Rumor: T-Mobile “All Hands Day” Set For September 21st – 24th


With all the iPhone and refarming news we’ve seen come out of T-Mobile in the past few days, or really come through us in the past few days — our curiosity is again piqued as word drops that T-Mobile is holding “all hands days” from September 21st-24th. Coincidentally, these are the same days that AT&T and Verizon are both rumored to have employees working with the release of the next iPhone.

Given that our most recent bit of information has us almost 100% sure T-Mobile won’t be picking up the next-generation iDevice, what exactly ARE they planning for this future Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s certainly possible they could be planning a marketing campaign against the release of the iPhone, with an emphasis on their unlimited plan, Android lineup and 4G network, but we’d be naïve to say if anything could really overshadow the launch of a new iPhone.

On a separate note, it’s possible T-Mobile is doing something with the launch of another device this day, or maybe it’s not a device at all. Perhaps there is a bit of refarming news dropping this day or perhaps we’re completely off the mark and we have no idea what T-Mobile wants these days blocked off for.

We do know one thing however, whatever this is, we’re eager to find out more.



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  • Ceefu

    Hate to admit it, but a re-farmed T-mo network here in the greater Seattle area that would allow at least 3G speeds on an iPhone, would probably have me getting an iPhone.

    I used to use an unlocked iPhone 2G, then got smoking deals on the MyTouch4G when it was released. The MT4G has worked admirably, but I’m somewhat tired of dealing with Android and it’s various short-comings. The most irritating thing I currently deal with is constant switching between 3G and 4G that kills my battery. What surprises me is the stock OS allowed me to chose HSPA only, but CM7 doesn’t (just 3G only via service menu). Android CAN BE pretty darn awesome, and 10 years ago I probably would have loved spending the time to tweak/hack/flash the various phones till the wee hours of the morning several days a week to get it to do what I want, how I want. I’m just not in that place anymore.

    Fwiw, I’m running CM 7.2 on the MT4G. Slight overclock and minimal apps running (I’m semi-OCD with this). Wife was running stock OS on hers and it was unbearably slow after just over a year. She did the WinMo challenge at the Microsoft store and got a free HTC Radar and hasn’t looked back. 

    I’m ready to go back to a phone that just works (from my experience). Without hacking or putting different OS’s on it. With a refined (arguable) music interface/sync app (I’ve tried 2-3 apps that supposedly work with android phones). With excellent, no make that AMAZING 3rd party accessory support (this is the problem when every company carries multiple models of Android phones. Show me a car stereo with built-in Android controls). Anti-iPhone folks like to argue that the iPhone is just a fashion thing. What they fail to realize is that this argument is no longer valid, simply because so many people have it now the “OMG U HAZ IPHONEZ?!?!” draw/reaction/sentiment no longer exists.

    I’m also growing somewhat tired of the T-Mo coverage. Which I would expect to be better given that this is where T-Mo HQ is. We also frequent places for vacation where only VZ has coverage. The nearest major town, which is only ~25 minutes away, only has 2G T-Mo. I’ve been fishing 15 miles off the coast of Westport WA with no signal, while my Father-in-law’s VZ phone has solid signal (non-iPhone). Same thing fishing the Strait of Juan De Fuca out of Seiku. Or family vacations in Seabrook, WA with zero signal.

    All in all, I do love T-Mo, as my 9+ year tenure shows. And I’m interested in what this next “All Hands” weekend will bring. History shows however, that it’s usually just some sub-par sale that only new customers and upgrade eligible (I’m due in Nov) folks can partake in, as a half-hearted marketing attempt to dissuade them from leaving on the heels of a new iPhone announcement.

    • Tmo fan

      If you’re eligible in November, you can probably switch to Value now without a fee. This would make you eligible for current promotions and you’d be ready for an unlocked iPhone in due time. 

      • Ceefu

        Well, we’re on an old family plan that works out to be $10 bucks cheaper for us. The closes Value plan gets us a bunch more minutes, but a high month for us is using ~75% of our current allowance. So no real draw for us there.

  • Getsel23

    pretty sure all this means the iphone is coming.

    Example: “selling against the iphone” is training verizon and att have to complete as they need to be able to sell many phones they carry.  Verizon and ATT don’t just sell the Iphone, it is a part of their network, but i’m sure they make more money selling a product like an android phone. 

    and you don’t think that this latest meeting, which coincides with att and verizon’s meetings means anything either?? plllleeeaassse.  This is the last peice of SH** article I read on this page.  At least use some analytical thinking when you get information like this.

    • needgoodQWERTY

      Lol! As if you know what you’re talking about.

    • Taron19119

      At&t and Verizon do selling against the Iphone to so you have a point and I can back up that they sale against the iphone

    • David

      Yeah, that’s not at all what it means. This isn’t about analytical approaches, this is about understanding industry terminology and their training techniques. This does not mean they are getting the iPhone, not in any way shape or form. If Verizon and AT&T were to do something like this, it would be set in an entirely manner, with an entire document around it, not just a brief paragraph. Sorry, but I’m not the one looking at it wrong.

      • guest

        It seems like someone really doesn’t want the iPhone on T-Mobile.

        • randomnerd_number38

          You people seriously are slaying me. I’m sure when September 21st rolls around and it turns out to be some big campaign to get people to bring unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile you’ll crow that you were right all along.

          “See? The iPhone DID come to T-Mobile! Just buy it unlocked for 700 bucks and you got yourself a T-Mobile iPhone!”

        • Dumbazz

          He uses an iphone on Tmobile Dumbazz

        • David

          I haven’t used an unlocked iPhone in months, but I definitely wouldn’t object to it coming.

        • Aaron vita

          Hey what phone do you use on tmobile david?????????

  • Littlesis1774

    Isn’t suppose to be the day the iphone 5 comes out?

  • TMCraver

    people this is no different thatn last year…

  • Jay20

    I would venture to say it might be refarming info and iPhone 4/4S at next to nothing with a contract. There is NOTHING which will overshadow the iPhone. What better way to get in on the action than T-Mobile selling free or close-to-free iPhones when a new $200+ comes out?

  • Mittlerd

    Had a problem with my G2 so I called customer care. My phone’s just about done, but I mentioned even though I’m upgrade eligible, I don’t care for any of the phones available now. She then mentioned that T-Mobile is getting the iphone officially in December. My immediate response was that I’ve read many people in these forums have been told the same in the past and its never true. She assured me it was. She couldn’t help with my phone so transferred me to another department. I then asked him about her claim. He put me on hold for a bit and then came back and said it was absolutely NOT true. What gives? Have they gotten so desperate they have been instructed to lie?

  • doug

    Had a problem with my G2 so I called customer care. My phone’s just about done, but I mentioned even though I’m upgrade eligible, I don’t care for any of the phones available now. She then mentioned that T-Mobile is getting the iphone officially in December. My immediate response was that I’ve read many people in these forums have been told the same in the past and its never true. She assured me it was. She couldn’t help with my phone so transferred me to another department. I then asked him about her claim. He put me on hold for a bit and then came back and said it was absolutely NOT true. What gives? Have they gotten so desperate they have been instructed to lie?


    We just found out today we gotta work that weekend (I’m a TMO retail employee). IT SUCKS! They give us 3 weeks notice. B S! My BF wedding is that saturday now I gotta work. My co-workers are pissed, many had requested that weekend off. One part-timer put his 2 week notice in today because he has a can’t miss event that weekend. The sale going to suck just like last few “all hands day” have at my store. The only one that was ever worth working was fathers day 2 years ago. There’s gotta be a lot t-mo retail employees around the country that are livid they gotta work that weekend if they had plans. If the iPhone was getting I could understand but most likely it’s gonna free phone after a high-ass rebate.

    • Taron19119

      Stop crying u mad cause u have to work I know people that loved to have a job that find a job

      • TMO EMP

        No wonder you and the illiterate people you know can’t find a job dumbass

        • Taron19119

          I have a job I work for a phone store

        • Sorry…

          Hopefully you’re not in charge of chatter.

    • Hawaiian

      While they may not be very literate, I tend to agree with the side of be happy you have work.  I’m thankful for my job and if one weekend of the rest of my life is messed up, then okay.  You probably have known about that wedding for longer than 3 weeks, yes?  If you had requested it before that, chances are they would still work with you on it if you went to your boss and explained it.  Myself being in the same situation during an event of the past and had no issues since I was forthcoming in talking to my leadership.

    • Dumbazz

      Your reaction explains why you are stuck in retail.

    • Dumbazz

      Those employees who are worth a crap will not have a problem working. You sound seriously disgruntled employee. Maybe it’s you?

    • Guest

      Why are you working in retail if you don’t like working weekends? The whole idea is to be open when people are out shopping and not working, so obviously big sales will be held on weekends and employees will be expected to work. If you don’t like the job, quit complaining and get a different one, do everyone a favor

  • WirelessRefugee

    LOL… why does David REFUSE to use the correct word, it is “piqued” not “peaked.”

    I think this is the 4th time someone has mentioned it in a comment. (Me being the fourth.)

    For people who don’t know: Peaked as in “He lost the race because he peaked too early and by the final 200 had nothing left for the sprint to the finish.”

    Piqued as in: “Our curiosity is again piqued as word drops that T-Mobile is holding ‘all hands days’ from September 21st-24th.”

    • Dumbazz

      What the hell is wrong with you that you actually track how many times he has done this?

      This could however explain your virginity.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I notice that a lot of T-Mobile commercials are emphasizing prepaid. That’s a smart move. As I said early last year, T-Mobile’s best bet to survive is to become the premium prepaid carrier.

    I’m telling you that with $4+++ gas here on the west coast and the economy remaining tanked, carriers are suffering. They are doing all kinds of tricks and gimmicks to hold on to the profits of old, or to not enter into loss territory, down there with Sprint.

    Times are changing. People are stopping the use of credit cards because they know that on a job loss loads of debt make it harder to survive until one finds another job. People are now using debit cards instead of credit cards.

    Have you noticed the big push now for prepaid cards. They show a middle class couple in commercials, in a nice house, eating at a nice restaurant. And he pulls out the Chase Liquid prepaid debit card. Whoever they portray in commercials, that is their target market. So that tells you times are bad and people are scared, when they push prepaid credit-card-looking cards on the middle classes.

    • guest

      you’re an idiot.

    • Dumbazz

      That would be the WORST move Tmobile could ever make.

    • Brian

      There’s no reason they can be the cheapest “full service” carrier as well as the premium pre-paid carrier (I’d argue they already are the latter).

      $70/month for all-you-can talk/text/download on HSPA+ is a stomping deal.  Cheaper AND faster than Sprint, and about half what Verizon and AT&T are charging for their much more restricted plans.

      Add in some high-end Windows Phone hardware to go with the strong Android lineup, and target iPhone buyers with the value plan on a refarmed slice of spectrum, and you’ve got a strong strategy.

      As the economy continues to snooze and wages stagnate, the idea of paying half as much to get more is going to increase in appeal.

      I also think Apple’s going to continue to fall behind its competitors like Samsung, HTC and Nokia.  The iPhone 5, if specs leaked are to be believed, is well behind the Galaxy S II from a year ago.  A little aggressive marketing to ask “why pay more for less” should hit a big sweet spot.

  • Crickets!

    Your gonna hear nothing but crickets in those stores that weekend! The stores are gonna be deadzones!!

  • Apple Operative

    if you would all be so kind as to report to your nearest T Mobile on this date with your Samsung phones we would appreciate it. Thank youI

  • Amit Biswas

    If tmobile brought in ANDROID phones IN TIME like ATT and VERIZON, MAYBE they wouldnt lose customers. Wheres the ONE X. Where was the NOTE I a year ago?? where the fuck is LUMIA 800? are you serious TMO?? get it together baby and add 1900

    • Eanfoso

      You’re one uneducated/ignorant fellow, with all due respect, a year ago the note I was still being processed for the European market, since it was released in september last year to fight some ground against the iphone & did not make it to the americas until THIS YEAR, t-mobile was the first carrier in the US to release an android device, lumia 800 does NOT have AWS support, and if you want one (lumia 800 or htc one x) that bad, there’s a way you can order it for t-mobile : BUY IT UNLOCKED ON AMAZON.COM OR EBAY.COM!!!! And the 1900mhz spectrum is already there….everywhere…’re not suggesting that they should switch all antennas and have the 1900mhz for AWS are you?? ROFL practically impossible, the 1900mhz has been in place since it was voice stream, so no.

      • Tmo fan

        I agree with you both but I get what the fellow is trying to say, the lack of 3G on the more widely used band has hurt T-mo in more than one way. Different times are coming with all the spectrum upgrades and I am very curious to see how all the cards will be played. 


    i just spoke with customer care, she confirmed NO TMOBILE IPHONE THIS YEAR< CASE CLOSED<

    • Get_at_Me

      Im confident shes right but i doubt any csr would tell u if we were getting it.

    • David

      I don’t know why people believe that a customer care representative has the last word on the arrival of such a phone. There has never and will never be a time when a customer care rep can answer the iPhone question, even if T-Mobile DID carry it, Apple announces dates, not the carrier.

      • exeot

        For all we know? Tmobile could be selling against the iphone while still offering it given the profit margins are better on android. Right? RIGHT?!? Other carriers do the same thing D:

        Don’t mind me.. just a bit disappointed is all.

    • Snoopyalien24

      Hey guys I asked the CIA agent if their are aliens at Area 51. He said no >CASE CLOSED>

  • Richie013

    I dont need the Iphone. Tmobile doesn’t need the iphone. You don’t need the Iphone. What we all need is our unlimited data back. 

    • Jessiegillie

      Thx for telling me what I need, I had no idea what I wanted.

    • note_lover


  • Mr. Hill

    Sept 21st is looking more like it will be a record loss of customers for T-Mobile.

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, I’m so glad we have someone who has so much insight on what’s going on with T-Mobile. GTFOH!

  • Brian

    I’ve owned several iPhones.  I use Windows Phone now, and will be picking up a Windows Phone 8 handset from whichever vendor is smart enough to drop one on T-Mobile first.

    I’m already queued up to get the $70 “all you can eat” plan, which is literally half of what I was paying AT&T for 900 minutes and 3 GB of data with an iPhone.  Looking forward to seeing what this announcement is, and if people want to go pay 2x as much for less on AT&Terrible or Verizon (or pay for dial-up speeds on Sprint), more power to ’em — that’s more bandwidth for me on my Windows Phone! ;)

    • Aaron vita

      Whats so special about a I never had one ? Not a insult just asking .

      • Setzer715

         Windows Phone actually works very well with what is on it.  If your an app freak, need VPN, gaming or a huge app store it’s not for you.

        If you want a phone that does messaging very well, browsing, watch movies, listen to music it’s a great phone.  I used one for a while on 7.5 and it’s a solid phone.  Great for businesses that don’t need VPN.  Hoping 8 brings in VPN, if it does it will blow away ANY competition on a business platform.

        For me though?  I prefer Android.  I like tweak my phone, hack it, modify it, make it do what I want and there is only one platform for that, Android.

  • pops87

    Any chance its the one x+ or galaxy note 2 that’s being released on those days?

    • David

      Doubtful for the One X+, I believe it may have been canceled.

      • Get_at_Me

        : (

      • Herb

         Whaaaaaaat?! More info, please!

    • note_lover

      Hoping for the Note 2 but don’t honestly think it will be…probably won’t see that one until next year :(

  • RotaryP7

    No iPhone in 2012 for T-Mobile. The refarming isn’t done yet. It would be pointless unless Apple made an iPhone just for TMO; doubt it. It’s coming out in 2013 when LTE is finally rolled out. Those 3 days will probably be a FREE phones sale.

  • Iphone

    T-mobile DOES carry the iPhone 4s plus many other devices that are not available online or in the store. However its only available for business customers on value plans. It started about 60days ago, try it for yourself. Just go into a store tell them you want a local business sales rep to contact you about a 20line deal. Not sure why a business customer would want a iPhone that only works on edge but its available.

    • Taron19119

      Prove it

  • Former Emp

    One T-mobile store has a received an unlocked iPhone 4s, and the assistant manager told me that it is to demo that it can use T-mobile’s 3g/4g network.  They start showing customers this on September 21st.  So it’s not about T-mobile releasing an iPhone.

  • Liz

    I’m sure we’ll find out about whatever the ‘All Hands Day’ will bring to our stores during our Earn More meeting this coming weekend. I know for a fact that the iPhone is already picking up our 3G frequencies in NYC, so a big network refarm announcement would logically be held BEFORE a roll out. I -as many of my co-workers are- am anxious & excited to see what the company has in store, be it an iPhone or not.

  • ant

    tmobile dont need a iphone i love the android phones they already have

    • note_lover

      I agree

  • lovemysgs3

    Is there any more news about this all hands day?

  • custom1

    Okay, Sept 24 is past. Next rumor!