As T-Mobile Drops Contracts, Verizon Moves In The Opposite Direction



Editors Note: So here’s a story that just hit the wires and it made me think about why I love T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier program…because they aren’t trying to behave like Verizon. 

With the release of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans, immediate feedback has been mostly positive, though I admit there’s been a decent amount of confusion as well. Still, as T-Mobile simplifies their rate plan choices with a one-size fits all plan approach to the mobile industry, the competition is moving in the opposite direction.

I think we all understand that T-Mobile’s new rate plans won’t benefit everyone, I don’t see how it could, but here’s why being on Verizon sucks. Sure, you get what is arguably the most dependable wireless network, but you are stuck with your phone and it’s not like there’s an abundance of unlocked phone choices for Verizon. Announced early this morning, Verizon Wireless has changed how it will handle device upgrades for customers nearing the end of their contracts. Customers on a two-year agreement will now have to complete the entire 24 months before being allowed to upgrade. That’s a four-month change from today’s current policy of allowing the upgrade at 20 months.

In fact, Verizon is taking the bold position of saying this actually benefits the customers by being “consistent with how the majority of customers purchase new phones today.” Pardon me while I go find an allergy pill, I’m allergic to nonsense excuses. Verizon says the first customers affected by this change will be customers who contracts expire in January 2014. So customers who thought they would be able to upgrade at 20 months are now going to be in for a rude surprise when they show up to a Verizon store and get told “sorry, four more months yo.”

So while T-Mobile’s new plans are imperfect and they won’t benefit everyone, the bright side is you don’t have to deal with Verizon’s iron fist. I sincerely hope T-Mobile CEO John Legere (Hi John! Thanks for the shout-out at the UNcarrier event) is taking note of his competition. The next time he bashes the competition, he better use Verizon’s new “better for the customer” upgrade policy as ammunition.

Still think T-Mobile’s policies suck?



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  • daniel

    Does any body know why t-mobile removed the t-mobile vs verizon video on the test drive part of the website?

    • Mr. Hill

      Seems that T-Mobile has eased back from attacking Verizon since they made that spectrum deal with them a while back.

  • OnlineRefugee

    Yeah, really, this is not an issue. The way you can tell it is, the national nightly news covers it. Since this does not result in an easily quantifiable cost to customers, there’s nothing newsworthy about it. It is the stuff of blogs.

    Besides, most people I know assume that when their contract ends, that is when they can “get a new phone.”


    It seems to us that VZW is getting overconfident, but I guarantee you that they are smarter than we are. They are making money not t-mobile. But that was underhanded and completely unfair to the people it affected.

    • xmiro

      Tmobile is profitable too. Verizon counts on the fact that most people are with them due to the network and because multi-line accounts are the least likely to switch

  • Manton

    This is why I left Verizon! They are so full of crap! I was more than happen to pay the early termination fee!

  • John

    Quick thought here. Isn’t this a material change to their conditions. Ie etf waiver?

    • 21stNow

      No, an upgrade is an offer for a new contract. The contracts don’t contain wording regarding the ability to upgrade to and start a new contract. At the end of the contract, the customer can leave. I know that AT&T pushes upgrade dates down past the end of the contract end-date for things like late payments so theoretically, the carrier doesn’t have to extend an offer for a new contract anyway.

  • Cole

    I’m currently a Verizon customer and I hate it :( No coverage and slow speeds… horrible phone choice. I legit have a pay as you go iPhone 4S with Straight Talk just so I can get unlimited data and 4G. The want the iPhone 5 so bad! I can’t afford either or afford to break my contracts. Can someone please explain to me the new T-Mobile plans? I’m so confused!

    I hate Verizon. I’m only with them because of my contract…

    Can someone email me at about the plans?

    • xmiro

      then youre stuck on Verizon until your contract ends. shows you what the Simple Choice plans are

    • GwapoAko

      Simple math. Unlimited talk and text plus 500 mb of 4g speed with hotspot. if you used the 500 mb your speed will become Edge. this is for $50,. If you want you can add $10 for additional 2gb or $20 for unlimited data at 4G or Lte speed. Remember Tmobile will not charge overage fees.

  • Dave T

    Saw a few people say T Mobile’s service slacks in cities if you go out a little. Well in Phoenix, I literally cannot remember a time when I had no service, whether it be in elevators, parking structures or on the outskirts of metro Phoenix. Do they have exceptionally strong coverage here? That being said, I don’t remember any of my peers complaining about not having service here either, while they’re subscribed to Verizon and Sprint

  • Jamille Browne

    This is great for T-mobile Thanks for making us look that much better Big V

    • ceegii63

      you realize Big V has innuendo right?

      • Jamille Browne

        Absolutely hahaha

  • Future T-mobile Customer

    hey, wait…. remember $2 credit card payment fee? no unlimited data anymore, activation fee got increased, expensive overage!! oh yeah! billions $$$ profits every quarter regardless supposedly big losses subsidizing cost. Well, we have the power to choose. As for me, my voice will be heard when my contract (5 lines) expires next year. Yeah! they do have best coverage, but how much more would you pay? $20, $50 $1,000 a month more just because of their coverage? My wallet has a limit, and i prefer to deal with T-mobile coverage limitation but i would save big $$ per month. 20+ we did not have cellphones, almost non existing coverage signal, T-mobile is way better option than big GREEDY companies out there. Thank you T-mobile for hearing our complains and trying to be better. When you do fair, honest business (trying to help your customer with good intentions), no doubt, you will have a successful business.

    • TmoGUy

      by coming over your money will help To improve network coverage so bring the whole family and tell your friends/

  • thetown

    verizon is like ferrari. t-mobile like hyundai. i switch from vzw to t-mobile and very frustrated 3 month ago i switch from t-mobile to vzw. best cell company in usa

    • $1478284

      You pay too much for Verizon. Over priced and under performs. I was with Verizon forever and have noticed no difference with Metro on line quality compared to Verizon. Infact for many years I have many issues with Verizon dropping calls and never being credited or refunded. I also can make calls and be online at the same time! Verizon cannot do this.

    • ceegii63

      can you please get an app that teaches you ENGLISH

    • ceegii63

      can you please get an app that teaches you ENGLISH

  • Alan713

    This news benefit TMobile! Thanks Verizon!

  • TMobileTakeOver

    100 iPhones out today! Just crazy

  • gman

    Verizon’s “better for the customer” will make me move my 50 line account next month is they don’t bow down to my upgrades!

  • WW

    That sounds a lot like the reason Google gives for not having expandable memory in Nexus devices.

    • Evaris

      Actually SD cards are one of the more prevalent reasons for bugs in Android phones and due to how slow the data rates are on them it also leads to the ‘slow’ feeling complained about in a lot of older android phones. There are tricks to get around the slowness for some things, but overall the cloud is a safer way to back up your data. Though 16GB max on the Nexus 4 was still stupid.

  • Randall Lind

    No one has yet to see a bill that may be why some people are confuse. My cycle end on 4/22 so the bill I pay May 3rd will be the new simple plan. I am not too sure how much it will be. I know I am on th $60 plan with $7.99 insurance. Not sure how much tax will be added. Then in a couple months I am getting the S4.

    • xmiro

      I think your bill would be $50+tax+fees+data+insurance

  • $1478284

    I was with Verizon for 6 years and begged them for a better deal. Goodluck! I was paying $75 per month on one line with 750 minutes and 250 txt no data on my second line it was $45 for 250 txt and 450 minutes NO DATA

    Cost $120 or $1440 per year NO DATA

    Since leaving Verizon I have nearly halved our family cellphone bill and easily could without any data get it down to $600 per year on two lines.

    I am now with Metro and pay $35 a month for 2gb 4GLTE(old plan) and $55 500MB 3G

    Unlimited Txt and Unlimited Calling.


    Saving $480 per year!

  • steveb944

    Wasn’t some guy from their company previously saying he’d like the option of no contract? What liars! Forget Big Red, I’m not going to applaud them for great service when you have stupid policies like these. Thank goodness we have T-Mobile

  • $1478284

    Should it no be a breach of contract to alter the “AGREEMENT” made between two parties entering a contract? 20 to 24 months!How dare they! typical Verizon moving the goal posts, you should see how they bill for FIOS! The bill changes month to month!

  • nicknowsky

    thats why verizon iPhones go for pennies on Craigslist..

  • nicknowsky

    thats why verizon iPhones go for pennies on Craigslist..

  • ceegii63

    this is made me laugh so hard !

  • ceegii63

    did you take your Anti-Bullshitstamine medication David?

  • San Diego City Today

    Go T-Mobile!!! Verizon may have the better network overall; but its not $50-$80 better like they are charging.

  • LOVE

    Phones shouldnt be that much of a priority. coverage yes, but having to have every new device is just silly. people that say “I got to go buy a new phone eveyr 6 months.” what a joke. tmobile is a joke. tmobile customers jerk off to each other. this blog wastes / life.

  • LOVE

    Phones shouldnt be that much of a priority. coverage yes, but having to have every new device is just silly. people that say “I got to go buy a new phone eveyr 6 months.” what a joke. tmobile is a joke. tmobile customers jerk off to each other. this blog wastes / life.