Samsung’s Galaxy S Series Passes 100 Million Unit Milestone

Samsung’s Galaxy S series has hit a major milestone as the company announced accumulated sales of 100 million units. It took Samsung just 2 years and 7 months to hit that number with the original launch of the Galaxy S series in May of 2010.

The Galaxy S III continues to wear the flagship crown with sales of more than 30 million in 5 months and 40 million in 7 months, a 10 million unit jump in just 60 days. The flagship smartphone took 50 days after its May release to sell one million units.Average days of the Galaxy S III are 190,000, which helps explain how Samsung is capable of selling 500 phones per minute around the world. Not to be forgotten, the Galaxy S II continues its march into the smartphone hall of fame with sales of over 40 million in only 20 months.

Samsung’s global appeal has helped it take the lions share of the Android market and thrown it into a two-horse race with Apple for total control of the smartphone world. Something tells us we’ll continue to hear about these milestones with the Samsung Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note III launching later this year.

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    This is awesome. I want to buy a GSII just to put on my dresser lol

  • cybersedan

    I’m happy Samsung is doing well, but I’d really love to see the other Android OEMs do better with hero devices and compete better with Sammy.

    HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG and the others, need to kick it up a notch and follow Samsung’s footsteps (DROP THE BS EXCLUSIVES). The beauty about the Android ecosystem is choice, while I love my Galaxy S3, I love the fact that my next phone isn’t automatically a Galaxy S4.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Other manufacturers stepping up their game is vital to the overall ecosystem of android. Having choice is always great but understanding WHY you have purchased what you have purchased is more important than ever. People all over the world know exactly WHY they have chosen Samsung that wasn’t always the case but is today. Samsung has earned that lofty position so based on that and that alone if you are a current Galaxy device owner especially a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 owner then you know WHY your next device automatically will be the S4 and Note 3. Remaining innovative yearly is very vital to your customer base and looking out for your legions of supporters needs are essential. Samsung does exact that ie removable batteries, vital storage options and globs of accessories for products. Samsung is responsible for it’s effort and outcome to the android platform and they serve us well every year. Reality it’s time for the other manufacturers to follow that lead. I own the Galaxy Note 2 and YES the Galaxy Note 3 will be mines as well based on the superior quality of my current product. No other compares.

      • cybersedan

        I definitely agree with you, on some fronts but disagree on others. The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 in my opinion are the TOP devices in their category today. I used a Galaxy Note 2 for almost 3 months, and I own a Galaxy S3, so I know this first hand.

        My point about not “automatically concluding” that my next phone is a Galaxy S4 comes from my desire not to be come “sheepish” and blindly follow any single OEM. I’ve owned many Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and even Symbian phones. My last 5 phones were from HTC, then Samsung, LG, HTC, and back to Samsung.

        I just like to make my decision based on what’s available on the market at the time. I have every expectation that the Galaxy S4 will be an amazing device, but nobody knows what else will be up against it or how the competition will respond, I leave my decision until all of that unfolds.

        • thepanttherlady

          I agree with this. I had the S3, now own the Note 2, it looks like my next phone will be the BB 10.

        • Guest

          I too are a current GNote 2 owner, however I’m REALLY ready to check out the new BB’s. Woohoo!!

      • squiddy20

        “People all over the world know exactly WHY they have chosen Samsung that wasn’t always the case but is today.” That’s a load of BS if there ever was one. You talk as if people didn’t know why they bought a specific smartphone (any smartphone, really) until the “advent” of Samsung. As if people’s opinions didn’t exist until Samsung did -_-

        “Samsung does exact that ie removable batteries, vital storage options and globs of accessories for products.” As if this is new? Removable batteries have been in cell phones for the past decade at least. There were tons of “accessories” for even the most basic of phones a decade ago as well. You talk as if all this is “innovative” and it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s pretty much standard.

      • Oliver Jackson

        It natural .I had Samsung phones since the 90s and current beginning w/the SII Epic 4g Touch and now the GSIII .In a few days my nephew will get my GSIII and I will rock the GNote II (Titanium Gray,white is nice if you like to be seen and show off).Best of the best and pisses on the iPhone 5,5s,6 and Plus and the Droid DNA and even the Huewai one,The GNote 2 and the GSIII is still the phones to beat hands down

  • kev2684

    i went to my cousin’s wedding last saturday. i was surprised how many of them owned a Galaxy S III. and they know what my phone (Note II) was. Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are making waves in the smartphone market in US. most of them had an iPhone 4/4S or Galaxy S III. i was also surprised i only saw 2 or 3 iPhone 5s.

  • Bud

    How does this change my life or help me.

    • Not every post is going to change your life Andy, otherwise I’d be Tony Robbins.

      • Bud

        I didn’t mean the article. I meant the fact Samsung is making money not me.

        • Ahhhhhh, got it!

        • 21stNow

          You both could be making money. You can always find a stock broker that will buy stocks that are traded on international markets for you. David is doing us a favor; anything that is mobile-related but not Apple gets buried on the traditional finance sites like MarketWatch.

        • Buy some of their stocks like some of us, and you WILL have a life changing event in due time.

        • Bud

          I doubt it. With a 15 billion fine looming over there head

      • eanfoso

        or you’d be chuck norris lol

  • mingkee

    Samsung is the most aggressive Android phone manufacturer so far.
    HTC should learn.

  • MacRat

    “Samsung says it’s sold a 100 million Galaxy S series smartphones in that time. Apple iPhone sales, on the other hand, reached a record 219.84 million in the same period (between Q3 2010 and Q4 2012).”

    • This is about Sammy though, not apple. Maybe you could find another article to try starting the fan wars, but for the moment…just let Sammy enjoy the spotlight they have earned.

  • steveb944

    I heard on the radio this morning that this is opposite of Apple recently cutting back production due to less demand

    • A story I still don’t believe. Analysts are cutting back their own predictions, Apple never gave a number.

    • OnlineRefugee

      You are right. It is all over the news today, Apple flirted with a stock price at $498 on investors hearing details about Apple’s iPhone manufacturer cutting back 50% the number of displays needed for projected phone orders. That’s a huge reduction.


      “Apple has cut their orders for iPhone 5 parts significantly. The company’s orders for screens for the new model have dropped to around half of what they had initially planned to order for this coming quarter, according to two people familiar with the situation, the Wall Street Journal reported.

      Japanese daily Nikkei has reported similar cutbacks, saying that Apple has asked suppliers Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp, and South Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd to cut back on some of the iPhone 5’s components, according to Reuters.”

  • Mirad77

    Good for Samsung. Hope Motorola and HTC can learn a thing or two, exclusivity is not good for business. The reason why the fruit company is giving their phone to whoever can give them money.

  • Sammy is the best, any day…ALL day.

  • yozo

    I don’t care if my Note2 is outdated in 6 months. I’ll welcome any new innovation from Samsung that surpasses my Note2 with new and better mobiles. Innovation should not slow down for whiners.

  • Impending Doo

    suck it apple! GOOO KOREA!

  • my galaxy s3 battery life is terrible, losing 4-5 percent every hour while asleep. and i have done all the little tricks that have been recommended over different forums. really regretting this phone