HTC One, BlackBerry Q10 Launching Nationwide On Wednesday, June 5th


A bit of good news this morning as word just arrived that T-Mobile is planning to release the HTC One nationwide on June 5th. That’s very welcome news considering the original retail/branded launch took place in just 300 stores as HTC was sorely lacking global inventory. As HTC kicks up production it seems to already be filtering down as T-Mobile will bring the device to all of their retail and branded locations next Wednesday.

Along with the HTC One launch, the BlackBerry Q10 will also find its way into T-Mobile’s retail stores on the same day. Originally available to business customers, the device marks BlackBerry’s first BB10 launch with a QWERTY keyboard.

The Q10 is expected to launch for $99.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $20 each for Simple Choice customers.

The Q10 features:

  • 3.1? SuperAMOLED display, 720×720 resolution at 330ppi
  • Blackberry 10 OS
  • Dual-core 1.5GHz processor
  • 35-key physical QWERTY keyboard
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 8 megapixel rear facing camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • 2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • LTE, HSPA+ connectivity
  • NFC


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  • Ordeith

    Is there a date for the Lumia 925 yet?

    • David

      Not yet, though I may have something soon on it.

      • darch16

        please keep us informed on the 925, that’s the one phone I really want

        • Cornelius Hardy

          Yeah me too. Loving this 521 so far though.

      • techymexican

        Most tech websites say that the release will be in June and for t-mobile it’ll be July. I hope it’s all in June !

  • sidekicker89

    For anyone ordering the HTC One or has one already,make sure you check your screen for broken pixels. I order mine online and when i got it I turned the phone on and noticed a tiny bright white light on the mid-right side of my screen. I went to the T-Mobile store and they said it was a “busted pixel”. I also went into the AT&T store and one of their demo units had the same problem but on a different location on the screen. I’m not sure if this is a known problem or if it was just a bad batch of phones.

    • Kit Pogi

      No issues on my beautiful baby…

    • superg05

      its called a light bleed

      • sidekicker89

        Trust me it’s not light bleed… its not at the edge of the screen.. it’s a white dot basically in the middle. Also I ran my finger where the front facing camera is down to where the screen starts and it felt smooth but when i did the same to the left side i felt a bump which means the screen on my phone isn’t completely flat or placed into the device. There are some quality issues on certain phones which I’m guessing HTC missed because of their rush to make enough phones for the demand. I came from the HTC One S and there was no quality issues at all with it. My new HTC One is coming tomorrow though :)

        • tomnewtn

          Actually some of the One S model had poorly fitting SIM covers that did not match up cleanly with the body. Other than that, a beautiful device.

  • TechHog

    Hopefully that’ll be when the next LTE launch is officially announced. I’m getting LTE all over NYC, so they might as well make it official.

  • Graham Blackadder

    For the HTC it is way too late. If only they had their fingers out their asses way back in April when it should of been available nationwide they wouldn’t be in the cluster f***** position that they are in. They lost me and I’m guessing many others as loyal HTC customers. Too little to late!

    • Torabora

      You do realize that component supply issues are why it wasnt readily available dont you? They didnt have the their fingers in their asses at all. You must not really be that loyal to ditch them when they have a problem.

      • Graham Blackadder

        Did Samsung have issues like that? No! That phone released one week later than their original launch date not over 6 weeks. It is HTC’s problem to sort out long before launch not leave it until a week before and announce they have component issues. That simply boiled down to incompetent people running the show. When building things in any field the manufacturer makes sure things are in place long before they even start production. Hell I walked into 3 T-Mobile stores locally and all had demo units of s4 and no HTC one in sight. This failure cost HTC millions in sales against s4.

        • Deon Davis

          Samsung is the world’s largest cellphone maker using pretty standard parts for the most part. HTC is a smaller company using a specialty camera part that is made especially for them. If you went with a different company thats on you. Im enjoying my One very much!

        • Graham Blackadder

          Awesome. Pleased for you. I’m enjoying my nexus 4 very much also.

        • Chilehead

          So nice to see we are all enjoying our phones. I enjoyed my GS2 and GS3 as well. Would have considered a Nexus 4 several months ago. It’s a great and inexpensive phone but no LTE. I am, however very happy with my new HTC One as well.

        • Graham Blackadder

          Personal preference and to each their own. Variety is the spice of life. If I could of actually held one, played with one at the time I was shopping for a phone I’d probably of got it. The point is I couldn’t find one in any stores and I prefer holding and playing and being hands on before spending that amount of cash on a phone.

        • Ron Santos

          It’s could “have”, should “have”, would “have”, not OF. Sorry for being an a$$, just got annoyed.

        • Graham Blackadder

          Period pains bothering you this morning?

        • Ron Santos

          Nice comeback.

        • Graham Blackadder

          Lol. I try to amuse at times. It’s all good man.

        • Jared

          You know what I did? Drove down the street to a Sprint store, played with a HTC One and a SG4, looked at them online, drove back down there a few days later and played with the HTC some more, went home and called T-Mobile, told them I was leaving for Sprint cause they had it. Got my down payment waived to keep me with Tmo.

        • Jared

          Ya, you have no idea what you’re talking about. If component company has ten parts and Apple , Samsung, and HTC all need four of those ten, then based off of sheer size alone, Apple would get four ,Samsung four, then HTC two. It had nothing to do with HTC dropping the ball. For all we know, Samsung went and bought all the crap up HTC needed just to halt their release date. After reading about Samsung apologizing and being fined for paying college students overseas to bash HTC One without actually using them first, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

        • Graham Blackadder

          It has everything to do with HTC dropping the ball. They should of made sure the component supply could meet demand. Just like every other company who makes things in this world does. They knew exactly what it took to build these phones long before production even began. Do you hear of car companies complaining that other car companies bought all the tires and they only have enough to put 3 tires on each new car that comes off production line? Fact is as I said HTC should of made sure everything was in place at the start. boils down to bad management. If it was anything but that they would be suing the hell out of the suppliers as im hoping they signed contracts which were in turn broken.

  • Michael P

    It’s already sold 5 million despite the supply issues…They are a smaller company and all things considered, that number is very impressive..I had to wait 8 weeks for a Nexus 4…quit whining, the best stuff is worth waiting for…

    • Graham Blackadder

      Nobody is whining and nobody said it wasnt impressive. What was said is basically imagine what it could of or would of been if they had their stuff in order. It really helps if you have the intellect to read posts rather than accuse people of whining or attacking them.

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    I bouth it the next Day after release awesome Phone worth the waith HTC rules galaxy could be good but not paying 600 some dólares forma chip plástic i want to be able to take the battery out with different matterials my long gone g2 was a metal lid not chip plástic

  • Mr. Hill

    It’s an amazing device, even better than the S4 in my opinion but at this point HTC has already lost so many sales to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy 4 from screwing up their launch that I don’t think it will be very successful on Tmobile now.

    • Deon Davis

      HTC one is still good, Their goal is not to out sell the GS4 (which would not happen anyway), it’s to sell enough units to profitable again. One sales are actually very good considering the production issues.

    • Michael Pitts

      No one believed that the HTC One was going to topple the iPhone 5 and S4 in sales that is just unrealistic especially with the marketing power of both Manufactures. What they have done is raised the bar for both manufactures when it comes to build quality and functionality. The S4 is selling like hot cakes but because of the One alot of people are questioning its build quality more then they did the S3. The iPhone 5 to me personally retains the same body from the iPhone 4 just with a stretched out screen and a outdated OS as it is now the OS still leaves me desiring more, its build quality is top notch but the black one easily scratches.

  • hal j.

    still no black edition for the HTC ONE on tmo

  • Goliath King

    WHERE IS THE BLACK ONE!!!!???!!?!?!

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I know right.

    • Quan Bui

      HTC One? I’ve seen it in person and it’s not as great as you may think…. it looks like any other black smartphone. The silver one just stands out more.

      • I-Troll-U

        Out of curiosity, why do you want your phone to stand out?

        • Quan Bui

          Not stand out as in “LOOK AT MY PHONE OMG ITZ SO COOL ~N~ FLASHY!!!” Stand out as in if that hot chick looks over at me and sees me holding my phone, I want her to think I have style and taste… I mean, that’s why I’d rather buy an Audi over an Accord.

        • I-Troll-U

          Ummm… OK lol

    • Herb

      Probably AT&T exclusive.

      • Goliath King

        Sprint Has the Black One aswell

      • Michael Pitts

        AT&T has the exclusive to the 64g version not color, Sprint originally launched with the Silver one at first then a week or 2 later launched the Black one. Hopefully this is the same with T-Mobile.

    • Michael Pitts

      I believe it may have had something to do with the device not being fully launched yet to all T-Mobile location. Hopefully with them rolling it out to all the stores and sales channels we will see the Black One arrive. Im patiently waiting for the black one myself.

  • Bklynman

    I am surprise that this phone had made it to TM,since Nokia is now suing
    HTC for patent infringements,read about it in The Daily News last week.
    This could be the death knell for HTC. Any comments David?

    • Cool Beans

      Nokia sued HTC for manufacturing the HTC One with Nokia patented microphones. This happened some time ago and I’m sure they either came to some agreement or “fixed the error” so to say.

    • Deon Davis

      Your info is out of date. HTC was not sued, the company that made the mics was sued. HTC is allowed to use the mics they already have then they will get mics from a different supplier. Their is not nothing to commit on.

      • Ordeith

        Nokia currently has 50 lawsuits against HTC, with more than a dozen targeting the ONE. You seem only to be aware of the one ST was also involved in.

  • rob

    HTC outsold GS4 in last 30 days.

    HTC One surprises by outselling Galaxy S4 in first month

    Posted by Phil Moore on May 27, 2013 in News, Tech | 0 comments

    The HTC One is outselling the Samsung Galaxy S4 by at least a slight
    margin during the the first month that the two flagship Android
    smartphones have been available, to the surprise of just about everyone.
    For all the buzz about the myriad problems HTC is facing, from the
    failure of the “Facebook Phone” HTC First to the departure of top
    executives, it turns out the beleaguered phone maker is outselling its
    rival at least in terms of head to head flagship sales if certainly not
    in terms of combined total Android phone sales overall.

    But the HTC One is indeed outpacing the Galaxy S4 this far, based on
    official first month sales numbers released by the two vendors. The
    first sign of trouble for the new Galaxy phone was when Samsung revealed
    that it had shipped ten million units to retail and channel partners in
    its first month, which means that no more than half of those initial
    shipments are actual sales to customers with the rest still on shelves
    and in warehouses waiting to be sold. That means the Galaxy S4, for all
    its hype, isn’t even measuring up to sales of the iPhone 5, which is so
    old it’s about to be retired. With HTC now announcing that it’s sold
    five million of the One to actual customers in its first month, that’s
    at least slightly more than the number of actual sales that the Galaxy
    S4 has notched in its first month.

    Those who don’t know the difference between shipped and sold may be
    prone to mistakenly believe that the Galaxy S4 is outselling the HTC One
    by a two to one ratio. But parsing the numbers reveals that some way,
    somehow, HTC is winning this particular battle thus far. There’s no
    guarantee it’ll stay that way going forward, and Samsung is probably
    outselling HTC in terms of total number of Android phones sold. But with
    the aging iPhone 5 still outselling either new Android phone, this may
    be less a case of good news for HTC than it is worrying news for

    • TechHog

      This is the most biased, bs article I’ve ever seen lol

  • Vladmir4

    HTC one is welcome.

  • tomnewtn

    HTC One is pretty nice, and clean in terms of UI. Not that much different from my Nexus 4. I’m concerned about battery life though. If I keep it on battery conserve mode or whatever it’s called, and use it lightly, it easily gets through the day on a charge. (say what?) We’ll see if it’s a keeper. Maybe the stock Android version would be better in terms of battery life. Or maybe an update will come out to improve it. I love the build, and display. No stutter, no lag, no reboots. Blinkfeed isn’t bad either. Nice to quickly scan news feeds.

    • Vladmir4

      consider external battery. 10000mA $30 on ebay. )

      • tomnewtn

        Might need to. Great option.

    • Herb

      I’ve had conservative use days with the HTC One where the battery lasted 30 hours or more. That’s a significant improvement over any smartphone I’ve ever had.

      • tomnewtn

        I am noticing that Sense seems to be the #1 battery hog. I have never had a Sense device before, but since this one was so clean I thought I’d give it a shot. My Nexus 4 is no battery champion either but battery size is different if memory serves. Have to wonder how well that big battery in the One would perform with stock.

  • Caerolle

    Too late for me, I had to go ahead and get a new phone. I wonder how many more phones HTC would have sold if they had competently managed the launch.

    • Quan Bui

      So true. I wasn’t initially gonna buy the HTC One because it was delayed for about a month, but then I looked at the new phones that I would get…. they all sucked. The only other phone I was considering was the S4. However, I decided to wait a little longer, and boy was I happy I did! The HTC One became available on T-Mobile’s website and I bought it for $99 down. A week later, my friend bought the S4. We were playing with each other’s phone- weighing pros and cons about each other’s phones. It’s a friendly rival thing we have, but even he admits he should have bought the One… I saw him almost a week later… with a new HTC One lol. I confronted him about it and now he denies ever buying the S4 XD

      • Caerolle

        Funny about your friend with the S4, lol. I tried to like the S4, but just couldn’t get there, or I would have bought one when I finally couldn’t wait any longer. I actually bought an LG Optimus L9, which is an awesome phone for the price, and really does everything I need anyway. This year I was moving my spouse over to Tmo, and had to get a new phone by a certain time, but next year I can wait for the dust to settle when the new phones come out and get what I really want. It just makes me mad that HTC botched the launch so badly, and I couldn’t get the phone I wanted this year.

  • Chum Lee

    Cool, after my dozen or so customers who wanted it found it elsewhere. Thanks.

  • g1analaura

    ok so dumb question, I am trying to buy a case for the New HTC One, is this one called the M7? I am buying on ebay for a friend and just want to make sure I buy the right one.

  • Brian

    I really don’t care about HTC One or BB10. David when is Nokia Lumia 925 launching date? That’s a phone we are waiting to get for our family plan lines.

  • scoobydooby

    From the stores I’ve been to, most reps don’t seem like they will care about the One. They wanted to sell the One back in April – and most sounded pissed off that “other” stores got a few. It wouldn’t surprise me if most reps push customers more towards the S4 or iPhone – the One has made them quite angry. I tried several local stores, cash in hand – and the responses were all the same – would have been nice to have it, but we’re not worthy.

  • Seth @ FBT

    Balckberry Q10 has definitely got some interesting features. All we need to do now is wait and watch how the consumers react.