said, there’s plenty of speculation about what else T-Mobile could have in store for tomorrow. New rate plans, LTE news, 2G coverage report and so much more are all being discussed as possibilities. Along with that, there have been whispers that T-Mobile will begin moving their entire customer base onto the Simple Choice no-contract rate plan with various special offers to entice a quick move. Could T-Mobile drop or drastically lower the migration fee to bring their contract customer base over quickly? Will T-Mobile remove deposit requirements for service altogether?

Let the speculation begin and let your wish list flow.

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  • jimmiekain

    Call me crazy but I’d like to see ABSOLUTELY NO CARRIER BLOATWARE. I’d be nice if they made all of the T-Mo apps (including wifi calling) downloadable from the playstore or the T-Mo website. This may help speed up initial releases and OTA updates.

    • Tone

      Get a nexus problem solved

      • jimmiekain

        I have a nexus 4 but the lack of wifi calling is an issue. I don’t like any of the other wifi calling / voip solutions. Also, I think no bloat on all phones would be awesome. LG G2 is awesome but with no bloat it would be unstoppable. Besides apple users don’t have to deal with it. Why should Android users?

    • fsured

      Or at least offer the option to delete the program from the phone. Have the phone come out of the box with the software in case a customer actually uses the mobile tv or whatever.

      • psreddy1234

        All Windows Phones have the option to delete the carrier apps … and you get wifi calling .. Nexus is also good option but no wifi calling

  • Encino Stan

    Does Europe still get incoming calls for free?
    VoiceStream used to have the first incoming minute free.

    • CrzyP

      I used to live in the UK until September 2010 and incoming calls were free then.

    • xmiro

      yes they do get incoming calls free

      • Encino Stan

        International data is great, IF you travel internationally. I go international once every few years, and when I go, I just get SIM from what country I am in.
        If T-Mobile is trying to follow the European model of doing things (non-subsidied phone, no contract, etc.), then I would have liked to see free incoming calls. (Although, I guess if you had unlimited minutes it would not matter.)

  • gali5446

    I just want 4G in Hermiston, Oregon

    • Scubasteve

      Just Move to Tri-Cities. =)

  • Frettfreak

    at least some part of this announcement WILL be LTE. I am in a town that has pretty bad data coverage normally but i went into the central part (i live in the sticks) and got LTE! I have noticed it lighting up in more spots all over all week.

  • Goliath King

    So.. Around what time are we slated to hear this information?

    • Victor Castro

      5:15 pacific time 8:15 eastern standerd time

  • Galan

    Has anyone found out where one can view the event???

  • Ctru

    I recently purchased an S4 this past weekend and t-mobile waived their $200.00 migration fee if i switched my classic plan to the simple choice plan which included truly unlimited data for the same price as i was paying for 5gb in the classic plan.

  • fsured

    Wonder if AT&T is a bit spooked. Seen two press releases about their network improvement just before T-Mobile does their release. One yesterday was about their phones to start shipping with the ability for voice over LTE with their network capable of handling it next year. It is to offer HD quality (yet T-Mobile already has HD voice). That same article mentioned next year they will have LTE-Advanced. Now Cnet has another article about LTE expanding to 13 new cities, mentioning how many people they cover, etc.

    Trying to sound relevant? Could be pure chance but marketing and releasing info at the right times can help soften a potential blow. We know T-Mobile views AT&T as sitting with giant target sign.

    • xmiro

      not pure chance, it is pretty typical PR though I’m more surprised they didn’t do it after T-Mobile was done.