T-Mobile Begins Marketing For Unlocked iPhone Support, Hopes To Have Nano-SIM By Mid-October

I wouldn’t say that T-Mobile is trying to riding today’s iPhone wave per se, that would actually require them to carry the next-generation iPhone product, which unfortunately they won’t do. However, today does mark the beginning of their marketing efforts to attract unlocked iPhone 4S owners over to the Magenta network with the promise of “true” Unlimited Data and plenty of savings over AT&T.

As it stands, T-Mobile retail stores will begin receiving their iPhone 4S demo units running on T-Mobile’s network starting September 15th. Demo phones are allotted for one per store location, and are to be used for training and customer demonstrations only.

For now, be on the lookout for these posters and hopefully a much stronger marketing campaign to go with them as T-Mobile has their work cut out for them as they skip yet another iPhone launch. We can only hope that unlimited data and Magenta-level savings are given enough marketing muscle to  attract those seeking the iPhone elsewhere. T-Mobile certainly has their work cut out for them.

If you’re looking to grab an unlocked iPhone 5 (when available) to use on T-Mobile’s network, you are going to have to wait until at least Mid-October when T-Mobile hopes to have NANO-SIM cards available to offer customers. The NANO-SIM Apple unveiled today with the iPhone 5 is the first of its kind and no other phone currently available uses the same SIM card technology. According to T-Mobile’s @tmobilehelp Twitter account and support forums, they are looking to have these SIM cards available around mid-October.

For the record, the iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s future refarmed 1900PCS HSPA+ band and their future LTE network on the 1700 AWS band. 

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  • frigadroid

    Lol, Samsung needs to sue Apple for going with a smaller connector, that’s some money grab proprietary b*******! You know they copied that crap off the wise guys at Samsdung ;-P

    • bleeew

      Yes, because samsung made the new port apple is using. Not… Apple couldn’t sue unless they made it. Apple changed it because 30 pin was 7.yrs old and took to much space, so they made a smaller port and tried to use the same features like accessories

  • DCYinzer37

    That announcement yesterday was just painful to listen to. Well, it could have been the fact that the CNet Live folks were bashing T-Mo at every chance they got when they didn’t see the T up on the screen for the US. Oh, if they only realized how dumb that was to base an entire carrier’s demise on not carrying yet another glorified iPod Touch. From what I saw, HSPA+ was on the US frequency list, and the 16 GB model unlocked now holds the $649.00 slot, as we’ve seen the unlocked 16GB 4S drop into the $549.00 slot. Add the nano-SIM confirmation, the reasonable prices on data usage vs. AT&T or VZW, and that makes the case that T-Mo is in for the long haul. Hell, even the Value plans are starting to look more attractive than being locked in to a longer term contract.

    • Bratty

      CNet folks are not dumb. Tmo has no exclusives to draw masses but has a huge hole (no iphone) that causes churn. That is a fact – your personal opinions on the phone are irrelevant.

      • DCYinzer37

        1) Can’t take anyone seriously that can’t decide what color their hair is. That’s a business rule for me; especially working in the Military-Industrial Complex.

        2) So what if there’s a huge hole in the T-Mo lineup? They’re already paying out the nose in Europe for the exclusivity on those networks, but the difference is they handle their GSM networks a lot differently over there than they do here. I can totally see people paying through the nose to get their equipment via DT. People WILL find a way to make things work.

        • Bratty

          Let me help you – read my comment slowly. Then read it again. If you still dont understand, i am happy to explain.

        • DCYinzer37

          I did. Your input is just as irrelevant.

    • 21stNow

      What contracts are longer in term than the Value plan is? Two years is standard at other US carriers, which is the same as the Value plan.

      • DCYinzer37

        Well, if you hit your 22 month threshold, you’re pretty much extending your contract w/ the carrier into perpetuity (at the subsidized rate). After doing some number crunching and looking at our particular devices, the potential savings of up to $500 annually on a Value plan (depending on your plans, of course) adds up, plus you have some flexibility. I agree, getting an unlocked device of any kind is a wallet killer, but if you pay cash for it up front vice a credit card/line, you own it outright rather than paying some finance group interest over a 2 year period.

        • Chris

          Above post is correct assuming you don’t want the phones T-mobile is offering. However, if you like what T-mo is offering, you can put the plan on a non-interest installment plan. Then pay the phone full once you got the money to do so if you don’t want the span of $20/month.

  • Patrick

    So will we get 4g speed or 2 and 3g speed? I could careless if an unlock iphone will work, I want to know what service connection will you get. cause an iPhone 4s or 5 with 2g or 3g service is just silly. might as well just move to another carrier

    • bleeew

      Ive seen 4S speedtest as high as 12mbps its an hspa+(faster than 3g) thing. The 4 ive seen as fast as 6mbos(hspa regualr 3g). Ive seen speedtest as low as 1.2 mbps.

      • MatthewMurawski

        the iPhone 4S supported HSPA 14.4, the iPhone 5 supports HSPA+ 21. It will be 50% faster.

  • Whitney

    I am planning getting the iphone 5 once refarming is done anyway. I am counting down the days until I can throw out my HTC phone. I hate HTC

  • fsured

    I would like for TMO to stand up to Apple when they do the official
    unveiling of this marketing strategy to the public. They have already
    said they would like to sell the phone but the unwilling party is
    Apple. But they have not really answered the why or what the hold back
    officially is (I could be wrong and uniformed if they have already
    stated so). I’d love to see them turn around with a statement to their
    customers explaining why they don’t have it and this is what are doing about it. If it’s truly a price issue with Apple asking a large
    sum of money then state it. It would go along with their concept of
    value for the price and we as a company do not want to pay that money to
    Apple resulting in higher cost for our customers. The people who
    follow TMO will know why they are not investing the money in the device
    and putting it into the network instead but the average customer with 2 kids
    might not have a clue or care. But at least they go on record saying they are keeping all subscriber costs down. If it’s not an issue with money but with Apple
    not wishing to sell the phone on TMO then redirect the heat to Apple and
    have them explain why. Either way it answers their customers anger while delivering a solution at the same time.

    As someone who doesn’t want the device
    personally, I can understand the angst of the customers wanting to use
    this product and headache it is causing for TMO. You have to wonder how
    can Cricket get the Iphone5 to sell when their network should be no
    match to TMO even if they are launching LTE? I doubt they have the
    money TMO does to pay Apple. Feels like a slap in the face to TMO.

    • 21stNow

      Cricket can use the same phone that Sprint and Verizon Wireless does without any hardware changes. T-Mobile would need a whole new phone, or an addition of the necessary radios to an existing iPhone.

    • philyew

      TM have said previously and reiterated that it would require Apple building a phone which could be used on the TM network. The cost of that enterprise for Apple and the cascaded cost to TM would not be economically viable.

      Since TM have now begun changing their network to provide 3G/HSPA+ service on a band that is supported on the new iPhone, and since the model to be released for AT&T supports LTE on the band that TM will be using in their deployment next year, it follows that at some point in 2013 it will make sense for TM to become a direct distributor of the iPhone, as long as the asking price from Apple is not too high.

      Taking on the iPhone before that point in any other way than they are doing at the moment (i.e. supporting unlocked devices acquired elsewhere) would be a disaster.

  • shabang

    I called one of the my local t-mobile stores here in orange county, ca… and was told that they will flip the switch on sep 22nd..He said they will be getting iphone demos in as well…But, they actually gave me a date..Is this speculation? He said it with confidence like he was told that by corporate or something.

    • bleeew

      Well thanks. I want to try out tmobile. And im in oc

  • GS3

    Tmobile should improve their data speeds in vegas.. I was there a month ago, the signal icon said 4g but it was really sloooow..

  • todd

    “The NANO-SIM Apple unveiled today with the iPhone 5 is the first of its kind and no other phone currently available uses the same SIM card technology”

    Pretty sure Tmobile Germany showed these cards in stores a week before apple did a thing.
    Mobile Stores in the UK are already stocking adapters to take your NANO-SIM to Micro or Standard SIM
    What is the problem over here?

    • MatthewMurawski

      It’s the first phone to incorporate the nano SIM. There is no point of a SIM card without a phone to support it.

  • MatthewMurawski

    The new iPhone supports HSPA+ 21. Does this mean with the refarmed network, we can use T-Mobile HSPA+ 21?

  • Arvin

    so what happened to the “truly unlimited plan”

  • StickyIcky

    I really haven’t been keeping up with the refarming news. So when they ‘flip the switch’, its going to be ALL areas at the same time? Or is it rolled out by city or something?

  • Otto von Schlunzenstück

    Where are we on the whole refarming thing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Looking forward to higher data speeds on my iPhone.

    • Danny Rodriguez

      Just checked airportal.de and after a couple of days it definitly seems like T-Mobile is focusing on the big markets. They’ve lit up NY,DC,CA and Some parts of WA . With that said I live 20 minutes from DC and still am on edge. I don’t know if this whole refarming thing is going to benefit anyone who lives out there big markets, which obviously is understandable but still sucks for everyone else

  • Soun Maokhamphiou

    In the short amount of time I’ve been using an iPhone on T-Mobile, I’ve realized something… if I’m going to use an iPhone as my cell phone I might as well use it on a carrier that officially supports it. When I say support I mean with iMessage working without sending a text to the U.K., or not dealing with EDGE in my city.

    I love T-Mobile… but until the nation has been fully refarmed… I’m now heading off to AT&T. I won’t be signing a contract so I will be month to month. We will see how it goes.

    • EnX$$

      buy the iphone from tmobile then you don’t need to wait for refarmed because the one you buy from tmobile it will have 4glte

  • don

    this just in. tmobile 3g is on in los angeles ca

  • RICO

    Anybody know if the iPhone5 allow you to make wifi/UMA calls?