LG Announces Global Availability For White Nexus 4, Won’t Make Nexus 5?


The White Nexus 4 has finally, officially been given the global release go ahead thanks to a new LG press statement. Once a unicorn talked about only in back-rooms and secret hallways, the white Nexus 4 unveiled itself to the world in a far more “official” capacity at Google’s I/O conference earlier this month.

The Nexus 4 White features the same stock Android Nexus experience as the black color variant so any hopes for the addition of LTE, improved battery time or an improved camera are quickly put to rest.

The device will feature a 4.7” 1280×768 true IPS display (320ppi), 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM.

“Nexus 4 set the standard for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphones,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company. “Nexus 4 White delivers the same Google experience to consumers in a stylish and attractive color option.”

The device is expected the begin rolling out May 29th with global availability happening over the next several weeks. No word on whether T-Mobile will stock the device or if it will just be available through the Google Play Store.

As for the Nexus 5, LG says it likely won’t come from its corner of the Android world. In an interview with Dutch Site All About Phones, LG Mobile’s European VP said LG doesn’t need to repeat the Nexus strategy. Kim said that the Nexus line has “no added value for us without our own skins.”

However, LG officials quickly clarified to The Verge Won’s statements and said they were misinterpreted by the publication. While LG isn’t work on the “Nexus 5,” the company wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to work with Google again. LG officials stated that Kim was referring to the company’s mobile unit in that it doesn’t “need Nexus” to be successful.

All About Phones (Translated) , LG Pressroom


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  • Verizonthunder

    Who care’s about a new color. The real new’s should be when T-Mobile upgrade’s a tower to LTE or HSPA+

  • TBN27

    If they made it with 32gb internals, and LTE out the box, then I would go back to android and give it another shot.

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    At least add LTE to the device now come on! Well no worries my note 2 is great now just waiting on the note 3 :)

  • Mr. Marschel

    Go for global LTE instead of more colours.

  • jinx8402

    I believe LG has walked back the comment about not making another Nexus device. They said they would be willing to make another one if Google asked them to. I believe the “no added value for us without our own skins” comment was about releasing a version of their own branded phone as a Google experience device a la SGS4 or HTC One.

    See here: http://www.androidcentral.com/lg-vp-comments-nexus-5-misinterpreted

  • The only people that I would think to be interested in this, is those who do not already have it.

  • D Velasquez

    hopefully not, i would love to see an Xperia Nexus or a Nexus Razr.but no more LG please, the Nexus 4 could have been better in my honest opinion.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Sounds like the next Nexus will be from HTC or Motorola…They could use the help with sales!

    • kalel33

      Motorola’s problem is that they are only one one carrier, Verizon. They sell extremely well, with all the different Razr variations. Motorola just needs to open up to the other carriers and not just give crap to T-mobile, like they did with the Cliq and Defy. Those were absolutely horrible phones.

  • Wish they’d announce both colors at launch;not this late date. And June 2013 & still no LTE makes no sense. Starting to wonder if a Key Lime LTE, great camera phone will be announced by Fall or not, and do I eve care anymore?

  • Google just needs to realize tat the majority of Nexus 4s are being used on carriers that use band 4 LTE and just suck it up and take the steps to properly and legally enable the dormant hardware.

    • Graham Blackadder

      Agreed! The nexus 4’s have the LTE radio installed however the antenna is the issue or lack of LTE antenna from what I’ve read on the situation.

      • It uses the same antenna as for HSPA that’s why the Nexus 4 can’t do simultaneous voice and LTE data

    • MaseW

      It wouldn’t be possible to do it in any kind of stable way.

      It has the transceiver (transmitter/receiver) for Band 4, but does not have accompanying amplifiers. Even if they did enable what is there, the experience would be sporadic at best.

      It’s not so much receiving from the towers that’s the problem, it’s the transmitting from the phone. Even with the amplifiers, a phone only transmits a five tenths of a watt (0.5W). Without the amplifier, we could be talking about less than tenth of a watt.

      Being able to receive, thus having a signal strength, does nothing for showing the quality of the signal the phone is transmitting back to the tower. It would be a customer experience nightmare, as people constantly complained about poor LTE performance, even though they have a “strong signal”.

      Sure, their phone can “hear” the tower, the problem is that the tower can’t “hear” the phone.

      • They’ve shown it has the amps for band 4

      • ant

        i can get on and use LTE in seattle and used it all over Vegas this past weekend just fine on my Nexus 4…

  • Graham Blackadder

    Personally I thought LG did a great job with the nexus 4. Build quality was fantastic and the phone in my eyes is one of, if not the best looking one on the market. Having said that once googles contact to produce the remaining “droid” phones for Verizon is up I can’t wait for them to unleash their Motorola brand/phones as I’m thinking they will give Samsung and other manufacturers a serious run for their money

    • superg05

      we can only hope

  • 0neTw0

    Are there any guys that have the White version of any smartphone? Also how many people don’t use cases?

    • Herb

      I have a white HTC One and I pretty much never use cases.

      • 0neTw0

        Thanks for the response. I have never met nor seen a guy with a white smart phone apple or android.

        • None@none.com

          I have a white Galaxy Nexus.

    • superg05

      i have a white galaxy note 2 its beautiful i love it

      • 0neTw0

        It is a nice phone..

    • Svengalis

      I have a white cover on my black nexus 4

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Google take my money. The black front with the white back reminds me of my HTC Amaze. It’s sexy.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Explain to me how this is a white phone? I can buy a Nexus 4 and get a white battery cover and have the same thing ahead of release. This should’ve been marketed as an Oreo colored Nexus 4 at release, not a year after.

  • mnaz105

    My life is now complete… said no Galaxy Note 2 owner!

    • superg05


  • Graham Blackadder

    Android 4.3 or 4.2? I was hoping when they released this us nexus 4 owners would get a little refresh up to 4.3.

    • Graham Blackadder

      Forget this post, says “same Google experience.” My bad!

      • steveb944

        I think it was the Google Experience S4 or the black Nexus 4 that was spotted with 4.3 in the wild. We’ll probably expect that little bump in the coming weeks/months if it is true.

  • ian

    Motorola Nexus5

  • steveb944

    Well that was a waste of a release. Releasing a color change ~7 months later with the same hardware? Shame. Hell it’s not even FULL white which I would have considered, it’s pretty unique for all white.

    We should have received the LTE radio, it’s not that difficult considering their flagship has it. I guess I’ll be tinkering my radios to get makeshift LTE in my area

    • superg05

      if it passes through the fcc again which it likely wont then the nexus will be allowed to use lte

  • Noel

    This revelation points the next Nexus strongly in the direction of three OEMs…that will be HTC, Moto and Sony, with HTC being my most favorable OEM. The likelihood of HTC making a return as next Nexus OEM is very high now with this revelation…i will be thrilled if it turns out to be so. The best Nexus so far was made by HTC, and with the type of materials and specs we have today..given another go at a Nexus, i am certain HTC will deliver the goods.

  • Cellphone maker make too much of a deal about white phones. Not like it the Beatles White Album.

  • rob

    Well since LG thinks it doesn’t really need the Nexus then the chances of an HTC made nexus just got better. If the Google Edition One is real its all Google needs to remember they have the partners to compete at the same caliber as Apple in the hardware side, details and all. A Sony made nexus wouldn’t make me as disappointed as another LG made Nexus. I already had to return my nexus4 once through the warranty because of the “red light of death”, being one of the lucky few early adopters in Nov didn’t to turn out to be so lucky in the end. I’ve never had to return an HTC phone before so they have my trust .

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I just had to comment and say Kudos for having Chong as your avatar. Awesome

      • rob

        “Daves not here man”

        • Wilma Flintstone

          “Beaners are gonna, eat beans”

  • Durandal_1707

    Best news I’ve heard all week.

    Bring on the Motorola Nexus 5 (or the Samsung Nexus 5, or the HTC Nexus 5, or the Anything Other Than LG Nexus 5).

  • tech916

    Will the Nexus have LTE ? What No? Forget it.

  • Borillion

    “no added value for us without our own skins.” is such as silly statement yet it shows the mentality of these device developers. You don’t need a skin to add value to your handsets.