Samsung Announces 50 Million Galaxy S Series Devices Sold

The Galaxy S III already a runaway success before its even launched all over the world as nine million pre-ordered Galaxy S III devices logged even before the phone went on sale, Samsung announces a new set of milestones for the Galaxy line. Samsung’s newest press release highlights the Galaxy S series has sold more than 50 million sales worldwide, with 24 million Galaxy S and 28 million Galaxy S II handsets sold to date. The Galaxy Note is no slouch either, with over seven million sales, a big jump of two million units since five million sales of the Galaxy Note were announced just two months ago.

While Samsung may be facing increasing competition, they continue to solidify their place as the world-wide leader in Android sales. In fact, it’s a real wonder at this point if any Android manufacturing competitor has what it takes to beat Samsung’s sales volume.

The Verge via Samsung (Korean)

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