Newly Leaked Images, Video Offer Clearest Look At Upcoming Nexus 5

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.00.37 PM

Hello there LG Nexus 5 and welcome to the land of “in the wild shots” of pre-production units. This device, apparently left sitting on a table by a Google employee at a bar was picked up by another individual who snapped the three images and captured two videos. Thankfully, it looks exactly like the images we just saw pass through the FCC and the “accidental” Google KitKat video. The videos and images show the devices startup and lock screens, as well a not-so-hidden Nexus logo. After several attempts at unlocking the device, the bar patron reboots the device and takes a pic of the boot animation. There’s not a lot else we can gleam from these images, but they are certainly enough to whet our appetite and if the current pattern of news is any indication, we’ll know everything about the Nexus 5 through leaks and official FCC documents courtesy of the Federal Government by the time Google actually announces the device next month.



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