HTC Says One Production Capacity To Double As Samsung Announces New Galaxy S 4 Milestone

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Some good news coming out of HTC this morning as the company’s North American president, Jack Tong, says that production capacity for the HTC One will double this month. In fact, production will not only double this month by continue increasing in June to meet the “strong demand” for the HTC One.

“Our capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May. We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June,” Tong said in the report.

That could bode well for T-Mobile customers who have struggled to find the One in their local company-owned T-Mobile stores.

The news is in contract to Samsung CEO JK Shin announcing their Galaxy S 4 flagship smartphone will pass 10 million units sold in under 4 weeks. That’s three weeks faster than the Galaxy S III sold the same amount and confirms reports from earlier in the week that the device is the company’s fastest selling smartphone ever.

“It is selling much faster than the previous model S3,” said Shin.

While stopping the Galaxy S 4 juggernaut seems unlikely, my question is how much if any impact will a vanilla Android Galaxy S 4 have on Samsung’s sales volume?

ZDNet, TheNextWeb

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  • I believe it will have a minimal impact on their sales. It is techies and people who frequent sites like these that are interested in stock/ vanilla android. The general public, by and large purchase these phones for all these neat(sometimes not neat) extra features these manufacturers put on these devices, but I’m sure it will be a big hit with their target niche market. I wish them well as always.

    • agreed

    • Matthew Ramsdell

      Couldn’t agree more, and speaking personally I think it should be HTC offering vanilla android on their handsets. What would be a minimal impact for Samsung could really help HTC, considering the vast difference in sales numbers.

      • kalel33

        HTC can do it anytime they want, but they choose not to.

  • HTC can not match the sales of Samsung. The S4 has done 10 million in 4 weeks!!! What has the HTC One done in the last 4 weeks?

    • Adrayven

      Matching wasn’t even in the plan.. It was recapturing some of the market. Not sure why people think their needs to be instant and complete domination in any market? It’s about increasing market share and profits so you can do the same again with the next generation..

      You tap away at the competition, thats how it works.

      • The point is, they will not be able to take away from Sammy no matter what they do. Sammy ‘Captured’ 95% of android sale recently…so HTC has some work to do right?

        • D6E

          I don’t think HTC thought they could overtake Samsung. I do think they can compete with build quality, sound and software. Updates? I guess we will see if it changes with the HTC One.

  • atari37

    That’s nice and all but they really need a new marketing team. A very aggressive marketing team. The general public needs to know what they have to offer and if that means putting their devices against the likes of Samsung or Apple, then that’s what they need to do. The aggressive marketing Samsung started last year has worked great for them.

    • Matthew Ramsdell

      The only problem is HTC has a ridiculously small marketing budget. They simply can not afford to go blow for blow against Samsung.

      • HTC has a huge budget for marketing however it is wasted in doing over the top commercials such as people skydiving and recording and showing features. Can you even imagine how many takes that took? Probably at least 100k worth too. Newer commercials are a lot better and more streamlined.

  • othercents

    Hopefully the increase in production comes with a better quality control process. I have a fingernail gap between the speaker face and the plastic rim along with having a micro-drilled speaker grill the holes are not straight.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Really? I would return it for another.

    • Ordeith

      The increase in production does come with a poorer microphone array.

  • Deadeye37

    I think the HTC One is a sleek looking phone. I’m glad that I got my SIII last year because deciding between the S4 and the One would be a really hard decision!

    I hope HTC does really good with the One and can start giving Samsung a run for its money! Where there’s stiff competition, the consumer wins!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      I prefer HTC phones and I prefer HTC Sense over TouchWiz, but I just can’t see HTC supporting updates to the phone as quickly as Samsung. they need to prove me wrong first with the HTC One before I buy another HTC phone.

      • bleeew

        Samsung updates its flagships phones quick. I don’t really hear Samsung update its low-end devices as often. HTC does update but they take forever. I think HTC is changing the update speed starting with the HTC One.
        My HTC Thunderbolt received ICS almost a year late.

  • i’m still very confused at how HTC decided to market an RSS feed as some sort of cool feature on the One .. it’s not. there are literally a million news feeds out there . them sticking a news feed on your home page with cute little Windows Phone tile rips isn’t that impressive.

    • Eugene

      And also annoying for people who want to turn it off. The average consumer doesn’t know about launchers so they will end up being stuck with it if they don’t like it.

      • yep exactly .. but very surprising to hear a few people love it .. i guess the aesthetics of it? can’t imagine it’s the function of it .. but if it is .. that’s also very surprising.
        i may give BlinkTiles another shot .. see if it can grow on me.

        • Eugene

          I guess it might be useful for people who use many social networks. I basically just use fb and read tech news. So using the fb app occasionally and then flipboard for news isn’t a huge problem for me. I suppose for fb/twitter/g+/etc. users it could be useful. I still think they should have made it possible to turn it off.

    • Android Purist here but Blinkfeed is my favorite feature on this phone hands down. I hated it before I got it because I knew I couldnt turn it off but now I use it like crazy.

      • D6E

        I had to deal with TW on my S3. Sense 5 on my HTC One is light years better and I’m not sure I can go to any other UI in the near future. Except Sense 6 because I know it will only get better.

    • Gsm Helper

      I agree. But for a normal user to go out and config all of those feeds, it’ll need some technical skill. On this phone, it’s just right out of the box and ready to be used. I found myself to read more of these news feed than on any other places. I’m a happy owner of HTC One at the moment.

  • This is good news because as of right now I have yet to see the HTC One stocked in any Tmobile store while the S4 is now fully stocked at all of them.

  • Graham Blackadder

    I’m thinking HTC is doing too little a little too late. They don’t want to listen to customers opinions, they think blink feed is going to be the savoir. A good design phone is all good and well but fact is they ate getting schooled by Samsung

    • kalel33

      Blinkfeed feels to me like Motoblur. It’s the exact same concept and Motorola thought customers wanted it so much that they got rid of it.

  • Thepill

    I’ve lost all hope for HTC.

    • D6E

      The HTC One is selling well. Maybe you should wait and see before writing them off completely?

  • Whiskers

    HTC should take this phone design and put WP8 on it.
    That would be a kick ass idea with the front facing speakers and lightweight design , right now the only real WP manufacture to compete with is Nokia.
    Now that would bring in some sales and profits as well.
    And recently WP8 has taken over Blackberry in sales , so there is plenty of demand to justify some time and cost in a quality WP.
    They could call it the HTC 8

    • Gsm Helper

      I agree 100%. Also, please add microSD slot and we’re all good.

  • Ariel

    Off topic, but LTE is up and running in NYC! i’ve been getting 11-14 Mpbs down and around 6-7 up.

    • Eugene

      Are you sure that’s LTE? When I was visiting NYC I was getting that on HSPA+ and around 20mbps down in Staten Island.

      • Ariel

        yes my HTC One says 4G LTE on the notification bar.

      • Genecio

        Yeah it’s live in parts of NYC. I wish I could post a screen shot on my iPhone 5.

  • rob

    I’m an HTC fan but I’m not gonna lie that they’ve changed, they used to listen to customers opinions, they unlocked bootloaders, listened to developers demands, took feedback at conventions, etc. They used to try to be the best Android manufacturer to consumers and then after the Sensation it all changed. No removable battery’s, no expandable memories, they basically tried to be the Apple of the Android world and saw no reason to offer those extras if the iPhone didn’t need them to sell. Who they should of been watching instead is Samsung. I’ve noticed Samsung is starting to limit storage and wonder if they are no going to pull an HTC since they feel so confident on sales. Until HTC goes back to listening to customers they will not be the King of the OS again, maybe eat at LG, Sony or Moto sales but not Samsung’s.

    • mueller2

      reason i haven’t bought a htc after the amaze. and i remember when they were on top of updates., and the new camera on the one would have been awesome with 13 megapixels. oh well note 2 is great loving the bigger screen. i cant believe company like htc continue to build a phone that limits there selling power and appeal

      • Quan Bui

        The HTC One’s camera is the best I’ve seen so far. I really hate my bro’s Note 2’s camera. I think it’s probably one of the worst cameras I’ve ever used. Low-light conditions, forget about it. The picture is super grainy and the color looks terrible.


    I wish HTC the best. But they will have a difficult time overcoming the onslaught from Samsung’s GS4 and GS4 (Stock Android)!

  • JustSaying

    I hope T-Mobile gets compensated by HTC for the delay.. it hurts business with AT&T and Sprint have the One but T-Mobile doesn’t. I’d much rather have the One with T-Mobile.

    • Agree! :-) Its nuts who AT&T & Sprint have AMPLE supplies.

      • Phil

        I’m still trying to figure out how they have such a large supply when HTCs own website, in a matter of speaking, can’t even keep it in stock. I finally got one through HTC, but it took some time.

        • Yeah, I don’t get it. Same applies for the Samsung GS IV. Sprint is GIVING THEM AWAY FREE w/ contract if you have a corporate plan/ invite. Which is pretty much everyone.

    • guedboy

      Tmobile Cant afford to keep it I stock. At one point we only had iPhones to selll

  • weezy

    Every manufacturer should have a flagship device and I am glad HTC has one… As we know, mobiles have a faster turnover. That being said, mobile companies should ensure supply for demand during launch, otherwise precious weeks go by before its considered a old mobile.

    Is the HTC one being advertised? If so, the is so boring, I forgot I viewed it.

  • tomarone

    A mini-One would be nice, something I’d need. But I ended up with a Lumia 521 instead.

    • sosharpdevy

      I bought one for a second phone. Not a bad phone for the price.

  • ceegii63

    if the 802w went to the US, that Stock S4 would be easily forgotten, but sadly HTC is just that stupid

  • OOO

    I used the HTC One for two weeks before selling it. Gorgeous design. Perhaps the best looking phone out there. I just couldn’t stand the OS. It felt like a chore just using it. Blinkfeed gets old after a couple of days, and there’s only a maximum of 5 homepages. The camera is sub par, and the gallery is a mess. So much clutter.

    • The phone design wise is AWESOME. Speakers are great. But fucking HTC Sense 5 SUCKS and is a TOTAL mess. I agree. (Have it as a work phone)

      • Quan Bui

        Why is Sense 5 a mess? lol honestly, it’s the simplest thing. If you don’t wanna learn how to use Sense 5, I totally understand. That’s not your cup of tea. But saying that it sucks and “a TOTAL mess” is very misleading.

        • Quan, you know what, you are right. Its NOT for me, but I see your point :-) I DO think Sense 5 is a mess (cluttered, un intuitive, blink feed) but thats just me.

          My Note II w/ TouchWiz UX seems more user friendly. I’m sure LOTS of people would argue with that!

        • D6E

          Complaining about Sense? TW is probably the worse UI of all Android platforms. Worse than LG.

        • I have a Note II as well.

        • D6E

          TW UX is more “user friendly” than Sense 5? You know what is even more user friendly? A rotary phone. No menus at all!

          Maybe you should just create your own UI and then we can talk about how much it sucks.

    • Quan Bui

      Sense 5 isn’t enough of a reason to sell the phone, IMO. I ROOTED the phone, flashed Revolution ROM 9.0 and this phone flies. Oh, and it’s Android… so why do people think you have to keep the Blinkfeed? lol silly. If you don’t like the launcher, download something else. Duh…. and you can also remove Blinkfeed without downloading another launcher. So all this crap about Blinkfeed is all BS -_-

    • D6E

      Your complaints are hilarious. I’m sure the next person will actually appreciate this phone.

      • OOO

        He gave valid point for why the HTC One isn’t for him. How is that complaining? I do agree with him that Sense 5 is a clutter mess. Not enough to give up on the phone but I can see where he’s coming from.

        • D6E

          He has a valid point just as much an you are an expert when it comes to clutter. You both go hand and hand complaining about options. If you don’t like it then go buy a Blackberry or iPhone. Plenty of choices out there without being an a-hole.

        • OOO

          Lmao D6E why are you so butthurt that someone doesn’t like the HTC One? I just did a quick look at your post history and it’s all posts defending the One. Kinda pathetic.

        • D6E

          Why are you so butt-hurt about my opinion? Selling 5M phones with production issues and being a total underdog is pretty damn impressive. Go troll an Apple article.

  • Considering you can’t even walk into a T-Mobile store in LOS ANGELES OR ORANGE COUNTY and buy this phone, I think HTC is for whatever reasons, can not manufacture this phone for T-Mobile.
    I have this phone for AT&T as my work phone, they had literally hundreds in the store, No one even cared.
    Something is weird about T-Mo & their high end phone supply chain logitics.
    I Had to get a Note II as my personal device since after waiting in my 30 days, STILL no S4 in L.A. or O.C. And of course, a Lumia 925 launch w/ no ETA.

    • Tmorep

      At my store we have plenty. We are located in Santa Ana. Both htc and samsung s4

      • Wow. I went to Irvine Spectrum store, nada. All LA stores out as well near my pad. (GF lives in Costa Mesa). Do you guys still have any or is like just a few?

        • Tmorep

          We got 10 today htc one

        • Any GS4? Thats cool though, broh.

    • Yeah there is a major problem with supply of this phone. I’ve had customers asking about it for over a month now and a few just got tired of waiting and bought it online while some others went for the iPhone 5 or GS4 instead. Now they’re saying we will finally receive it in our stores the end of the month. HTC made a beautiful device but totally screwed up the Tmobile launch of it.

    • D6E

      ATT service blows and is ridiculously overpriced. That’s why they are not selling as many phones. Nothing to do with HTC. TMO on the other hand doesn’t force you into a contract and is clearly more affordable.

      • OOO

        Lmao @D6E. T-Mobile can only wish it was half as successful as AT&T. Stop talking out of your ass.

        • D6E

          If ATT is so great why don’t you go post on their site? I’m sure they would be happy to take your money. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Clarkkent113

    Guys, I’m seriously considering trading in my Note 2 for an HTC One. I’m like using the stylus but I’m actually kind of tired of using such a large screen. Seems counterintuitive at this point but basically always having to use the Note 2 as a two-handed device can be annoying at times.

    Plus, I really love the metal design and high resolution screen of the HTC One.

    Are there any former/current Note 2 owners here who have/will make the switch to the HTC One? Would you recommend doing so?

    If I miss the stylus I figure once the Note 3 comes out I can just sell/trade the HTC One for more money than I could the Note 2 anyway.

    • Quan Bui

      Trust me man, my HTC One craps all over my brother’s Note 2. Forget about hardware specs, just holding the HTC One in your hand will justify the purchase.

      • sosharpdevy

        Tell me about it. I chose the HTC one over the Samsung galaxy s4. No regrets. It feels amazing in hand.

      • animaleyezz

        Each to his own but I never did understand the science behind purchasing a device for feel vs functionality. Removable storage and battery win every time in my opinion. But if you’re happy with your purchase that’s all that matters.

        • Eugene

          That’s exactly how I feel. Everyone keeps talking about “cheap plastic”, but beside the fact that metal looks and feels more “premium” there’s more functionality from plastic. It allows for the removable back and metal is also a better temp conductor so the phone will get much higher than if it were plastic. Whenever I try to comment on people saying that plastic sucks so much they don’t reply haha.

          Edit: much hotter* not higher

        • Quan Bui

          Functionality is very important- to a point. I was a hardcore believer in functionality over cosmetics, but honestly, every new smartphone does the same thing. A little different here, a little bit there, but not that much more than the other. The way I look at it, if I’m gonna spend $600 for a phone, why the hell are u selling me plastic!? that’s a slap in the face that people just turn the other cheek to. Tsk tsk.

    • David Lebron

      I own both of them and I wouldn’t get rid of either lol the One feels better in hand and is a little quicker (that says a lot since my note is rooted and overclocked) but the screen size on the note has me spoiled lol can’t let go of either

    • MO

      I am thinking seriously about it as well… i dont use my stylus much and often forget about it at limes lol.. i like Samsung phones alot however HTC has always made great phones metal and alum.. feels good to the touch,, and sex appeal… now a days its all about the fashion anyway. Im just getting tired of the plastic cheap feel from Samsung devices especially my Note 2.. smh

    • Yoda

      I went from a note 2 to the HTC one, the biggest difference I noticed initially, aside from contrast in hardware, was how much quicker sense 5 is compared to touchwiz…sammy’s software tweaks really limited the note2s potential, at least from a smoothness standpoint.

      • Kit Pogi

        Blazing fast…My HTC One so smooth with the latest version of Sense. HTC really skinned it down to the bone. Touchwiz too sluggish. My friend’s Note 2 is about to retire and be replaced with the most sexiest device every manufactured.

    • BritBoi

      I have the Note 2. I also felt the same way you do about it. I also wanted the HTC One due to its premium build quality, etc. After upgrading and using it for a week I returned it. Couldn’t get use to the smaller screen and the battery life is ridiculous in comparison to the Note 2. Also the HTC One’s back gets very hot with continued use and not being able to remove Blink Feed drives me nuts! Just my personal opinion.

  • hal j

    any news for the black edition on tmo

    • tomnewtn

      I want the black one too…IF I get one at all. I don’t like the silver with white. Would not surprise me to see black ones available later, causing many current One owners to shake their fists at the sky.

      • the2000guy

        Exclusive in ATT and other company I think.

        • superg05


        • tomnewtn

          Yes, that’s old new, and it is….NOW. I wouldn’t be surprised to see black come to TMO later, however. I guess if one needs a ONE now, they are stuck with silver.

        • Jordan Williams

          That’s like T-Mobile got the Black One S once the phone was already practically irrelevant. lmao

        • tomnewtn

          I was thinking the same. Good thing there’s so many great choices coming in now.

  • Jake

    I gave up and just bought an iPhone 5 really wanted to give the one a chance but hell it was supposed to be out in march

    • CactoesGel

      ha ha ha! I did the same thing. Stupid HTC One took forever.

    • Caerolle

      Same here. I had to get a second phone by today, had no interest in the S4, and they still don’t carry the One where I am. So I just bought a second Optimus L9. Maybe by next year HTC will either be able to competently launch a phone, or will be out of business, which will make the whole thing moot.

      Was very ironic to me that the store I went in had those posters all over the front with ‘Get the latest phones!’ or whatever, lol. But, no One.

  • George

    I bought mine in Lakewood California after calling every hour. Try high volume tmo stores

    • hal j.

      is it the black edition?

  • Goliath King

    Where is the Black One!!!!

  • gomz

    very happy with HTC ONE..still have the GS3 tho…maybe il wait for GS5 (FOR MY next sammy phone)….currently using the ip5 as my chopping board…tough phone…hehehe…

  • WW

    Go HTC!

    This coming from a Samsung GNex user. Former HTC G1, Samsung GS1, HTC Sensation user.

  • Realest Ever

    You know I called all the T-Mobile stores in Greensboro,Winston-Salem,High-Point, and Charlotte and not one of them had the HTC one in stock? Talk about frustrating! On top of that they do not plan on getting any soon.