T-Mobile’s All Hands Day Begins September 21st, Value Plan Oriented

Note: As with all pieces of early information, we don’t have a complete picture of the “Magenta Deal Days” T-Mobile will start running this Friday, so stay tuned to the site as we gather more intel and piece everything together!

I’ll be the first to admit that I had higher expectations for T-Mobile’s “All Hands Day,” otherwise known as “Magenta Deal Days” set to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5. We had high hopes that T-Mobile might go all-in with a price reduction on the Galaxy S III, easily the biggest competition the iPhone 5 has on the market.

So, what is the deal going on from September 21st to September 30th?

“Customers who sign up for a Value Plan with Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data can purchase any T-Mobile phone for $0 down payment after mail-in rebate with EIP. This special promotion is available in Retail, Branded, Customer Care and Telesales.”

This offer will include Classic to Value Plan conversions, new and add-a-line activations on the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data rate plan. We were told the 5GB and 10GB Value Plan lines are eligible as well, but haven’t been able to confirm that.

The “Hate to Wait II” promotion will offer more than 1 million Classic/Legacy customers between 15-21 month the same pricing as new customers would receive. This offer will run from the middle of September and end in mid October. This is the kind of deal T-Mobile should be running, and a way to easily earn some good favor with existing customers.

So what do you think? Enough to help combat the iPhone 5 launch or just the tip of the Iceberg?

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  • taron19119

    I think T-Mobile will get the iphone in December when the reframing is done here’s y c Spire had to do a upgrade to there network before carrying the iphone and cricket has the iphone but only in certain regions because it don’t have a pc network every only the regions where cricket has pcs it will sale the iphone

  • GwapoAko

    We am on Value Plan 1,000 minutes and 200MB for $65 taxes included (2 lines). We use unlocked iPhone 4$ and 3G. We do not care if we are on contract. We are saving a lot of money. We can also buy anyphone that we want.
    Thanks Tmobile. Glad we switched from Verizon (Robber)

  • Cahdek

    I was hoping (and still am) that they drop the price on the SIII. With the relay launching tomorrow, I might just pick that up and give it a whirl. After all, I’m pretty sure I can return it within 30 days and get an SIII if I really want to


    So are they still doing the Hate to Wait? I was kind of looking forward to using my upgrade. It also says: Offers will be in targeted offers tool and customers will receive a personalized video message.” so does that mean customers will be notified if this is happening? My Mytouch 4g is on its last legs and with no One X+ insight… I have to bite the bullet and go ahead and get the Galaxy S3…

  • John Laury

    Hardly, there’s nothing $0 down about it for starters. The rebates are between $50 and $150, so how is this different than any other day. On top of that, you’re lucky to get your “rebate” back because you may not qualify because they foist the more expensive 5GB plan on you weather you need that amount of data or not. You may want the new unlimited plan for $30 (no tethering/wifi hotspot) plan, but that’ll loose you your so called “rebate”. On top of that, we’re on the precipice of the largest mobile phone launch ever with record preorders doubling last year’s model, this carefully crafted and often used sale (this is nothing new, it’s the Father’s day sale renamed basically), will give T-Mo a few days of high sales, but honestly, it won’t so much as make a dent in iPhone sales. It’s like a Dixie cup vs Niagara Falls.

  • Winski

    Is Humm back? This is worse than before !!!