T-Mobile iPhone Carrier Bundle Available For Download To iPhones

iPhone Carrier Bundle for T-Mobile

Apple and T-Mobile have just now pushed the Carrier Bundle (ipcc) that enables T-Mobile LTE for the iPhone 5 (and just enables general service for all the other iPhones). If you have an iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, this update will be available to you by going to the About Phone page in Settings.

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  • robertc

    Anyone experience a hd voice call after the update?

  • Will

    I have come to the conclusion after yesterday’s fiasco that T-Mobile does not really know what they are doing.

    • Dave

      i personally spoke to a branch manager , and he told me the whole deal is harsh on old and loyal customers, They are going to lose all their loyal customers thru this deal.

  • Jesus Villafranca

    So if you have a jailbroken unlocked iphone4/4s and you apply this update from tmobile..you will get visual voicemail and the tethering option blocked? No, thanks..I’ll stay without visual voicemail until someone figures out to to apply it without blocking other features..

  • Dannyc1976

    My iphone internet is running slow after this update? Anyone with the same problem?

    • Dave

      Tell me about it, they should have been more prepared, all that money spent on advertising to gain new customers and they could even spend some money to announce it to the public in a correct way.

    • iphone5

      i have noticed my speeds slow down by atleast 5mbps… before i used to get 14mbps at my house and right after i updated, the speed maxes out at 9mbps. i hope they haven’t started to throtle, i have the unlimited 4g plan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.hammerstrom Bruce Hammerstrom

    Settings > General > About and then pop up asks you if you want to update. Quick, simple and then look next to Carrier and the version will switch from T-Mobile 14.0 to 14.1

  • Dave

    tmobile’s iphone deal it really stupid. you pay 20 dollars a month for 2 years with no interest.
    well after 2 years the iphone is hardly gonna be worth that much ? it will depreciate. so you end up paying $580 and have a phone worth half of that or less in two years. I have been a tmobile customer for 11 years now and i was waiting for renew my contract, and being so loyal to them thru all this years and they decide not to give any kind deals, instead opting for no contracts. Thats not nice at all. Seriously Tmobile ?

    • RobotChupacabra

      I don’t think you understand how contracts worked previously (HINT: you were paying off the phone’s full price with the more expensive plan). You have the option to buy the phone outright, too, if you want. How is this in general any different than putting this phone on a credit card and paying it off $20 a month (other than the 0% interest)?

  • George Sanad

    Considerable improvement in battery life.

  • Guest

    I lost my iMessages :(

    • spritemoney

      It’s apple’s fault not T-Mobile’s. Look on twitter many people are complaining about iMessages

  • Iphone fan66788

    After updating the carrier update, my data takes a long time to start. If I want to load a webpage, that moving circle would hang next to the ‘4G’ logo for about 6-10 seconds before loading the page. I also noticed my ping is much higher and speeds are lower now on the speedtest app.

    Have anyone else notice something like this? I’m on the $30 5GB plan. Is this T-mobile’s way of throttling data? I live in NYC btw. Data is still useable but very annoying to wait 6-10 secs before loading.

    • iphone5

      i have the same issues, also seems like the speed has dropped off by 4-5mbps

  • thomas

    Please Help !!
    I was using the unloked iphone 4s for tmobile. I unlocked the phone connecting the itunes about a year ago. When i connected to itunes and upadated the software in hope of getting MMS, visual voicemail etc, i lost my unlock too. Any solution to my problem ? those of you who updated, how you guys did it ? I connected it to ituns and manually upgraded the software. What did i do wrong ?

  • Peterman

    so will this make current AT&T iPhone 5’s that have been unlocked essentially the same as the new tmobile iphone 5?

  • DN

    A nice surprise. Updated my 4S a couple days ago. I’m on tmo monthly prepaid so I wasn’t expecting visual voicemail to work. VVM and personal hotspot are both working on prepaid. Was expecting I have to switch to postpaid to get VVM. Thanks tmo.

  • Venom145

    Does anyone know if this new update works on the IPhone 4S unlocked/Jailbroken?