(Update) T-Mobile Set To Launch UNcarrier “Phase 2″ On June 23rd?


Update: Well what do you know, as soon as this post goes up, word comes down that “Phase 2″ has been delayed till July 14th. Still no additional details available. 

There’s not a lot to go on here, but a number of sources have pinpointed June 23rd as the launch of T-Mobile’s UNcarrier “Phase 2″ plan. In case you are wondering, we’re told there’s also a “Phase 3″ though details are also unknown. One of the rumored services launching with Phase 2 will be a “new” rate plan that is postpaid, with no credit check. The rates will be the same as what’s now offered and are specifically geared toward customers who don’t want to have their credit run. I’m told there won’t be any EIP offered with this plan and customers will buy phones outright.

T-Mobile’s UNcarrier efforts will also be paired with the already discussed 15 additional markets launching with MetroPCS. Internally named “Apollo 15,” the launch of the more markets has already been confirmed by execs from both companies. With the launch of a new service that allows Metro customers to use certain Sprint, Verizon and GSM-based handsets paired with Metro’s already outstanding all-you-can-eat rate plan choices, the launch of more Metro markets can only bode well for T-Mobile.

I can only hope Phase 2 allows for super awesome things like a free trip to Mars with every family plan purchase, or something cool like that. Just kidding. Seriously, no trips to Mars will be rewarded with any purchase.


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