Las Vegas Network Refarm Now 75% Live, Nationwide LTE Network Coming By End Of 2013

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, speaking at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference this afternoon has confirmed that the Las Vegas market is now at least 75% live as T-Mobile’s first refarmed spectrum on the 1900 band. T-Mobile continues to refarm its 1900 MHz spectrum for use on the HSPA+ band with other major cities such as Seattle, New York City, and Washington, D.C. expected to live soon as well.

As for LTE, Ray says T-Mobile will deploy 10 x 10 MHz channels across 90% of the top 25 US markets when it launches LTE next year. Ray went on to say that T-Mobile will have a nationwide LTE footprint by the end of 2013, but would not specify any targets for total expected coverage.

Ray said that T-Mobile’s LTE “…Will be one of the fastest LTE offerings that will be in the marketplace.”

I know a lot of you will fill the comments below with questions for your own geographic area, so I’ll try and emphasize that all Ray would say today is that a “material” part of T-Mobile’s network will be refarmed and ready for the iPhone by years end. He wouldn’t give any specific beyond that. Personally, it’s understandable that T-Mobile doesn’t want to give any specific deadlines they may not be able to make, as not all the network refarming is up to them. T-Mobile has said end of year since they first announced the refarm, so we’ll continue to focus on that timeframe and hope our own cities go live before then.

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  • BigMixxx

    HYFR! What does this mean for GS II/Amaze owners who have those bands in their phones…more less edge and more HSPA+?

  • dd

    How would this affect users of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

    • gadget_hero

      It wont the Galaxy Nexus is a pentaband WCDMA device and supports 1900mhz HSPA+

      • Tony

        If it’s pentaband then it should pick up the 1700/2100 AWS band and get HSPA+42. It should not pick up the 1900 MHz band since the AWS band is stonger.

        • Mirad77

          Gnex is hspa+21 and will never do hspa+42. That is a hardware limitation and you want to be sure of your info before posting.

    • Mirad77

      Gnex users will be on the advantage as they’ll have reception on 1700/1900/2100 MHz bands for hspa+21.

  • Tom

    so if tmo deploy LTE with the AWS (1700) spectrum, would our older tmo 3g phones still work on its network?

  • Aneirin

    I have been with TMobile through everything for the last 7 years. Unfortunately, I got fed up of the eternal waiting and of the uncertainty. On friday, I showed up at a T-Mobile store in my area (West Palm Beach) and even on our neighboring bigger market (Miami – Fort Lauderdale), on the hope that they were supposed to have the IPhone there ready to demonstrate the functionality on T-Mobile’s network. They were unprepared with information, and only gave me evasive answers.

    I had been on an Even More plus for both me and my wife, with an unlimited Home phone line. At first, UMA on the blackberries was a savior, but then, on my wife’s Nexus S there is no way to put WiFi calling, and even on my HTC One S, half the time I don’t receive the calls or texts when it is on. Connectivity has always been poor at my house with T-Mobile

    That same afternoon (friday), I went to an AT&T store and switched my old plain phone line + DSL extreme for DSL direct, and ordered two IPhone 5’s. 64 Gb, with 6Gb shared data. I know it is more expensive, and I didn’t want to do it, but you know, in the end the wait was just too much.
    The hardest part will be to completely move away from Android on the HTC One S, but I suspect I will get over it in no time.
    Good luck to you all.

    • Mirad77

      Am surprise you this going for 7yrs and you just switch to at$t. You’ve come this far 3 months wouldn’t kill ya’. But you will see the difference in network and your wallet tho’.

  • daswahnsinn

    I would love to see anything other than 2G in my area. It’s hard for me to even care about 4G and LTE when I have download speeds of 100kbs.

  • Frank Lenovo

    Hello folks I have a iPhone 4S factory unlocked now I see 3G I am located in NYC uptown GWB it is really fast maybe 5 times than edge E

  • Mark

    Any word on whether they are still expanding HSPA+ into markets that don’t have it yet? I don’t think the LTE is going to matter for my One S, and I know the refarm won’t (unless they break existing frequencies).

  • Frank Alvarez

    If you have an unlocked iPhone…is wifi hotspot free?

  • Ryan DeArmond

    I live in Las Vegas… and I see the difference. Currently using the HTC one S. and Im always on 4G now, with far less switching between 4G and 2G. So I couldnt be happier.

  • danrey22312

    3G sighting on my wife’s iphone 4 in Alexandria, Virginia 2 miles from our house.
    She said she noticed it around Kingstown, VA. We were at a McDees drive thru and I saw the 3G indicator. Ran speedtest and it got all the way to 2.8Mbps download speed.

  • Jose Alvarado

    How will this effect my coverage and data speeds while I’m using an unlocked pentaband galaxy nexus here in Los Angeles California?

  • TheWorldisYours

    Everyone should check it out
    It offers a map of 3G sightings on any 1900mHz phone (including iPhone)

  • price

    Here is an unofficial google map of where the phones are getting HSPA/3G on 1900MHz also the pricing is much better for unlimited 4G if you use the MVNO