Samsung Says Galaxy S 4 Fastest Selling Smartphone In Company History With 6 Million Sold


Samsung’s brand recognition is once again paying off as an unnamed Samsung executive says the handset is the fastest selling in company history. According to the exec who spoke to Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, the company shipping four million Galaxy S 4 units between April 26th and April 30th, and as of May 10th has already shipped more than 6 million.

We should highlight that shipped doesn’t necessarily mean sold, but the figure itself shows that those carriers buying up Galaxy S 4 units have plenty of belief they can move those units.

Samsung’s loves highlighting sales milestones for Galaxy units so I imagine this isn’t the last story we’ve written about impressive Galaxy S 4 sales. In fact, I’m betting Samsung is just getting started as they expect to hit 10 million sold before the end of May.

Android Central via Chosun Ilbo

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