Friday Poll: What’s Your Next T-Mobile Smartphone?

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With the Nexus 5 hot on the rumor mill, the Galaxy Note 3 just weeks away from release and the new iPhone devices set to hit in a week the T-Mobile smartphone selection is about to get a lot better.

Barring the availability of the Galaxy S 4, HTC One and other “recently” released smartphones, what if any of the up and coming T-Mobile smartphones are on your shopping list? With that question in mind, here’s a fun poll for Friday inquiring about your smartphone shopping list.

Are you eager to snag one of Apple’s new iPhone devices or the Galaxy Note 3 and its beautiful display? Perhaps the LG G2 and its unique rear-key and bountiful specs already has you under its spell.

So by all means, take the poll and let the T-Mobile world know what’s next for you, or let us know it’s none of the above. Maybe, just maybe you want to wait for the rumored Nexus 5 the Android world expects to see in October.

What’s your vote?


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  • symsoul

    Nexus 5. Between cost (assuming it’s $400 or <), general quality and stock Android, is there a reason to go with anything else?

  • KingCobra

    iPhone 5S. Hope to grab one Friday before the stores run out of stock.

  • Jose Pizzle!

    MINE IS THE NEXUS 5!!!!!!!

  • striker

    Galaxy s5 when my upgrade comes around

  • AnthonyRyan89

    For me it’s the iPhone 5s or The Nexus 5.

  • dtam

    nexus 5…pending google has the same pricing levels on the playstore as the nexus 4

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple Galaxy Note 3 hands down over any Nexus 5.. October 2nd I will have my Note 3

  • mgrexx

    There is no choice. Samsung Galaxy S5 next spring. Any other purchase would be foolish!

  • john v

    Google Nexus 5!

  • Ordeith

    My next smart phone may not be with T-Mobile if they don’t start offering better phones.
    AIO wireless with AT&T phones is looking very tempting lately.

  • Conrad Curtis

    Probably a Note 3 :) Though I am curious to try out the Apple train after 5 years.

  • Shawndh

    This is indeed a difficult decision. I’ve always been an HTC fan but lately, they have been letting me down with just plain STUIPID decisions. I would probably get the Nexus 5

    The Moto X is looking promising too with it’s good voice command functionality too but it’s not on T-Mobile yet. The iPhone 5s can now store my finger print? You must be crazy!!! Privacy invasion to a whole new level. And the iphone 5c in a bunch of pastel, feminine colors? What were they thinking? Samsung Galaxy line is very popular and a great phone but I personally don’t like them for various personal reasons. That leaves me with the Nexus 5.

  • james

    I hope they get the htc one max or Lumia 1520

  • james

    If they meaning apple would make 5 incher i would be in not till then

  • iz

    HTC OneMax and BB Z-30… So none of the above…

  • Carl

    BB Q10; nothing like making phone calls, emailing, & texting, from 35,000 feet!
    IPhone CAN’T!

  • goodbye

    Dunno, but it won’t be with Tmobile. Be honest. If you actually travel more than 30 miles in any direction on any major highway in any major town, data coverage is spotty and speeds suck. Was hoping for better with the refarm. Oh well, enjoy paying post-paid prices for pre-paid coverage… As a true traveler, i’m out.

    • Bill Berry

      I share your aggravation…I pulled a cool 12 megs down on my SG3 in Albany, GA this past weekend, but the moment I started to leave the city, boom, EDGE! Worse, no coverage at all in places that AT&T has at least HSPA+. Inexcusable!

  • comajorr

    Galaxy Note 3. Been waiting for it to arrive.

  • kurrupt_1

    Note 3 without a doubt!

  • Bill Berry

    Lumia 1525! I’m not here to debate or get into a pissing contest with Android owners.