AT&T Finally Responds To T-Mobile’s CEO Comments Calling AT&T’s Network “Crap”

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AT&T is finally taking aim at T-Mobile almost two months after the newly installed CEO of T-Mobile called the AT&T network “crap” at their keynote CES event back in early January. Responding to the claims from T-Mobile, AT&T took out a full-page attack ad in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA today. The ad claims T-Mobile drops 2x the calls as AT&T as well supporting network speeds that are only half as fast as AT&T.

I’ll be the first to admit that T-Mobile’s network is far from perfect and there are far too many places still stuck on EDGE, but I laugh at the prospect of AT&T calling out anyone over dropped calls. Dear AT&T, I often use your network on a side-by-side basis with T-Mobile and Verizon when reviewing new devices, and John Legere was right, it’s not exactly the highlight of using AT&T.

For its part, AT&T isn’t taking the comments laying down:

“T-Mobile’s advertising is a combination of misguided and just plain wrong,” said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Dallas- based AT&T. The company’s ads today are “just a friendly reminder of the fact that independent third-party testing says AT&T’s network delivers faster speeds and fewer dropped calls than them.”

T-Mobile’s spokeswoman Alexandra Schwerin had no comment on AT&T’s ad.


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    There is no such thing as the best carrier or network for ‘everybody’.

    It only depends on where you work/live and how much you would pay for the right plan.

    For me, here in So Cal, T-Mo is perfectly fine and does get the fastest internet speed compared to any other networks. Verizon LTE gets like 5~10 Mbps where I live while my T-Mo HSPA+ gets 10~15 Mbps on average. Dropped calls is not an issue for me either.

  • Will

    I have NEVER had any dropped calls with TMo in the past 5 years, but in the 10 years I had AT&T (pre- and post- Cingular), I had HUNDREDS of dropped calls. I also paid almost double. I also had my contract breached. I also got shitty customer service. I don’t care if their average network speed is currently faster. I get 3x the download speed on my Nexus 4 than AT&T iPhone users in my area. AT&T is pure crap.

  • Doug Fitton

    Att speed is not good in wv and im talking about the whole state and yes iv traveled all over the state n did test but when I was in va I got speeds of 20+ on tmobile and never dropped a call or anything

  • B. Andre Aaron

    T-Mobile is about to take over.

    • you

      Your right man, T-mobile has only been losing subscribers since 2010. Only 70 million behind the death star!!!! At their growth rate they will overtake At&t by the year 3098!!!! Whoo Hoo! Tmobile is taking over!!!

  • TBN27

    AT&T can talk all they want. Still a lot of people are using their 3G and when in heavy crowded areas they do experienced dropped calls. But then again they have a lot of subscribers. My opinion is despite t-mobile having edge in a lot of places, the service is more reliable and their 4g is as fast as AT&T’s LTE Which I believe is like t-mobile that when you leave metro areas, LTE isn’t there. In the end they can talk all they want but believe you me, when T-Mobile gets to swapping those EDGE areas to HSPA+21 (and I hope it goes to 42mbps) coupled with LTE in metro areas, it will be a formidable network

  • Richard Yarrell

    This At@t add is a total FARCE to say the least. They have the WORST DATA PLANS in the industry and oh yeah we won’t even discuss the putrid abilities At@t has when it comes to updating handsets. The funny part is Ass t@t thinks they are Verizon they both kiss each others butt like it’s going out of style. I had pissy Ass t@t for about 2weeks right before I dumped Verizon and took my 2lines of service to Tmobile. Tmobile rules both Verizon and Ass t@t.

  • scottmog

    I’ve had maybe 5-10 dropped calls in the past 5 years with tmobile. Luck? You decide…

  • Ken Blum

    If AT&T can make claims like that, how about getting me the DSL speeds I’m promised?

  • James

    AT&T is worried that a lot of tmobile new customers are former att customers bringing there iphone to monthly 4g and when tmobile gets the iPhone and with tmobile unlimited plans starting at $50 AT&T will lose even more customers and may have to drop there prices down the road AT&T is money hungry and with tmobile bringing unlimited LTE very soon AT&T is gonna worry that they may have to drop there prices I have my iphone 5 under tmobile for under $80 bucks with unlimited everything and no data caps can’t beat that

  • Rey

    I have an iphone 4s on T-Mobile. get 3G in Chicago and burbs. Pay $80 for 2 lines. 1,000, minutes, unlimited text, 2GB data. Can AT&T to that?

  • Andre Messado

    Ive been on tmobile for 3-4 years. I had an iPhone unlocked and used it at first and now use a MyTouch 4G. I cant remember for the life of a time when a call was dropped. Also my download speed on the 4G network is as fast as my moms 1.2 MB DSL connection.

    ATT on the other hand would not allow me to use my iPHone, that I already payed for, on there network without providing them an additional $600 because of my credit… Yet Im able to buy a car, and get a new phone under contract with T-mobile.

    If ATT had’nt of bought cingular back in the day cingular would be one of the leading phone companies because Apple ORIGINALLY went with cingular and then ATT bought them.

    Personally I dont have many good things to say about ATT.

  • ocdavid

    All my iPhone toting AT&T friends CONSTANTLY complain about call quality or dropped calls. I literally haven’t dropped a call in at least 12-18 months and my call quality is great! The only time I ever have complaints are the few times I have tried using the WiFi calling feature. Not the best quality or connection.

  • Talon Kent

    Lol att is super expensive